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A Necromancer is a Mage Class specialized in death magic.

Background[edit | edit source]

Necromancers are Mages that reanimate the dead as undead and manipulate them as minions. They used to be common, and according to Regis, as valuable as diamonds in the past.[1] Archmage Perril Chandler popularized undead-based farming in his time. After his fall from grace, necromancy became reviled and illegal on Terandria and Izril, and was no longer taught in Wistram.

Self-taught [Necromancers] are called hedge-[Necromancers]. They are now the most common practitioners on Terandria and Izril after the Necromancer's infamy. Hedge-[Necromancers] don't learn how to alter the materials of undead.[2]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Generally Necromancers lack many direct spells to attack their foes. High level necromancers are different of course, but the strength of death magic lies in minions and spells which sap energy. It is said that necromancy, above other schools of magic, is the mastery of preparation.[3]

Low-level necromancer can bring down villages if they are given enough dead bodies, and they level fast when that happens.[4]

Any Necromancer about Level 30 should be able to command a small horder of the Undead, although already existing ones; they wouldn't necessarily be able to raise a horde themselves. Furthermore, they would still be rather restricted. They would likely at best be able to direct them only in a general sense. Moreover, It would be difficult to prevent them from fighting or splintering off.[5] One of the common Skills Necromancers receive upon reaching Level 30 is the ability to create a Draugr or the greater mastery of bone shaping.[6]

Derived Classes:[edit | edit source]

  • [Archmage of Death]
  • [Artist of Bone]
  • [Corpseman]
  • [Corpsemaster]
  • [Death Commander]
  • [Death Keeper]
  • [Death Soldier]
  • [Deathbane Necromancer]
  • [Deathmayor]
  • [Knight-Artisan of Bones]
  • [Necromancer of Flesh]
  • [Necromancer of Reclaimed Grandeur]
  • [Necromancer of Slaughter]
  • [Necromancer Queen]
  • [Ossific Necromancer]
  • [Queen of the Eternal Necrocracy]
  • [Queen of Undeath]
  • [Undying Lich, Myth of Death and Vengeance]

Related Spells:[edit | edit source]

  • [Animate Dead]
  • [Animate Ghouls]
  • [Animate Frostmarrow Behemoth]
  • [Animate Vermin]
  • [Arc of Midnight]
  • [Artisan Bone Construct]?
  • [Barrier of the Damned]
  • [Bone Claws]
  • [Bone Dart]
  • [Bone Fracture]
  • [Bone Rapier]
  • [Bone Shiv]
  • [Bone Wall]
  • [Bone Wheel]
  • [Command Undead]
  • [Create Mana: Death]
  • [Death King’s Mirage of the Living]
  • [Death Wail]
  • [Deathblast]
  • [Deathbolt]
  • [Deathlance]
  • [Detect Death]
  • [Draug Strength]
  • [Flying Bone Club]
  • [Greater Deathbolt]
  • [Ivory Wall]
  • [Lance of the Bone Giant]
  • [Mend Bones]
  • [Mend Flesh]
  • [Might of the Glomroath Beast]
  • [Nekhret’s Ritual of the Underworld — Summon Soul: (Individual Name)]
  • [Raise Dead]
  • [Raise Skeleton]
  • [Rapier: Boneclad Enchantment]
  • [Ritual of the Lord of Bones]
  • [Summon Skeletons]
  • [Summon Spectral Skeletal Warriors]
  • [Undead Shattertouch]
  • [Unearth the Tombs]
  • [Wail of the Banshee]
  • [Wall of the Damned]
  • [Word of Death]
  • [Word of Undeath]

Related Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Animate Corpse]
  • [Animate Undead (Objects)]
  • [Ashen Mana Well]
  • [Authority of Death (Lesser)]
  • [Command Lesser Undead]
  • [Constant Foe (Undead)]
  • [Create Spectral Undead]
  • [Death Magic Proficiency]
  • [Death’s Conduit]
  • [Drain Death Mana]
  • [Gravesummon Skeleton Retainer]
  • [Manufacture Stellar Ivory]
  • [Monumental Animation]
  • [Personal Undead]
  • [Reanimation: Reclaim Earthly Possessions]
  • [Sanctum: Death Magic Leyline]
  • [Undead: Boundless Speed]
  • [Undead: Duelist Instincts]
  • Create a Draugr
  • Greater mastery of bone shaping

Notable Necromancers[edit | edit source]

Related Groups[edit | edit source]

  • Army of the Goblin Lord - Goblin army that made heavy use of necromancy.
  • City of Graves - A former Walled City implied to be based around necromancy.
  • Ghostly Hand Tribe - Goblin tribe with necromantic shamanism and whose members can see ghosts.
  • Khelt - Chandrar Necrocracy.
  • Noelictus - Terandrian kingdom built on necromancy. No longer practices it.
  • Rheirgest - Northern Izrilian village that practices necromancy and exports ivory mined from a giant skeleton.
  • Rustängmarder - Mercenary army with necromancy-based forces.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Silvaria be with thee" is a phrase used by Necromancers to identify each other in places where their class is illegal or despised.[7]
  • An old [Necromancer] trick to gauge a skeleton's strength is to pull on its arm and seeing how hard it was to move against its will.[2]
  • [Deathbolt] doesn't work well on flora.[8]

References[edit | edit source]