Interlude – Niers

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Interlude – Niers
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December 6, 2018
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Interlude – Niers is the 47th chapter of Volume 5 and the 25th chapter of Book 8, Blood of Liscor.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Niers and Foliana take a bath together. Niers categorizes Liscor's Dungeon as a vengeance dungeon.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The chapter begins with Niers talking to Foliana, both of them lazily sitting in a hot tub, with Foliana eating spaghetti, known to them as Damcli Noodles. His chess opponent had played dozens of chess games against themselves over the course of half a day and then just stopped.

Niers is wondering if this is some kind of message, code, something else entirely or if his opponent was just bored. They are getting sidetracked by the fact that none of Niers' students want to bathe with them, stating it might be due to the mixed bathing or just out of respect. During their talk, Niers comes to the conclusion that someone else, not his usual chess partner, must have possession of the magical chess board he had sent out. Foliana teases her second-in-command, asserting that he has behaved like this in the past when he was lovesick.

The Beastkin emphasizes that Niers needs to be around people, going back and forth with him. It's also revealed that Niers commissioned a board and pieces for the new Go game, which should be delivered to them soon.

After getting out of the bath, Niers and Foliana are seen mulling over a map of Izril. Neither the Fraerling nor his students have received further messages from Olesm, but apparently Niers has received news about the Goblin Lord and Liscor's Dungeon, terming it a "vengeance dungeon", similar to one he has previously found with his team. He's also worried about the magical door, a powerful artifact, being stolen from the Innkeeper.

During the conversation with Foliana, Niers states that someone will possibly try to raid the inn for the artifact. He also speculates that the Goblin Lord had probably been defeated by [Lord] Tyrion Veltras, together with his assembled army and Elia Arcsinger's team.

Foliana and Niers keep talking about Tyrion's tactics and plans, with Niers writing down his speculation and involuntarily showing it to the curious Foliana.

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  • Magical Chessboard