Chapter 3.41

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Chapter 3.41
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December 25, 2017
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Chapter 3.41 is the 51st chapter of Volume 3 and the 23rd chapter of Book 4, Winter Solstice. This Chapter counts as a side story as well as a special chapter for Christmas.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Christmas Eve in the inn (mainly mistletoe kisses). Mrsha sells matches. Ryoka makes it through the blizzard to Riverfarm in time with the help of the Frost Faeries. Christmas Eve in Riverfarm.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Two days before Christmas Ryoka and Laken attempt to get Ivolethe to act as her guide to Riverfarm to deliver emergency supplies during the snowstorm. Laken offers to grant her a title and build her a statue, Ryoka tries to boast about the importance of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer when Ivolethe questions the need to give off red light.

They manage to convince her and she becomes as red as the [Flare] Ryoa casts. Before they depart however a company of Ivolethe's sisters arrive and mock her change in color, but Ryoka begins to tell them about the plan to make her a hero and all of them quickly decide to join in. They also begin to change into a spectrum of colors and then Ryoka herds them all to leave. Laken gives Durene a Christmas present once the runner departs.

Erin, after arranging for everyone to get two presents and unsuring they're all wrapped, hangs up some mistletoe in the corner of the inn. After explaining the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe Revi stands challengingly beneath it. Pisces is the first to confront her and after their kiss Pisces looks smug as Revi blushes.

Revi tells her team that Pisces wasn't bad and Relc comments that people can't be good or bad at kissing to the gold-ranks humour. Some of the guests then begin to measure their skill at kissing under the mistletoe - with pisces being one of the better ones. Erin talks about how tying a cherry stem with their tongue was a sign of a good kisser and once again Pisces does not disappoint. Erin, disgusted with the outcome of her Mistletoe, despite everyone's enjoyment, goes back to serving her guests more food.

Relc realises that nobody wants to kiss him and leaves the inn and finds Klbkch on his way, hiding from the Antinium of the other Hives. He explains that he had a look and didn't see any presents laid out for either of the Guardsmen despite Erin's promise for two each.

Relc tells Klbkch that the two of them should do some good deeds to ensure that Santa brings them presents after hearing the vauge explanation from Erin and the people she told.

Erin gets called over by Octavia after some of the guests leave to get fresheners for their mouths after Pisces shows off the mint leaves he was using. Octavia shows off her protype matches that she made and Mrsha sneaks through to Celum with a box of her own while the two are talking. The passing humans notice Mrsha lighting the matches and begin asking her questions but Mrsha escapes back towards Stitchworks.

Octavia spots the young Gnoll and tries to take the matches back but the passersby begin to ask to buy some from her. Once Octavia makes the sale she hands Mrsha more matches to advertise and sell for her.

Back in Liscor, as a Drake damily sits down for dinner until they get a surprise visit from Relc and Klbkch, both badly dressed as Santa. As the parents stare at the two Guardsmen, Relc attempts to give the daughter a badly wrapped dagger as a present.

8 hours into Ryoka's run to Riverfarm and the Fae leading the way start to get bored at the slow runner. They end up tricking her into running off a cliff by changing their colors to match Ivolethe and attempt to steer her astray until a huge Frost Golem wearing what looks like a top hat pops out of the ground and distracts them all.

Mrsha, finally finished with her matchesm returns to the inn past the crowd of Octavia's customers. Lyonette ushers the Gnoll into the kitchen and Mrsha deposits her hard earned money into the jar. Lyonette brings out the freshly baked bread that was made using Erin's baking powder and she helps bring it out along with the mulled wine.

Erin discovers Selys has been introduced to the new craze of kissing under the mistletoe and she warns her about Pisces and tells her about the cherry stems. Selys chews one as Erin declines her advice to join in on the fun and Selys decides to find what the best kisser's like. Erin glances down at the double knotted chery stem that was in Selys' mouth. Selys conquers Pisces and Erin gets a surprise kiss on the cheek from Mrsha.

Relc and Klbkch sit in the middle on alleyway wondering where they went wrong with their santa strategy. The two give up and return to the inn, but on the way they hear crying from a nearby house and stumble upon a burglary in progress. The Senior Guardsmen quickly beat down the [Thieves] with Christmas grace and are rewarded with the smiles from the Gnoll children they saved. They leave the presents behind for the children and return to the inn. On the way Klbkch reveals to Relc that Santa Claus is probably not real and they verify it after Erin laughs at them. Relc checks the laid out presents once more but again finds none with either of their names on it. He turns to see Klbkch holding one for him as he lays the one he prepared for his partner down as well. The two make their merry way down the hill ready smiling, knowing that they'll at least get one present each.

Prost shouts a warning at the oncoming person headed towards Riverfarm, but they relax when Ryoka informs them that she's brought a delivery from Laken. The villagers of Riverfarm celebrate the arrival of food and warm clothing and after being thanked by the adults Ryoka walks over to the children and gives them Laken's Christmas presents.

She tells them how good kids get presents for Christmas and the bad ones get coal. One of the girls, Anabelle, tells Ryoka that she doesn't think she's been good because she couldn't find her brother in the avalanche but Ryoka reassures her and gives her a present anyway. Ryoka brings the kids to the fire to eat and begins to tell them christmas stories.

Erin and Lyonette finish tidying up for the night and Erin teaches Lyonette how to sing Silent Night for Mrsha before they all go to bed.

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Creatures[edit | edit source]

  • Snow Golem (Frosty)

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Presents
  • Mistletoe
  • Matches

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  • Hillsong - Silent Night