Chapter 5.17 S

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Chapter 5.17 S
September 1, 2018
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Chapter 5.17 S is the 19th chapter of Volume 5 and Book 7, The Rains of Liscor. The S stands for Selys.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Selys goes to the sewers with Pisces. He convinces her to research the armor. Selys goes to Pallass and gets kidnapped.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

As much as the Shivertail main family wanted to protest, the laws and will were clear that the Heartflame Breastplate truly did belong to Selys. She went to bed early that night after having it confirmed and gained four levels in [Heiress]. Selys cried herself back to sleep after that and upon waking up the following morning had to deal with Zel's funeral. The involved parties agreed to a funeral and cremation in Liscor. The healer that was sent earlier to remove Zel's armor had gotten sick from touching his body and died shortly after, so cremation was the only realistic option. The funeral was overseen by drakes from Pallass and Liscor's Army, and was televised on scrying orb for the rest of the world. Once it was done, Embria retrieved Selys and her and Ilvriss talked with Selys about guarding the artifact as well as trying to buy/coerce into gifting it to themselves. Selys fled the situation by recalling that Tekshia had tasked her with overseeing the clearing of Liscor's sewers by Pisces and his new undead.

Pisces was tactful, but he still grated especially with Selys predisposition towards hating undead and Necromancers given the fate of her parents. Eventually though, Selys started to come around and even gave Pisces advice on how he could improve his creation using her knowledge as a receptionist. On the way out, Pisces advised Selys to do research on the true capabilities of her Heartflame Breastplate before giving it away or selling it to anyone. She did this by going into Pallass with an invisible Pisces, and the two found out that the armor was a part of a set, it made flames appear around the user, and much more. Feeling better about the situation, the two started to head back but were interrupted when a group of [Thugs] kidnapped Selys.

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Creatures[edit | edit source]

  • Bone Horror

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Selys Shivertail[edit | edit source]

  • Classes/Levels = [Heiress] Lv. 4 (+4)
  • Skills = [Increased Income] – [Lingering Presence]