Chapter 9.06

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Chapter 9.06
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July 12, 2022
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Chapter 9.06 is the 9th chapter of Volume 9.

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Teriarch arrived in Ailendamus and was ushered away from the capital. He greeted all of the present immortals intending to broker peace and make amends for the actions of his simulacrum. He even went as far as to offer his Dragonthrone to Rhisveri for forgiveness and so that the immortals would end their war with the Dawn Concordat, but Rhisveri was too prideful to accept. He spurned Teriarch's gift insulting him in the process and the two came to blows.

A high-level battle ensued involving mainly Teriarch and Rhisveri, but other immortals helped on Rhisveri's side. The Lucifen had some high-level spells, and even Gilaw tried to attack the Dragonlord. The battle still went in Teriarch's favor for the most part. The strategies that the immortals had used on Eldavin were not nearly strong enough for Teriarch himself. At one point, Teriarch entered Mach 1 by using combustion to propel himself forward like a fighter jet landing a solid blow on Rhisveri. When Teriarch tried to follow this up with a complicated series of aerial maneuvers though, he pulled a muscle and injured himself landing hard on the ground. From there the two were ready to end the battle. Teriarch flew up in a manner similar to what created the Glass Straits of Chandrar which would surely leave a scar across the continent here as well, but as the weaker immortals were evacuating, Ryoka flew up and used the autograph of the Faerie King to get in the middle of the battle and interrupt their fight. Rhisveri on instinct hit her into the ground with his tail breaking her body horribly, but this did end the battle. The immortals banded together to put her back into one piece, and once they were finished, Ryoka and Teriarch finally had time to speak. He did not remember her at all, but he had heard that they were acquainted. Ryoka informed him that Eldavin was still alive as well.

In a more agreeable mood after their fight, Teriarch convinced Rhisveri not to use a geas on Ryoka to make sure she fulfilled her bargain, and the two immortals sat down to drink and reminisce. They talked about folly of mortals and lambs, and briefly discussed the gods. Rhisveri would not stop conquering until the threat of the gods showed themselves, but he did say that he would fight against them when they appeared. In the end, Teriarch left to continue his journey into Terandria, and Ryoka was allowed to leave with honors from Ailendamus. She was met by the younger Tyrion Veltras as he and the others he'd brought with headed back to Izril.

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