Chapter 4.28

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Chapter 4.28
April 14, 2018
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Chapter 4.28 is the 34th chapter Volume 4 and Book 5, The Last Light.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Ryoka barely survives the encounter. Venitra and Ijvani are dragged to the Wandering Inn, where Erin defeats Az'kerash through Ijvani in chess. Party for Brunkr's new class. He later gets killed by Venitra.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

  • Venitra stops holding Ryoka by the throat so they can interrogate her. Ijvani puts up a barrier to deter attention from their street and Venitra asks Ryoka who she's told about her master and Ryoka tells her that she told no one - Ijvani confirms she's telling the truth via spell. Ijvani then confirms that Ryoka hasn't left any means of informing others about Az'Kerash if she dies and the two decide to kill her. Before they do Relc stumbles upon the scene after Ivolethe hits him with snow. The two Chosen decide not to kill the Guardsman as it would bring too much attention, instead they feign friendliness and Relc invites them to join him at the inn.
  • The inn is mostly full due to the Gnolls celebrating Brunkr's new class. Krshia hurries over and invites Regrika and Ikriss to join them but not before reminding Ryoka that if she speaks then they will kill everyone present. Ryoka sees the adventuring teams present and attempts to move towards them but Ivolethe warns her that Ijvani has cast a listening spell on her. As Ryoka contemplates a way to warn everyone before dying Ivolethe tells her that she forsees her death if she does.
  • Ivolethe tells Ryoka to wait and Zel and Ilvriss both arrive. Ryoka is about to call out but Ivolethe stops her again, and this time Brunkr walks in, slowly followed by Klbkch and Xrn. Ryoka asks Ivolethe to protect the others when she calls out but Ivolethe asks her to hold on once more; Az'Kerash has come calling to his creations.
  • Meanwhile Venitra and Ijvani suffer through eating the food and Venitra spots a large Drake which Ijvani points out is Zel. Venitra wants to kill the general but they suddenly hear the voice of their master. He scolds them for lying about being in Liscor earlier and they hurry to tell him that they've found the runner. Az'Kerash looks through their eyes and sees Ryoka, but also spots Zel, Ilvriss, Klbkch and Xrn - all staring at Ryoka. He asks why but they don't know and then he confirms if Ryoka knows of their identities.
  • Ilvriss and Zel are concerned over the presence of the two Antinium. Xrn and Klbkch notice the Drakes and Xrn waves at them making them angrier. Zel and Ilvriss get up to speak to Ryoka, Ilvriss naturally asks about Periss and Az'Kerash listening in realises that Ryoka hasn't told him. Ryoka tells them to piss off and Az'Kerash scolds the pair for thinking killign Ryoka was the best choice of action.
  • Regrika and Ikriss go over to Ryoka and reveal Az'Kerash's presence to her. He speaks through Venitra and assures her that as long as she keeps his secret she'll live. He notices her injured hand and heals the bone without touching her. Az'Kerash asks why Teriarch chose her and Ryoka explains that it was just an open delivery. She also tells him that he killed Periss which is why the Drakes are interested in her. Ryoka threatens to reveal his presence to Zel so Az'Kerash curses her with [Word of Death] preventing her from mentioning his name or Necromancy.
  • Klbkch and Xrn come over to talk to Ryoka, but she tries to steer the topic away from any sensitive discussion. The trio are watched by the two adventurers as well as Pisces and Typhenous and while Klbkch tells them that they are under a silence spell Ivolethe shakes her head and Ryoka continues to avoid a discussion. Xrn doesn't detect any enchantments on Ryoka and the two move on to try more food.
  • The atmosphere in the inn grows more tense with the Drakes and Antinium both present but Erin brings out a cake to celebrate Brunkr's new class and tries to get everyone to sing happy birthday. Erin hands out cake to everyone and Ryoka ends up introducing the Horns to Regrika and Ikriss. Ikriss acknowledges the mage and asks Ryoka what his class is. Unable to reply, Ryoka tells them that Pisces has a fetish for dead bodies before Erin explains that he's a Necromancer. Pisces tries to clear his name by explaining his interest in necromancy and Regrika responds by saying that she also believes that all magics are equal.
  • Ikriss notices the chess board and she and Erin begin to play. The chess fans in the inn watch as Erin defeats Ikriss and Ryoka begins to enjoy watching Regrika's reaction as she realises that her master isn't flawless. Erin plays a few more games before Ikriss commends Erin on her mastery of the game, Erin tells him that she's had years of practice before correcting herself and saying that she plays all the time. Ryoka leaves the inn, despite Erin pointing out how late it is. Erin asks Lyonette whether Regrika and Ikriss had any opinions on the food, but Lyonette just says that they liked it and Erin ignores whatever feeling she had.
  • Erin converses with Brunkr but he realises that the party is mainly for Krshia and Ryoka, as well as Regrika arriving. Erin asks how he got his [Knight] class but he says it's a secret that he can't share, and Erin asks if he could tell Yvlon too. Brunkr hints that he might want to become an adventurer and Erin asks him if she should introduce him, but he dissuades her. Brunkr apologises to Erin for everything he did before and thanks her for saving his arm - Erin serves him more cake.
  • Az'Kerash chastises Venitra over her attempt to harm Ryoka and risk revealing his presence, he instructs her to observe the Antinium, the Drakes and inquire about the inn and the door while keeping their identities hidden. Venitra looks back towards the inn still thinking about her master losing a game of chess to Erin.
  • Brunkr, slightly drunk, heads back through Liscor and notices Regrika Blackpaw approach him. She asks if they have time to talk and she asks about his relationship with the inn. Brunkr tells her that it's his aunt that is friends with the innkeeper but he's also indebted to her due to saving his arm. Regrika realises that Brunkr is a person that Erin cares about, Regrika's illusion disappears and she stabs her arm through Brunkr's chest. Ijvani tells her that what she did was unnecessary but Regrika just responds by saying that nobody should disgrace their master. Brunkr's body is found in the dungeon the next day alongside the corpses of some Gnoll adventurers, with wounds consistent with monster attacks.

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