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Chess is a game hundred of years old on Earth and thousand of years on Innworld. For more information about how the game is played or its history and meaning on Earth see here. This article is about the history and impact of chess in Innworld.

History[edit | edit source]

Chess was played thousand of years ago, notably by dragons too.[citation needed] Just like on Earth, there have been multiple variations of the original game over the years.[1] There was a time when chess vanished from the world,[citation needed] but Niers Astoragon found it in a ruin and pretended he invented it, only about a year before Erin Solstice appeared in Innworld.[2][3] Erin introduced chess notation to Innworld[4] and Olesm founded the first chess newsletter.[5]

About a year later Erin held the first world-wide chess tournament via Quest and scrying orb.[6]

Impact[edit | edit source]

Originally the System regarded playing chess as something that could level <Strategy> classes.[citation needed] This was surprising for many Innworlders and heavily abused[citation needed] until the System finally disabled it[7], only to enable it again with reduced experience rewards.[8]

Playing chess can also grant classes as well as skills, for example:

  • Niers' [Grandmaster Strategist] class[3] and his skill [Brigade: Castling the Pieces][9]
  • Erin's temporary [Grandmaster of Death, Advent of Living Chess] class and her temporary skills [Visions of Defeat (Legendary)], [Chessboard: Subsumed Reality, Our Board is the World], [Clash of Wills] as well as the temporary aura [Aura of Giants (Chess)][6]
  • Callidus' [Genius of Sloth] class and his skill [Move Reality Like Chess][6]

Naming[edit | edit source]

Some characters were named after chess pieces or chess players, including all members of the Chess Club.[10]

Chess Players[edit | edit source]

Basically all Strategists of Innworld. Also:

References[edit | edit source]