Chapter 5.44

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Chapter 5.44
December 8, 2018
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Chapter 5.44 is the 48th chapter of Volume 5 and the 26th and final chapter of Book 8, Blood of Liscor.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

A breakout attempt for Mrsha fails. Erin devises a new plan using her Magical Door and it succeeds.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

This chapter deals with the ongoing conflict of the Raskghar, Snatcher and the Gnolls of Liscor.

Elirr, Mrsha and other Gnolls are fleeing their captors, with the Raskghar pursuing them, despite the threat of Snatcher. With Nokha on their tails, they run into Headscratcher, leading his band of five other Redfang warriors and a group of Cave Goblins.

With the Redfangs forming a line, fighting off the oncoming Raskghar, the group of Gnolls is able to put some distance between them and their pursuer, however, Mrsha stays behind. Mrsha then dashes past the Hobs as well as Nokha with her wand in her mouth, running down adjacent corridors.

The Hobgoblins try to reach Mrsha, but are unable to do so due to the Raskghar blocking their way, deciding to fall back on insistence of Numbtongue. Frustrated, the follow the other Gnolls and Cave Goblins, suddenly hearing a desperate howl from Mrsha.


In another viewpoint, Ceria is observing Snatcher as he moves into the Raskghars' camp; towards the Gnoll that had howled: Mrsha.

Ceria tries to distract Snatcher by firing [Ice Spikes] at him, causing the monster to charge at her. Being engaged in battle, she shouts at the remaining Gnolls to run, barely getting saved by Calruz, who smashes into Facestealer's side.

With Cave Goblins, Raskghar, Calruz and Ceria fighting him, Snatcher stops moving, stares at Ceria and vanishes into the darkness of one of the entrances of the camp, to the bewilderment of Ceria. Calruz orders the entrance sealed off.

After a short exchange between Calruz and Ceria, Nokha explains to Calruz that they were only able to retrieve the Doombringer due to intervention of the Redfangs.

Ceria, being allowed to see if Mrsha was hurt, manages to hide a small message for Pisces with her, stating that the Raskghar will rebel soon and that the Gnolls had escaped; Nokha, however, sees the spell-encoded message being cast, but doesn't snitch.


In the inn, a nervous Erin and Lyonette spot people coming back from the rescue mission. Distraugt about not having Mrsha back, she forms a plan involving Pebblesnatch.


Back in the Raskghar camp, Calruz is cordoning off their sick, as they got struck by arrows and their wounds are getting worse despite healing potions.


In Liscor on the walls, Embria is having a conversation with her father about his past, as well as his (lack of) behaviour as a [Guardsman] when they get interrupted by Erin. Erin wants them, as well as Klbkch, Ilvriss, Zevara and Olesm to help with her plan as well.

Despite Ilvriss' doubt of Erin providing a plan capable of solving the crisis, he decides to help for now; Olesm playing a part in convincing him.


Back in the Raskghar camp, they have finished disposing of all the dead. Nokha informs Calruz that Mrsha used magic, hoping to use her to awaken more Raskghar. Calruz dismisses this as Gnolls are not supposed to be able to cast magic. Nokha then challenges Calruz, he however, further questions what "spell" had supposedly been used to send a message.

Calruz engages Ceria in a fight, while Pebblesnatch, who was hiding between the other Cave Goblins, hammers a small stone on a metal sheet they used to use to seal off corridors. With a door to the Wandering Inn open, the Halfseekers, Silver Swords and over 100 other adventurers, [Guardsmen] and Antinium, led by Yellow Splatters and Pawn storm the camp.

The rescuers manage to kill the Raskghar, saving Mrsha. Calruz' fate being yet unknown.

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  • Classes/Levels = [Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 36 (+1)
  • Skills = [Natural Allies: Goblins] + [Local Landmark: Liscor]