Chapter 5.16 S

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Chapter 5.16 S
September 1, 2018
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Chapter 5.16 S is the 18th chapter of Volume 5 and Book 7, The Rains of Liscor. The S stands for Selys.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Zel's will is read. Selys receives ownership of the Heartflame Breastplate.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Zel's death has been confirmed and his body is coming to Liscor. Selys remembers a conversation the two had shortly before he left to go north and fight the Goblin Lord. There Zel talks about how she was his favorite family member as everybody else treated him like a hero. The two talked about Selys' childhood dream of becoming an adventurer and he current life as a receptionist. Selys wakes up from this memory to multiple adventurer groups discussing the Redfang Elite Warriors' recent raid on Liscor's Dungeon as well as the loot and information they got from it. Selys is there to confirm this information and report it back to Tekshia. When she does this, she also pleads once more with her grandmother to allow the goblins to be adventurers and to allow Pisces' undead to help clean the overflowing sewers. Tekshia rejects both of these proposals once more though Selys tells her that Watch Captain Zevara will likely supersede her and push Pisces' undead idea through since it is a matter of city security. In response, Tekshia makes Selys accompany Pisces while his undead are cleaning the sewers to keep an eye on them. Before Selys leaves, Tekshia also informs Selys that Zel's body will be coming to Liscor the following day and his will is to be read at the same time.

Selys has to work in the morning, but the time does come to see Zel's corpse. Tekshia, Selys, and Zevara are present in person, and his more immediate family is on a scrying orb to hear the proceedings as a drake [Mage] reads his will. Zel left large sums of land, money, and artifacts for many in his immediate family. He left his holdings in Liscor and all of his spears to Tekshia, and lastly he left the items on his body at the time of his death to Selys. This might not have been much, but Magnolia Reinhart had given Zel the Heartflame Breastplate for his recent battle and had returned it with Zel as an apology meaning Selys received it after his death.

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