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Deríthal-Vel, commonly called Dwarfhome, is the Mountain Kingdom of the Dwarves.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Located in Terandria, Deríthal-Vel is currently the only Dwarf city after the fall of their other settlements in Innworld. Considered very defensible, it is described to "make the Himalayas look like foothills."[1] Dwarfhome's master blacksmiths are considered the best in the world, and it is sometimes compared as a giant smithy, as its economy is primarily driven by its production and selling of arms and armours. Apprentices from every species around the world travel there to learn from Deríthal-Vel's master blacksmiths. It has a significant minority population of Humans.[2]

Military Strength[edit | edit source]

The Dwarves of Deríthal-Vel use tactics that have bested human kingdom and monsters. Should they lack an advantage in terrain, they will create one, with magic or sappers. They are armed with Dwarfsteel and heavily equipped. A crossbow and throwing axes is standard armament for all soldiers. Their scouts use caltrops and steel snares.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

Deríthal-Vel has never been breached by force of arms, nor starved into submission, even during decade-long sieges, although it has surrendered in the past to avoid bloodbaths.[2]

An incident occurred in which several of Dwarfhome's master smiths and their teams were disgraced and banished, including two who had been acclaimed as the only true smiths of Deríthal-Vel in seven hundred years, Pelt and Taxus. All of their tools were broken and they were told never to lift a hammer within Dwarfhome ever again. Younger smiths also ran off in shame, swore off of steel or left.[4] It was the only day the forges of Deríthal-Vel were silent.[5]

There was once an axe-throwing competition held in Deríthal-Vel, in which the winner would be bestowed a mastercraft axe. The winner was Dawil Ironbreaker, who had entered the competition while drunk, as a joke.

Ghosts came to Deríthal-Vel during the Days of Return, but did not find what they were looking for, or what they wanted was still dormant. This prompted the Dwarves to expand from Dwarfhome once again, and sent colonists to re-settle Dwarfhalls Rest in Izril.[5] Some of the banished smiths had begged forgiveness and returned, and were sent on the expedition to Dwarfhalls Rest.[6]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The King of Destruction once commissioned Dwarfhome for arms to equip his army, but for unknown reasons, they were unable to fulfill the request. Instead, they gave Flos a set of mastercraft armour and sword in compensation, which he bestowed to Gazi.
    • It is unknown if this is the same or related to the incident that resulted in Pelt's and the other Dwarves' exile.[7]

References[edit | edit source]