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Mages are Classes pertaining to Magic.

Overview[edit | edit source]

"[Mages] in general? Pah. Anyone can obtain the class or variations thereof, but they often stagnate and seldom reach Level 20. Indeed, the lack of centralized education between nations has given rise to lesser variations upon the basic [Mage] class. [Hedge Wizards], [Witch Doctors], the dubiously qualified [Spellswords], [Druids]…well I suppose [Druids] are an exception to the rule, and of course let us reserve most of our disdain for the so-called [Sorcerer]…"
Pisces Jealnet's commentary on [Mages][1]

[Mages] are practitioners who cast spells from their internal reserves of mana. [Mage] potential is largely determined by talent and innate magical potential.

As taught by Wistram and Eldavin,[2] the four basic [Mage] techniques are as follows:

  • Foundation
    • Basic magical theory and understanding of magic, as well as building up internal reserves of mana
  • Acquisition
    • Learning spells
  • Materialization
    • Performing spells, or putting magic into objects, such as a spell tome or artifact
  • Theorization
    • Creating new magic, or pushing past limits

Generally, [Mages] have much more difficulty leveling than other classes. While a [Warrior] must simply challenge ever-greater foes in order to level, even Archmages of Wistram have a hard time leveling as [Mages] must not only study, but practice magic of great power.[3] This has become even more difficult in the present day, as Archmage Zelkyr's test has blocked access to the higher floors of Wistram, where greater magic exists.

Typically, [Mages] memorize a limited number of spells in their mind, save for those they obtained from levelling up and can cast at any time. Without regular practice, it's possible for them to forget spells.[4] While [Mages] can theoretically learn and cast any magic by understanding the elements and basics of magical theory, most [Mages] prefer to rely on spells obtained from levelling, as they are less mana-intensive.[2] For instance, when Pisces tried casting [Bone Dart] from the ground up, the Tier 1 spell was more intricate than usual and took him two minutes to re-configure.[5] Consequently, most modern [Mages] learn spells akin to copying a template, without understanding how the spell actually works, only that it does. This method of learning is called Explorer's Magic, as it is similar to how adventurers taught themselves magic by delving for spell books and scrolls, with the gaps in knowledge are filled in by other rules.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

[Mages] use mana to power their spells. They can refuel their internal reserves by passively absorbing the ambient mana in their surroundings, more actively through meditation, or mana potions.

[Mages] seem to be more resistant to several kinds of magic, and can either shrug off certain spells or recover quicker than non-Mage classes - this holds especially true for mind-affecting spells[6] and possibly seeing through illusions. Physical attacks however need to be warded off, even when caused by magical objects.

Specialization[edit | edit source]

When a [Mage] advances into a unique class such as [Necromancer], [Cryomancer], and so on, they focus on that specific class. To pursue other types of magic, they must begin with the [Mage] class again, starting from Level 1.[7]

Spellcaster Variations[edit | edit source]

A [Mage] or [Magus] is commonly understood to be a general practitioner of magic. If they don't specialize, they may gain the class [High Mage] and [Grand Mage] eventually, possibly around Levels 30 and 40. It seems as if the term "Magus" is mostly used among Drakes and Dragons.

By contrast, there are [Wizards], who would be considered more scholarly and wield magics in the form of prepared spells or items. It would be easiest to understand them as [Mages] who rely on wands, whereas a [Mage] may choose to use an artifact or not as the situation demands.[8] One is a general class, the other is specific, even cumbersome to obtain.

[Shamans] get their magic from their community's collective power rather than their own innate potential, as well as from traditions and ideas. This also means it cannot be conventionally suppressed, like with anti-magic zones, but instead by shaking the community's will. Most species lean either towards arcane magic like [Mages] or towards shamanic magic, with the only species having an equitable mix of the two being Humans (who typically lean towards one depending on the civilization), Garuda, and formerly Gnolls.[9]

Then there are [Witches], whose magic is more specialized — a blend of alchemy and spellcraft — and are defined by their craft, meaning the type of magic they choose to practice. They rely on rituals and incantations to gather emotions or superstitions to power their spells.[10] Overall, [Witches] are generally considered weaker in purely magical terms to a [Mage] of the same level.[11]

As opposed to [Mages] who must study their spells, [Sorcerers] are natural spellcasters who do the equivalent of ad-libbing spells. The advantage is that they don't have to spend as much time to learn their spells by reading spellbooks, though one of the downsides is that they are unable to cast big spells unless they've reached a high level.[12]

Other classes mentioned are [Warlocks], which deal with spirits, and [Magus], which seems to be the specific [Mage] classname for Drakes.

List of Magic Classes[edit | edit source]

The following list breaks down the various classes that appeared so far in the story.

Academic Specializations:[edit | edit source]

  • [Magus] - Unlike a typical [Mage] class, it has other connotations that sometimes indicated royalty, a bent towards academia, and so on.[13]
    • [Ancient Magus] - Unique class for those who study history and recovers old magic.[3]
    • [Grand Magus]
      • [Grand Magus of Mind and Studies]
    • [Stone Magus]
    • [Tome Magus]
  • [Polymath] - Low Degree Combination of [Mage] and other Classes.
    • [Genius Polymath]
  • [Sage] - High Degree Combination of [Mage] and other Classes.
    • [Great Sage]
    • [Sage of a Hundred Thousand Secrets]
    • [Sage of Wonders]
  • [Wizard]
    • [Wizard of Grand Protection]

Body Magic Specializations:[edit | edit source]

  • [Bloodmage] / [Blood Mage] - Specialized in Blood Magic
  • [Death Mage]
    • [Necromancer] - Specialized in Death Magic (may specialize further with bones, flesh, corpses etc.)
      • [Artist of Bone]
        • [Knight-Artisan of Bones]
      • [Corpsemaster]
      • [Necromancer of Flesh]
      • [Necromancer of Reclaimed Grandeur]
      • [Necromancer of Slaughter]
      • [Ossific Necromancer]
        • [Deathbane Necromancer]
  • [Flesh Mage] - Specialized in altering Live Bodies
    • [Formshaper] (alternate term for [Flesh Mage])
  • [Oldblood Magus] - Oldblood Drakes that use the power of their own bloodline.
  • [Plague Mage] - Specialized in illnesses
  • [Shapeshifter Mage] - Specialized in shapeshifting magic
  • [Sinew Magus] - Specialized in muscle enhancements and generating their power

Ceremonial and Ritualistic Specialization:[edit | edit source]

  • [Ritual Magi]
  • [Ritualist]
  • [Witch] - Female caster-type who specialize to work with emotional connections and rituals.
    • [Apprentice Witch]
    • [Cloth Witch]
    • [Crow Witch] - Specialized in using a murder of crows for witchcraft.
    • [Stitch Witch] - Specialized in using anything related to stitching for witchcraft.
    • [Tea Witch] - Specialized in using anything related to tea brewing for witchcraft.
    • [Witch of Ash]
    • [Witch of Flames]
    • [Witch of Law] - Specialized in having witchcraft obtained from concepts of law and civilization.
    • [Witch of Remorse]
    • [Witch of Second Chances]
    • [Witch Teacher] - Teaches young witches

Clairvoyance Specializations:[edit | edit source]

  • [Augur]
  • [Diviner]
  • [Fortune Teller]
  • [Oracle]
    • [Oracle of Calamity]
  • [Scryer] / [Scrier] - Specialized in managing the [Scrying] spell more effectively.[14]
  • [Seer]
  • [Soothsayer]

Classification by Station:[edit | edit source]

  • [Apprentice Mage]
  • [Archmage] - Highest [Mage] class / Apex of all [Mage] classes
    • [Archmage of Death] - Equal to an [Archmage] but specialized in Death Magic
      • [Undying Lich, Myth of Death and Vengeance]
    • [Archmage of Grasses]
    • [Archmage of Metal] - Equal to an [Archmage] but specialized in metal magic?
    • [Archmage of Sky] - Equal to an [Archmage] but specialized in aerial magic?
    • [Archmage of Sands] - Equal to an [Archmage] but specialized in Sand Magic
    • [Archmagus of Strength] - Equal to an [Archmage] but specialized in Physical Magic
    • [Archmage of the Eternal Grasslands]
  • [Grand Mage] - Educator and over level 40
  • [Grand Magus] - Second highest [Mage] class / Below only [Archmage][15]
    • [Grand Magus of Mind and Studies]
  • [Hedge Mage] / [Hedgemage] - Self-educated, usually low-level
    • [Hedge Witch]
    • [Hedge Wizard]
  • [High Mage] - Generalist with high levels
  • [Spellcaster] - Self-educated, like [Hedge Mage]
    • [Novice Spellcaster]

Combat Specializations:[edit | edit source]

  • [Arcane Rogue]
  • [Arcane Spear]
  • [Arcane Warrior]
  • [Armored Mages] - [Mages] in armor that blast bound spells from their gauntlets and rely on magical batteries.[9]
    • [Magearmor Soldier]
  • [Arrow Magus]
  • [Battle Caster]
  • [Battlemage]
    • [Graduate Battlemage]
  • [Combat Mage]
  • [Combat Sorceress]
  • [Mage-Captain] or [Magic Captain] - Variation of [Captain] class with specialty in magic
    • [Pirate Mage-Captain] - Variation of [Pirate Captain] class with specialty in magic
  • [Mage-Commander] - Variation of [Commander] class with specialty in magic
  • [Mage Lieutenant] - Variation of [Lieutenant] class with specialty in magic
  • [Mage-Knight] - Variation of [Knight] class with specialty in magic
    • [Knight of Spells]
    • [Knight-Artisan of Bones]
    • [Magical Knight-Seeker of Mershi]
    • [Spell Knight of Mercy]
  • [Mage Marshall] - Variation of [Marshal] class with specialty in magic
  • [Mage Strategist]/[Magic Strategist] - Variation of [Strategist] class with specialty in magic
    • [Sorcerous Strategist]
    • [Spellwater Strategist]
  • [Magic Crossbowman] - Variation of [Crossbowman] that uses magic
  • [Magic General] or [Mage-General] - Variation of [General] class with specialty in magic
    • [Timekeeper General] - Time magic specialization
      • [Timekeeper General, Wyrmsworn Champion]
  • [Magic Soldier]
    • [Veteran Magic Soldier]
  • [Magical Warrior]
  • [Master of Swords and Sorcery]
  • [Rogue Mage] - Variation of [Rogue] class with specialty in magic
  • [Runic Warrior]
  • [Sorcerous Captain]
    • [Sorcerous Major]/[Sorceress Major]
  • [Spell Ambusher] - Specializes in surprise attacks
  • [Spell Brigadier]
  • [Spell Duelist] - Combination of [Mage] and [Duelist]
    • [Duelist of Wistram]
  • [Spellblade] - Variant on [Spellsword], possesses Skills that enhance equipped artifacts.[16]
  • [Spellscourge]
  • [Spellslinger] - Specialized in casting multiple Spells at once
    • [Sharpshooter Spellslinger]
  • [Spellsword] - Combination of [Mage] and [Warrior]
  • [Warmage] / [War Mage]
    • [Warmage Scout]

Crafter Specializations:[edit | edit source]

  • [Alchimagus] - Combined [Mage] and [Alchemist]
  • [Artificer] - Crafter-type constructor of magical items
    • [Golem-Maker] - Specializes in creating Golems
      • [Golem Artificer]
  • [Artisan Mage]
    • [Artist of Bone] - Derived from Necromancy but with a focus on Bone manipulating for artistic purpose.
    • [Magical Painter] - Making paintings that have magical effects.
  • [Crafter Mage] - Focus on creation
  • [Magical Weaver]
  • [Magictech Engineer] - Combines magic and technology.
  • [Runeshaper]
    • [Rune Master] / [Runemistress]
      • [Runemistress of Ger]
    • [Runic Warrior]
    • [Runecrafter]
    • [Runesmith]
  • [Spellweaver]
  • [Spellscribe] - Specialized in inscribing magical scrolls. They record the spells using magical ink and parchment and a process similar to a regular casting of the spell. The completed spell scrolls can then be activated by anyone without needing to use mana.

Elemental Specializations:[edit | edit source]

  • [Elementalist] - Practitioner of elemental magic, recognizable by their focus on manipulating non-living matter:
    • [Air Mage] - Specialized in Wind Magic
      • [Aeromancer] - Specialized in Wind Magic
      • [Wind Mage]
    • [Bloodearth Mage]
    • [Dark Mage] - Focused in Darkness Magic
      • [Umbralmancer] - Specialized in Darkness Magic
    • [Depth Mage] - Specialized in Darkness and Water magic
    • [Fire Mage] - Focused in Fire magic
      • [Pyromancer] - Specialized in Fire magic
      • [Inferno Mage] / [Inferno Pyromancer] - Advancement from [Fire Mage] class
    • [Geomancer] - Focused in Earth magic
      • [Gem Mage] - Specialized in Gemstone-related magic
      • [Sand Mage] - Specialized in Sand magic
      • [Stone Magus]
      • [Voice of the Earth]
    • [Glass Mage]
      • [Bloodglass Mage]
    • [Ice Mage] - Focused in Ice Magic
      • [Cryomancer] - Specialized in Ice Magic
        • [Arctic Cryomancer] - Advancement from [Cryomancer] class
        • [Cryomancer of Masks] - Specialized [Cryomancer] class
    • [Light Mage] - Specialized in Light magic
      • [Illumination Mage]
      • [Illusionist] - Specialized in illusion magic
        • [Fairday Illusionist]
      • [Solar Mage]
    • [Lightning Mage] - Focused in Lightning/Electricity Magic
    • [Water Mage] - Focused in Water Magic
      • [Hydromancer] - Specialized in Water Magic
    • [Weather Mage] - Specialized in Weather Magic
      • [Rain Mage]
      • [Stormwalker] - Combination of [Hydromancer] and [Aeromancer]

Generalist Classes:[edit | edit source]

  • [Mage] - Starter Class for generally every beginner Mage
    • [Prodigy Mage]
    • [Skeleton Mage] - Starter Class only for an Undead Skeleton Mage
  • [Magic Gifted] - Lowest magic-related class
  • [Magic User] - Second-lowest magic-related class
  • [Sorcerer] / [Sorceress]
    • [Star Sorceror]
  • [Wand User] - A low [Mage] class for those who only can use magic with a wand.

Job-oriented Specializations:[edit | edit source]

  • [Communication Mage] - Specialized in [Communication] Magic.
  • [Court Mage] - Mage serving at a Nobles' or Monarch's court
    • [Royal Scholar of Magic] - Scholar Mage serving royalty. Generalist, but capable of casting many spells out of many disciplines.[17]
  • [Enchanter] / [Enchantress] - Specialized in enchantment magic and creating enchanted items
    • [Lifewood Artifact Analysis Enchanter]
  • [Famed Innkeeper of the Wizardly Home] - Consolidation of [Wizard] and [Innkeeper]
  • [Guildmaster of Magic] - Guildmaster with magic or in charge of mages
  • [Hireling Mage]
  • [Link Mage] - Specialized in linking with other [Mages]
  • [Mage Artist] - Artist with magic / Mage doing art
    • [Artist of Bone] - Necromancer doing art
  • [Paint Mage] - Mage doing paintings
    • [Sketch Wizard]
  • [Mage Hunter] - Hunter with magic / Hunter of mages
  • [Mage Knight] - Knight with magic / Mage been knighted / Combat specialization
  • [Mage Lady] / [Mage Lord] - [Noble] who learned magic / [Mage] elevated to nobility
    • [Spellbound Lady] / [Spellbound Lord] - [Noble] whose body has a concentrated amount of magic in it.
  • [Mage Runner] - Runner with magic / Mage becoming a [Runner]
  • [Mage Scribe] - Scribe for magic messages
  • [Magic Merchant]
  • [Magic Smith] - Variation of [Smith] class with focus on magical metals.
    • [Forgiven Magic Smith]
    • [Peerless Magic Smith]
  • [Magic Trader]
  • [Magical Artisan] - Artifact crafter
  • [Magical Butcher] - [Butcher] with magic
  • [Magical Innkeeper] - Variation of [Innkeeper] class
  • [Magical Scribe] - Scribe with magic (see also "Crafter specializations")
  • [Maid Mage] - Maid with magic / Mage employed as maid
  • [Message Mage] - Specialized in [Message] Magic.
  • [Necromancer Queen] - Variation of [Queen] class with focus on necromancy
  • [Innkeeper of Spells]
    • [Vice Innkeeper of Spells]
  • [Queen of Necrocracy] - Variation of [Queen] class with a kingdom focused on necromancy
    • [Queen of the Eternal Necrocracy]
  • [Restoration Mage] - Mage capable of casting [Restoration] numerous times per day.[18]
  • [Ship Mage] / [Ship's Mage] - Mage that operate a ship enchantments.
    • [Fleet Mage]
  • [Sword Mage] - Smith or fighter with magic (see either Crafter- or Combat-Specializations.

Nature Magic Specializations:[edit | edit source]

  • [Druid] - Specialized in Nature Magic
    • [Boneweaver Druid] - Specialized in handling animals bones
    • [Druid of the Old Ways]
    • [Sea Druid]
    • [Spiderweb Druid]
    • [Spirit Shaman] - Specialized in spirits
    • [Tantric Druid]
    • [Vinetender Druid] - Can conjure magical wine[19]
  • [Green Mage] - Specialized in plant-based magic
  • [Herb Mage][20]
  • [Naturalist Mage] - Specialization in magic combination with existing things.[21]
  • [Swarm Mage]
  • [Swamp Mage] - Presumably living and working in and around swamps
  • [Shaman]
    • [Beekeeper Shaman]
    • [Chief Shaman] - A Shaman who is leads a community of Shamans.
    • [Dowser Shaman] - A Shaman who can find water sources.
    • [Keeper of the Pasts] - A Shaman whose tribe duty is to remember the past.
    • [Magic Paint Shaman] - A Shaman who uses paint as a medium for their magic.
    • [Shaman of Purity]
    • [Shaman of the Earth]
    • [Shaman of the Eternal Grasslands]
    • [Shaman of the Old Ways]
    • [Shaman of Tribe and Plain]
    • [Shamanic Warrior] - Not a Shaman but a Warrior empowered by one.
    • [Stoneshaper Shaman]
    • [Wild Shaman]

Other Specializations:[edit | edit source]

  • [Aegiscaster] - Specialized in Barrier Spells
  • [Astromancer]
  • [Barrier Mage] / [Barrier Magus] (see [Aegiscaster])
  • [Copycat Spellcaster]
  • [Dispeller] - Anti-magic specialist
  • [Gravity Mage] - Specialized in Gravitation Magic
    • [Gravitationist] - Specialized in Gravitation Magic
  • [Hex Mage] / [Hexer] - Curse specialist
  • [Magi of the Old Ways]
  • [Magician]
    • [Royal Magician] - Magician for Royalty
  • [Teleportation Mage] / [Teleport Mage] - Specialized in Teleportation Spells.
  • [Thaumaturge] - Magic that is more similar to Miracles then anything else.
  • Time Magic Specializations
    • [Chronomancer] - Specialized in time magic
    • [Temporal Mage]
    • [Time Mage]
    • [Timekeeper General]
      • [Timekeeper General, Wyrmsworn Champion]
  • [Wardmaster] (Male) / [Wardmistress] / [Wardsmistress] (Female) - Specialist in Warding
  • [Warlock] - Makes pacts with other beings
  • [Witch Doctor]

Related Skills[edit | edit source]

Skills For
[Adept Iceform] Ice Mages to form their Ice Spells faster.
[Advanced Golem Shaping]
[Ambient Mana Gatherer] Mages Basic Skill
[Arcane Discovery (Weekly)]
[Arcane Toughness]
[Area of Diffusion]
[Ashen Mana Well] Provides the User with a deeper reservoir of mana to draw upon, as well as charging their mana through ambient Death Magic.
[Auto Spell]
[Barrier: Arcane Spellguard] Barrier spells aren't easily dispelled or blasted.
[Barrier: Crystalline Defense] When overloaded, barriers will crack instead of disappearing and still offer protection until shattered.
[Basic Concentration]
[Basic Golem Shaping] Specialized Golems Making
[Bound Spell: (Spell)] Binding and Containing a precast Spell, even Higher Tier ones, to be later used immediately, without having to recast it.
[Command Lesser Undead] Specialized Necromancers
[Concentrate Mana]
[Conjure Fast Fireball] [Fast Fireball] Spell
[Control Mana]
[Create Lifeglass]
[Create Lifesand Golems] Specialized in making Lifesand Golems with blood.
[Create Spectral Undead]
[Crimson Earth Mana]
[Death Magic Proficiency]
[Drain Death Mana]
[Eidetic Spell Memory] Mages Basic Skill
[Expanded Range] Expanding a Spell area of effect.
[Flawless Magical Analysis]
[From Witchcraft, Sorcery Ariseth] Converting the [Witch] User's gathered Witchcraft, as mana fuel.
[Frozen Quickshape] Ice Mages to change the shape of their Ice faster.
[Glaciersheet Ice] Ice Mages to make their Ice tougher.
[Greater Far Cast]
[Ice Magic Affinity] Ice Specialized Mages
[Improved Mana Circulation]
[Indirect Hex]
[Intensify Spell]
[Invisible Cast]
[Layered Ward] Ward Spells
[Magic of Will]
[Magic Thought] Mages Basic Skill
[Magical Specialization: Sand] Sand Specialized Mages
[Mana Pool]
[Mana Reserve] Mages Basic Skill
[Mana Siphon (Object)]
[Mana Well] Mages Advanced Skill
[Mana Well (Earthen)]
[Master-Apprentice Spell]
[My Mana Runs Thick as Blood] The User mana pool becomes more denser and thus more effective. Also allows the User to store a bit of magical power each day.
[Rapid Casting] Casting Spells rapidly.
[Recharge Minor Wand] Recharge a Minor Wand in a single night.
[Reinforce Spell]
[Reinforced Wards]
[Sanctum: Death Magic Leyline] User's home generates death mana.
[Spell Reflection Barrier (Lesser)]
[Spell School: Color Magic Proficiency] Providing the User with the learning and spellcraft of Color magic.
[Spell Refraction]
[Summoning: Call the Great Ancestors]
[Summoning: Pass Wounds]
[Synchronize Spell] Multiple Spells to activate at the same time or rate.
[Teacher of Magic (Universal)]
[Weak Frost Resistance] Ice Specialized Mages

Spells[edit | edit source]

See Here.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • [Mage] classes fall under the <Intelligence> category as organized by the Grand Design.[22]
  • The highest leveled mage in history was the Mage of Magic's End, who reached Level 93.[23]

References[edit | edit source]