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Kevin Hall
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Kevin of Liscor






John Hall (Older Brother)
Kendra Hall (Younger Sister)

First Appearance

Chapter 2.23

Kevin Hall is an Earther [Mechanic] from California who was teleported to Izril. He and six other Earthers used to be in Lady Magnolia's care before going to The Wandering Inn.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kevin is described of having the vibe of a ‘stoner dude’. Remarkably laidback, he is willing to go with the flow and is relatively uncomplicated. This attitude naturally lends him a level of charisma. He is able to get along with Antinium and Goblins. Underneath his façade of an easy-going person, he is very smart and perceptive.

Background[edit | edit source]

Kevin lived in San Fransisco,[1] and worked a part-time job at a repair shop for bikes.[2] The manager there had made him do all the bookkeeping on his own laptop.[3]

He and some other Earthers were at the Chicago airport waiting for their flight, when they were suddenly teleportation to Innworld. He and 5 other appeared in a city in the middle of nowhere, then got arrested and imprisoned by soldiers, until Lady Magnolia arrived and got them out of prison and took them at her home.[4]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 2[edit | edit source]

Kevin first appeared living in Magnolia Reinhart's estate along with other Earthers she had gathered up.[5] Magnolia had some knowledge of Earthers and they told her what they could about Earth technology and ideals. Magnolia also invited Erin to meet them where Kevin and the others talked about making an adventuring team funded by Magnolia.[6]

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

Later on, we find that the adventuring party hadn't gone as easily as hoped. Ryoka finds out about Kevin and his fellow earthers in Manolia's care and pays an information broker to find their location. They tell her that they had become low level adventurers and mages, but they mainly lived off of a small stipend along with the housing from Magnolia. In the middle of their discussion, the estate they were all in was attacked. In the chaos of the Assassin's Guild attacking Magnolia's estate, Ryoka led Kevin and his fellow Earthers away from the scene and onward to the Wandering Inn.[7]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

Kevin's name is finally revealed later along their journey where the group had sunk even lower. They were still on their way to the Wandering Inn, but their funds were running low to the point where Kevin resorted to begging. While begging, a chance meeting led to Maviola El seeing and taking pity on the group. She then brought them over to meet a group of adventurers that happened to be carrying the magical door leading to Erin's inn. Due to this chance occurrence, Kevin and the others managed to arrive at the Wandering Inn.[8] As expected, the group was completely unprepared for the realities of Innworld outside of Magnolia's bubble. Despite making it to the inn, they still managed to run into Rock Crabs quickly needing to be saved and generally acted as nuisances at the inn.[9][2] Kevin did try though, more than some others and he showed true enthusiasm when he found baseball equipment.[2]

Afterward, Kevin was significantly more helpful. He did chores around the inn and helped out with teaching football, but it wasn't until Erin brought up bicycles where he really shined. His previous experience at a bicycle repair shop gave him intimate knowledge of how to build bicycles. With funding from Selys, he, along with Hedault and Pelt, worked together to begin to create a prototype for Innworld's first bicycle.[10] At the same time, he started discussing production of skateboards. Skateboards were easier to produce, but equally new and exciting. He took this first skateboard to Pallas and became the center of a new craze for many of the youths in and around the city. With this success and the challenge of crafting, the three dove into creating a bicycle which they eventually debuted at Wailant's Farm.[11] This bike was eventually given to Ryoka as she used it on her world-famous run to save the Veltras children from poison.[12] His bicycle business, now named Solar Cycles, exploded in popularity from the attention. One customer he attracted the attention of was Fetohep of Khelt, who offered to pay double any other price and ordered 12 bicycles from the business.[13]

His day to day life was interrupted by a sneak attack from Hectval that managed to incapacitate Erin Solstice. Erin was quickly dying, and nobody could deal with the poisoned crossbow bolts, so Kevin ordered her to be frozen in order to delay her death.[14][15]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

After Erin's death, Kevin continued to sleep at the inn, but he spent more time outside of it. Kevin spent most of his time in an office he'd set up in Esthelm where he continued to add new options to his shop. One of those options was a Cycle Rickshaw that could be assembled by the purchaser.[16] Kevin also increased his production of normal bicycles to meet the high demand by having Pelt's apprentices work on them. He tried to petition Fetohep to help revive Erin, but Fetohep refused. Kevin also helped to work on other projects like coordinating the mechanical aspects of getting a proper blood bank up and running.[17]

Eventually, Belavierr attacked the inn.[18] Kevin was involved with the chaos and despite everybody making it out alive, multiple powers recognized how unsafe the inn was without Erin awake. Many of these factions wanted to secure Kevin in particular due to his mechanical knowledge and connection to Solar Cycles. There were good offers from many places, but Kevin decided to secretly go to Goblinhome with Rags and Calescent.[19] When Kevin got to Goblinhome, he showed his value by telling Rags and her goblins many of the secrets he knew. He showed them skateboards, told them information about metallurgy, introduced the idea of torsion to help make ballistae,[20] and how to make gas masks.[21] Of course, Kevin's time in Goblinhome was not completely peaceful. The chieftain, Rags, had her own plan to help revive Erin in the form of kidnapping the Healer of Tenbault. Kevin was not on the front lines for this mission, but he was in one of the camps which was chased down by pursuing humans. When things got desperate, he attempted to sacrifice himself only to be saved by timely knowledge of the hiding place of a powerful group of trolls. These trolls defended themselves from the incoming humans by using powerful drum based magic, and Kevin used his phone to show them other types of music they could play which saved him and the Goblins that were with him.[22] Kevin made it back safely after this and spent the rest of his time in Goblinhome relatively uneventfully. He flew back to Liscor by wyvern and door though when it was time to attempt to resurrect Erin.[23]

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Mechanic] Lv. 28[24]
    • Derived from [Tinkerer] → [Engineer][24]
  • [Boarder] Lv. 14[11]
  • [Warrior] Lv. 4[2]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He's from California.[2]
  • While he appeared for the first time in Ch 2.23, his name was revealed in Ch 7.20, while his surname was revealed in Ch 8.03.
  • His blood type is AB+.[17]
  • He is allergic to shrimp.[26]
  • According to Ishkr Silverfang's secret employee files, Kevin is rated as a 2-star difficulty guest.[27]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (Shouting at people) “Alms? Alms for the poor?
  • (To Drassi) “So…what’s a Drake do for fun, anyways?”
  • (To Erin) “If you’re willing to—give us a place to stay, and food, we won’t be a problem. We can help out. This is a great inn, Erin.”
  • (To Lyonette) “Nah, it’s nothing. We’re getting fed, right? You tell me to lift, I lift. It’s good exercise.”
  • To Joseph:
    • “It’s fine, man. Look where we are. We could be in the mansion getting attacked by assassins and with all those angry [Maids]. Anyways, I got my laptop. This inn is great. You have soccer, you kicked your habit—what’s getting rid of a few movies?”
    • “Tell you what. I’ll use the magic door, you walk back. You need the exercise now you’re playing soccer. We’ll see who gets back first.”
  • (To Joseph) “Whatever you say, Joseph! You’re Mr. Soccer!”
  • (To Grimalkin) “Time? You know, if it goes backwards, does it go up or down? Those are the real questions.”
  • (To Hedault & Selys) “We’re not calling it ‘Splendiferous Gearage’ or ‘Liscor’s Custom Steelworks’. These are terrible names.”
  • (To Pelt, Hedault & Selys) “Okay, Kevin’s Bike Shop was really a bit of a joke. Seriously this time—how about ‘The Rolling Spokes?’ I think it’d be—”
  • (To Rose) “That’s a lightsaber, isn’t it? Not as cool, but—she never told us. Think I can buy one?”
  • (To Troy) “Troy, my dude. If this is something stupid—Rose isn’t here, but I’ll ask Bezale to hit you.”
  • To Rags:
    • “I uh…wanted to meet the Goblins that Erin was always talking about. He said it was okay. We’re all splitting up anyways, so…”
    • “Well…I was looking at the Wyverns, and Calescent was like, ‘want to fly? Come with.’ So I did. Am I in trouble?”
  • (To Rags) “…Because it seems like Goblins have the short stick. I mean, everyone calls you monsters. Erin told me you guys saved her life. You said you were going to help bring her back. Pallass has an agenda. I don’t really like Grimalkin. He’s not stupid; he’s ruthless. Chaldion scares the crap out of me. Wistram tried to kidnap me. Twice. Magnolia is just as scary. So…you guys seem like the best out of everyone. You have to trust someone. I’ve rocked out with Numbtongue. No one else is half as cool.”
  • (To Taganchiel) “Don’t say it like that, Tagan. Just…trust me.”
  • (To everyone) “Coffee? We have—Joseph! Where’s he? Joseph, Imani—coffee! Sugar, milk—lattes. Iced coffee. Frappuccinos. The only damn good thing about home—”
  • (To Erin) “I already have enough monarchs, thanks. I’ll die for lack of sleep if I get another one.”
  • (To Erin about Belavierr’s eyes) “It felt like I was looking straight into the layers of hell. From Dante’s Inferno, you know that story? It looked like that.”

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