Trials of Levelling

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The Trials of Levelling are a series of three trials that evaluates species for induction into the Grand Design.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Set forth by the System, the Trials of Levelling challenges intelligent species incapable of leveling to be "worthy of levelling. Similar to how classes and Skills come, the Trials and their conditions are announced as a revelation every ten years to all members of the species. The System keeps track of a species' progress in completing the trials, generating a report every year. After completing the Trials, the species is then appraised by the Grand Design, to be either accepted into the system or rejected. People with classes and levels are incapable of knowing or understanding the existence of the Trials of Levelling: they can't hear if someone is talking about the Trials, while any writings are perceived as blank.[1] This suppression of knowledge also extends to members of species who failed the Trials. In that same vein, levelless people, or "Rulebreakers" can acknowledge the existence of the Trials.

While there is no time limit for the Trials, a species can be failed in a judgement phase that takes place after completing the tasks, which is implied to be the case for Gargoyles, Trolls, and confirmed with Dragons, among other species.[2][3] Regardless of success or failure, all knowledge and memory of the Trials of Levelling are wiped afterwards.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

A number of species have undergone the Trials to apply for levelling at the start.[4]

Millennia ago, Dragons built an eight-hundred foot tower, a hundred feet higher than they needed,[4] made out of gems, Adamantium, and Dragonbone in one of the Dragonthrones, though it was later destroyed by a Tier 8 spell. But when the Dragons were appraised to join the system of levelling, they were rejected.[5]

Other species that later completed the Trials and passed the judgement phase were Fraerlings, Selphids, String People, and lastly Antinium after a long period where no one else had qualified.[4]

On orders of the First Grand Queen, the Antinium built a tower made out of gemstones and marble in their Hives, implied for the completition of the Trial of Creation.

Crelers were the last species to have reach the judgement phase after the Antinium.[4]

Six hundred and twenty-four years ago, Sariant Lambs were presented with the Trials of Levelling. However, they have had difficulty completing it due to their weak bodies and inability to survive on their own. They once tried to build a tower that stood fifty foot before it was destroyed by Rhisveri Zessoprical.[6] Their progress thus far is that they've earned the respect of 6 individuals level 57 or above, and the tallest tower they've built is 214.4 feet in height.[3]

Tribes of apes and monkeys on Baleros are also trying to complete the Trials. The sudden expansion of the Dyed Lands have wrecked their progress at completing the Trial of Creation.[7]

List of Trials[edit | edit source]

The following trials were given to the Sariant Lambs.

<Trial of Esteem — The Respect of Species>[3]

To justify yours is a group worthy of its place amongst the other species, receive the respect and accolades of the worthy. An individual must, without coercion or influence, genuinely offer one or any number of your people the sincerest token of personal gratitude, admiration, respect, envy, or fear.

Awe no less than [10] individuals capable of levelling to fulfill this task.

Each one of the ten individuals must be at least [Level 57] or higher.

<Trial of Creation — The Tower of Sariants>[8]

To prove yours is a people capable of creation and shall endure, build unto this world a construction unique only to your people. None of levels may give thee aid in the smallest part of this building. Let it rise higher than any other before you. To a height of 892.4 feet from top to base, and let it stand at least a minute. Then yours will be a people who have proven they have the potential to climb yet further.

<Trial of Growth — The Unsurpassed One>[3]

To win the right for your kind to grow beyond their mortal limits, hear these words, worthy one. You of all your people must achieve what is impossible by any member of your species naturally. You must create, in body, spirit, or magic, what lies in the realm of Skills. The foundation of [Flurry of Blades] is unsurpassed motion and ability that cannot be replicated by mortal hands. Create a single concept worthy of a Skill and you shall usher your people forward.

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