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Sariant Lambs are one of the Races of Innworld. They are a sentient species of sheep and are considered to be the softest and most affectionate animals in Innworld by other sentient species. The majority of Innworld believes they are nothing more than animals and some even view them as a food source.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sariant Lambs are smaller than regular sheep, with fur colors that range from black to white, with surprising shades in between. Their fur is extremely soft to the touch. Overall, they look adorable by many species' standards.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Sariant Lambs are omnivorous[1] and mostly live in herds. Sariant Lambs are sentient and therefore understand speech, learn to read and write, and can perform tasks such as unlocking doors. Performing more complex tasks is not limited by their intelligence, but their weak, small and dexterously limited bodies. Their fur is valuable, although they will suffer if too much is cut off.

Sariant Lambs prefer to avoid large cities, valuing safety over luxury. Once they "settle down," they will breed until their population is large enough for another herd to split and "infest" another place. Their natural predators are anything that can't be bought by cuteness, such as Crelers, undead, and Eater Goats.[2]

Their primary survival mechanism is to find someone to take care of them, which they accomplish by acting cute and cuddly. This method is immensely effective, as there are cases of even monsters protecting and feeding them in the wild.[3][2] However, once they successfully ingratiate themselves, they will become hedonistic and leech off their hosts.

For the most part, Sariant Lambs are manipulative bullies, as they exhibit behavior such as stealing food or drawing people's attention away from work and will also demand affection.

A popular rumor is the existence of a Sariant Lamb "cabal" manipulating people behind the scenes. While the Sariant Lambs are not as organized as rumor makes them out to be, there is a form of infrastructure in place between herds of Sariants across the world for the sake of finishing the Trials of Leveling. They struggle as a species to achieve leveling, just like other intelligent monster species like Gargoyles and Trolls.[4] Every ten years every Sariant Lamb hears the trials of leveling in their heads. Thus far, they have been unable to complete any trials.

History[edit | edit source]

Sariant Lambs were created over six centuries ago by Eydole the Delightful, a Level 69 [Beast Master], who decided to use her Skills to make the ultimate pet. She gave them all of their traits, including their high intelligence, which, led them to resent being treated as pets and the related mistreatments they would endure. They eventually killed Eydol.

Six hundred and twenty years ago, four generations after Eydole's death, as they were developing language and community, they started hearing the Trials of Levelling every ten years, challenging them to complete three trials to be evaluated for induction into the System. They've been attempting to complete those trials ever since,[5] but have had great difficulty doing so with their weak and small bodies, inability to use most tools due to their form and the resulting helplessness in most situations.[6] To work around their biological disadvantages, they have adopted unique strategies for completing the trials. In order to complete the Trial of Esteem, they became the pets of the rich and powerful to get closer to high-level individuals, and so far they've received the respect of 6 out of 10 individuals level 57 or above. For the Trial of Creation, the highest tower they've built is 214.4 feet tall (892.4 feet are needed). [7]They have not made progress with the Trial of Growth yet.

A herd in Ailendamus tried to build a tower before Rhisveri destroyed it.[8]

A big herd has settled in the Unseen Empire shortly after its creation. From there they have send Nerry as representative and spy to the Wandering Inn, and "appealed" to Ryoka for help with the Trials.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

They are cute and manipulative enough to get people and even monsters in the wild to protect them. They are unable to use most tools or utensils with ease due to their hooves not being suitable to holding things. But can write and read and use Magic Wands if somehow secured to their person.

Related Skills and Classes[edit | edit source]

While Sariant Lambs cannot gain Skills themselves yet, there are leveling people that gained Skills and Classes related to the Species.

  • Skills
    • [Natural Allies: Sariant Lamb] (see Laken)
    • [Pact: The Hard-Working Lamb (Sariant)] (see Laken)
  • Classes

Notable Individuals[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • [Witches] are unaffected by the cuteness of Sariant Lambs and regard them as parasites, most likely because they can feel the Lambs emotions and know their outward cuteness is not heartfelt, though it is unknown if this is the case for all [Witches]. Likewise, Goblins are also immune, as they are pragmatists and are usually unwilling to waste resources on them.[2]
  • They have been known to live up to 32 years.[10]
  • A Jecrassian recipe of lamb kebab calls for Sariant Lamb.[11]
  • There was a case where a [Regent] was poisoned to death by Sariant Lambs.
  • They are not a popular pet on Baleros, due to the risk of being eaten by Lizardfolk.[12]

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