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Mathematician Yelroan
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Plain’s Eye Tribe (Formerly)
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First Appearance

Chapter 8.30

Yelroan is a Gnoll [Mathematician] of the Plain’s Eye Tribe and the administrator for the entire tribe.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He has light yellow, blonde fur[1] and a proper mane, dyed like ‘hair’. He wears light-reflecting spectacles and a full-body clothing like a City Gnoll’s attire, with long, dark leggings cut with white, and a flashy red jacket.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Yelroan's recursive catchphrase[3]

A staunch [Mathematician], Yelroan has a great love for number and calculations. He is somewhat eccentric, often posing flashy clothing and screaming "Math" at the top of his lungs while blinding everyone from the glare of his sunglasses. However, it is implied that his flamboyancy is a facade to make his career seem more interesting. Yelroan has a strong sense of morality, evident by him breaking free of Plain's Eye's fanatic discrimination against white Gnolls. He is also courageous, being willing to stand in the way of the Doomslayers against their target.[4]

He is extremely clever and highly-organized. Thanks to his Skills, he was well-equipped to be in charge of Plain's Eye's - and later The Wandering Inn's - bookkeeping.

Background[edit | edit source]

Even when he was young, Yelroan could answer a math question that all the tribe's [Shamans] couldn't. This would be an indication of his future path. His mathematical abilities allowed him effectively became the administrator for the whole tribe and moved to the central camp. However, he lacked respect for his work, and could not convince anyone to become his apprentice.[2]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

During the Meeting of the Tribes, Yelroan tried to attract prospective apprentices with his flashy style, but failed to garner any interest. He reunited with Merish, catching up, and was introduced to Viri. They walked about in the camps, though Yelroan had been banned from several booths after using his calculation abilities to win the biggest prizes.[2]

After the deaths of the first Doomslayer squad, Chieftain Xherw brought in Yelroan to help determine the location of the two Doombringers, to aid a new party of Doomslayers which Merish was leading.[5] Yelroan succeeded in narrowing down their location, which let the Doomslayers catch up to the Doombringers.[6]

Later, Gire snuck into his tent and left the word 'sin' with a series of numbers on his chalkboard in the hopes that he could make sense of what a sine is.

Chieftain Xherw visited him suspecting that there was a Doombringer at the Meeting of the Tribes. He tasked Yelroan with finding them and told him to investigate Qwera specifically. Yelroan did so and had some suspicions that she was indeed a white Gnoll when he spotted Mri, and immediately identified her as Mrsha. He hesitated to report what he found and get a child killed, so he kept his discoveries to himself.

At the Meeting of Chieftains, he helped create the Combination Skill [The World of You and Me]. He was thrilled by the mathematic works of Earth.[7]

When Merish returned, they had a fight about the possibility that Doombringers weren't evil.[8] While Mrsha was reuniting with the other Stone Spears children in the Gaarh Marsh camp, Yelroan was there and obstructed the shots of Doomslayers. He tried to convince Merish not to attack Mrsha, urging him to rethink what the tribe says about Doombringers.[9]

After Mrsha was publicly revealed, Yelroan went back to the Plain's Eye camp to search for the truth and convinced Merish to help him. They confronted Xherw with proof of his complicity with the Drakes, such as preferential treatment from the Walled Cities and yearly payments from Fissival.[10]

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

Yelroan was the only Plain's Eye Gnoll to have kept his original fur color after the end of the Meeting of the Tribes. He was doing administrative work for the remnants of Plain's Eye and for the other tribes. He advised Mrsha on how to turn a profit with the Magical Door, and was offered a job in Liscor, which Merish urged him to pursue.[1] He did eventually agree and made his way north to The Wandering Inn. On the way, he was found by Magnolia Reinhart who offered him a ride and helped bring him to their mutual destination quicker.[11] When Yelroan did get to the inn, he brought out some cargo that he had been carrying which included many letters from those at the Gnoll Plains and the suit of Demas Metal armor custom-made for Normen.[12]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Mathematician of the Fundament] Lv. 46[13]
    • Derived from [Scribe] → [Accountant][2]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Check Sum]
  • [Copy Message]
  • [Data Discrepancy]
  • [Fill Missing Data]
  • [Item (Spectacles): Skillblocking Flash]
  • [Locate Number] / [Locate Number: (Number)]
  • [Mass Revision]
  • [Mind Guard: The Fortress of Equations]
  • [Perfect Measurement]
  • [Pragmatist's Extrapolation]
  • [Visualise Data Set]

Original Skill/Combination Skill:[edit | edit source]

  • [The World of You and Me][8]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

  • Light-Reflecting Spectacles: Spectacles that are specially treated with alchemical substances to reflect the light. Can blind someone with an afterimage. The spectacles offer no aid to his eyesight as Yelroan has perfect vision. Made by Saliss of Lights after doing an accounting job for him.[2]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is the only one with the [Mathematician] class on Izril.[1]
  • He is banned from betting games by [Bookies] due to him using his Skills to figure out the best chances of winning.[2]
  • There is a running gag about his light-reflecting sunglasses, which blinds someone when he adjusts them.
  • He has only ever managed to convince one person to be his apprentice, who ended up lasting half a day.[2]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • To Merish:
    • “Merish! Do you like it? I tried to do something and it almost works. They stare at me.”
    • “I am honest. Math is amazing!
    • “Because I’m good at numbers, Merish. Not scribing. Not managing. Numbers. I’m fairly good at managing things. Math is my talent, though. You see?”
    • He offered me a position. Quite well-paid. I said no. I’m a Plains Gnoll in the end. A member of the tribe. Even if…well.”
    • “Merish. I can calculate anything.
  • (To Xherw) “Heh. You can fool magic and Skills, but not numbers, Chieftain Xherw.”
  • (To himself) “What in the name of logarithms…?”
  • To Merish:
    • “Merish, I know exactly what I’m doing. I’d prefer not to be here, believe me. But if it were a choice between not being here and…I have to be. Does that make sense?”
    • “Merish. I love you like a brother. You were a hero before you left for Rhir. I don’t know what happened to you there, but you were hurt. But the same good Gnoll I always knew. This is the only time I’ve ever thought something was off about you. Something truly wrong. Don’t do this. This is the greatest mistake you’ll ever make. You see it too, don’t you? Walk away.”

References[edit | edit source]