Chapter 5.32 G

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Chapter 5.32 G
October 27, 2018
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Chapter 5.32 G is the 34th chapter of Volume 5, and the 12th chapter of Book 8, Blood of Liscor.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Laken's army clashes with the Flooded Waters Tribe at Lancrel. Rags follows Sir Kerrig to Riverfarm. [Lord] Tyrion Veltras arrives and forces Rags to retreat. Elia Arcsinger drives all Goblins out of Dwarfhalls Rest.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Gold-ranked teams scout and infiltrate the Goblin mountain and lay havoc upon its forces. They spare the Goblin Lord’s Goblins where possible.

Day 105. Before Sir Kerrig arrives at Riverfarm, Emperor Laken notices a pattern in the destruction of totems following Kerrig. He soon realizes that Kerrig has been followed by the Goblins. Laken is angry; he questions Sir Kerrig’s honesty and honor before announcing that the Goblins have followed the [Knight] straight back to Riverfarm.

Meanwhile Pyrite organizes the defense against the [Emperor]'s army. He has his tribe march out of the walls, so that the walls are at their backs. He had judged that using walls already damaged by trebuchets would do more harm than good. In comparison to [General] Wiskeria and the Human army, Pyrite and his Goblins are more experienced in battle, and in tactics. He duels Durene, and wounds her severely. Next, he indisposes the Human's calvary leader Beniar with a slash across the chest. The Goblins are winning the battle.

Rags arrives at Riverfarm with a small detachment of Redfangs, having followed an unaware Sir Kerrig. She confronts Laken in the interest of bargaining for peace. The two are at a detente. Laken recognises that Goblins may be people after all. Then, with Durene’s status still unknown, acknowledging that his army at the city is being routed by the Goblins, he refuses the bargain and escalates, ordering an attack. Both sides fail to kill each other at first, but Laken is under serious threat by a charging Redscar, when Lord Tyrion and his vanguard arrive. Tyrion wounds Redscar with a lancing charge. Rags retrieves Redscar and retreats. Tyrion offers Laken his hand, and he, reluctantly, takes it.

At Lancrel, the [Lord] Pellmia and [Knight] Welca Caveis arrive with the rest of Tyrion's army. They charge and drive Pyrite's Goblins back behind Lancrel's walls.

At Dwarfhalls Rest, the Gold-ranked adventurers receive reinforcements. Elia Arcsinger, who slew the previous Goblin King appears. Gripped by memory and fear, most Goblins and Reiss' army flee the mountain at the sight of her.

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