Interlude - Pebblesnatch and Garry

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Interlude - Pebblesnatch and Garry
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Pebblesnatch by pkay
February 16, 2019
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Interlude - Pebblesnatch and Garry is the 66th chapter of Volume 5, and the 18th chapter of Book 9, Tears of Liscor.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Cook-off between Garry, Pebblesnatch and others, which Garry wins.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Garry is given leave to accompany Pawn to The Wandering Inn, but departs on his own after discovering Pawn has already left. On his way, he becomes lost and stumbles upon the Cave Goblins' cooking are outside of the inn.

Pebblesnatch, having critiqued the cooking skills of other present Goblins beforehand, leads to a cook-off between him and Pebblesnatch. Garry wins handily, due to his extensive experience feeding the Free Queen with the monster meat they're cooking with.

Dishes Served (in order)[edit | edit source]

  • Unnamed Goblin: Chop-and-Fry Quillfish with salt and butter

Result: Portions too small

Result: Soup itself tasted good, but food that fights back is not worth the title of 'Good Cook'

Result: Far too fishy, not enough eggy

  • Unnamed Hobgoblin: Fish kebab variety

Result: Best entry up to that point, maybe a bit too spicy

Result: Barely edible. Rock Crab blood in the water didn't taste good, uneven cooking and other reasons; worst entry.

  • Garry: Panini-style marinated pieces of caterpillar, covered in garlic-and-fish sauce

Result: Each bite hot and fresh, crispy outside breading, caterpillar didn't taste like caterpillar

Garry gets handed her poofy white chef's hat by Pebblesnatch, as he has won the competition. Garry then enters the inn to find Erin welcoming him with open arms, with her even going so far as to call him her favorite Worker, which Pawn later on asks for clarification on. She also tells Garry that he wouldn't have needed to participate in any competition to come to her inn.

Erin and Garry then cook together in the inn's kitchen, while she assures him that he's a way better cook than she is and that she'd hire him as a cook in a heartbeat.

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