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Chapter 6.04 D

Siri is an Earther from Sweden who was teleported to Baleros. She is a Gold-ranked adventurer and the second-in-command of the Bushrangers.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

On the inside of her arm, she has tattooed the name of her brother, and the rest of her family in silver ink.[1]

After Fezimet ripped her arm off,[2] she was given a prosthetic wooden arm.[3] She also has two black ceramic fingers.[4]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Siri is level-headed and patient. She has nationalistic pride in Sweden's quality of living and expressed a desire to learn magic.[5]

Later, she developed a habit of standing or sitting "perfectly still, like an owl." She is always battle-ready, always being armed outside of combat, and willing to kill if necessary.[6] She is described by Priya to be "shit-your-pants scary." After being trained by the Tallguard, Siri has become more observant, and is capable of spotting other Tallguard members in hiding.[6]

Geneva diagnosed her and Tofte with PTSD.[7]

Background[edit | edit source]

Siri and Tofte arrived together at the United Nations headquarters and joined the company sometime after the original Bushrangers had been formed.  Siri innovatively used camouflage to help them survive the jungles of Baleros. Both Siri and Tofte obtained combat classes and fighting experience before joining the United Nations. Geneva "diagnosed Siri and Tofte with a traumatic event in the recent past".

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

After joining the United Nations and the Bushrangers, Siri helps to design their method of hunting using camouflage.[8] She participates in the Stelbore hunt and helps bring down at least one Stelbore with poisoned crossbow bolts.[8]

Back at United Nations headquarters, Siri accompanies Daly to visit Miss Hastel, the centaur Landlady. She njoys visiting as she loves cats and is fascinated by Hastel's husband, the Cat Beastkin, Rital.[7]

When Daly receives an alert that there may be earthers stranded in the jungle he takes Siri and Dawson to see if the tipoff is real. They travel via Centaur-wagon to a remote village where they find several earthers whom they bring back to the United Nations headquarters. The rescued Earthers are Blake, Lorenzo, Diana, and Nicola.[7]

After Daly makes it known that he considers Siri second in command of the bushrangers she is told about Geneva's secret and the selphid Okasha. The Bushrangers help coordinate the response to dungeon teams being attacked by giant snakes and Siri uses speakers to lure the snakes and buy time. Later that same day, she assists Geneva in performing an emergency caesarian section on Miss Hastel.[9]

The next time the Bushrangers go hunting giant Snakes Siri acts as the designated bait and lures them into an ambush. While she advocates for keeping the baby snakes captured in aftermath of the battle, Daly overrules her and sells them.[5]

At Siri's suggestion, she and Tofte have begun to teach the Bushrangers Swedish as a countermeasure to any encounters with hostile earthers.[5] As part of the UN leadership, Siri votes for Luan to accept Venaz's Daquin contract and to attempt to arrange for Geneva to meet the leadership of the Forgotten Wing Company.[5] She is present at the meeting when Paige announces she has created Black Powder weapons.[10]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

At the start of Volume 7 the Bushrangers follow rumors of another earther to the Dyed Lands, however they arrive too late and the earther (Dev) is dead. Siri is revealed to be armed with at least one black-powder bomb in her bag of holding at this time.[1]

Since Volume 6, the United Nations has moved to nicer headquarters courtesy of Miss Hastel's gratitude. The company is also divided over decision by Daly and Paige to produce Black Powder weapons and tensions at the base are high. Siri is mostly annoyed that the project was kept secret for so long. After the discovery in Volume 6 that all the earthers are forgetting their families, Siri had her family's names tattooed in silver ink on the inside of her arm.[1]

Siri visits Geneva at her clinic and escorts the Doctor to a meeting with Fezimet, the Quexal in charge of the Featherfolk Brigade. During this meeting, Siri sees Geneva demonstrate the severity of the Yellow Rivers threat. [1]

Siri and the rest of the United Nations company witness Joseph debut the sport of Football on the scrying orb .[11] She is later part of the meeting between Geneva and Erin (acting as Joseph) in which Erin agrees to provide penicillin as a Yellow Rivers cure.[12]

She is present for the discussion on sending someone to the Wandering Inn to find Joseph or Ryoka Griffin.[13]

Shortly after Erin is shot by Hectval, the Wandering Inn sends a message to the United Nations asking for assistance. Siri is present when it is revealed that Erin provided the Yellow Rivers cure.[14]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

Luan returns to Talenqual, much to the delight of Siri and the rest of the United Nations who charge down to the docks to greet him.[15]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Sniper] Lv. ?[16]
    • Advanced from [Ranger] Lv. ?[10]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Kill Confirmed]
  • [Pinpoint Shot]
  • [The Sniper's Second]
  • [Wind Resistance: Projectile]

Spells:[edit | edit source]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Wooden Crossbow
  • Multiple Daggers, at least one of which is a long dagger.[7]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is a fan of the Lord of the Rings.[8]
  • She loves cats, which explains her fascination with Rital, a Cat Beastkin[7]

References[edit | edit source]