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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

  • (To Ryoka) “I thank you for your help, City Runner. I must continue my journey. I am late. A fair morning to you. A pleasure to meet someone on the road.”
  • (To Wiskeria) “Daughter, I tip my hat to thee.”
  • (To Ryoka) “My Daughter asks me a favor. Something I have not heard in years. You have questions. Ask and I will answer.”
  • (To Mavika) “For her, I would give it up. My magic. What I possess. Even life. But not my craft. But I would gladly face my death.”
  • (To Talia & the Order) “My daughter. You would use her against me? Very well. Try. For if I am chased, I will flee. If my daughter is held, I will find who takes her and kill them. If she dies killed, I will find who slew her. And they will never die.”
  • To Ryoka:
    • “Ryoka Griffin. You saw the guests. The wind knows you. I saw that. But I did not ask. Who are you?
    • “Even were I immortal, I would know that as a lie.”
  • (To Wiskeria) “So you say. We walk in a circle. Daughter. Nothing I do is your fault. You are not responsible for my actions. And you are my daughter. Can we not be mother and daughter?”

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

  • (To the World) “Send your champions. Show me a burning flame in this waning world! Please. Or else my daughter will be as small as you. And she must live. She must find her power. But you grow so small.
  • (To Magnolia) “Your thread is mixed. Part woven by ancient fire. Yet you stand here. There is no one to protect you. And I remember when your family first stepped onto this land. You are unguarded, girl.”
  • To Az’kerash:
    • “Does one congratulate the rock for existing?”
    • “The first time we met as enemies. The second I did you a favor. By right, this time the favor is to me. So I have come at your invitation.”
  • (To Az’kerash) “She spurned me twice. And burned me. I am remembering how to hold grudges. But that other Runner is a friend of my daughter’s. I forgot myself.”
  • To Maviola El:
    • “Yes. Now you will suffer. That. Is vengeance. I remember it, now.”
    • “It will take a long time. Weeks. Months. I have my own ways. You will not enjoy it. You will suffer. I have forgotten how. You will teach me.”
    • You will suffer until you break. Until you scream. That is not enough. You will suffer until you beg me to die. That is not enough.”
    • “You will give me everything. Pledge your soul to me gratefully. Then you will die.
  • To Az’kerash:
    • “They called me evil. I remember. The Witch of Calamity. The Temptress. Spider. So many names for me. Sometimes they called me good. The String Folk did. Then they called me evil. I wondered how to be…evil.”
    • “I have only ever done as I desired. I have always stayed true to myself. So that is evil.”

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

  • (To Rufelt) “I swear upon my craft, Rufelt Owelt, that I do not lie. Upon my hat and daughter that I possess—I can bring the dead back to life. It is a great magic. Yet give me what I want, and I will perform it. For I desire your strength. What would you do if all I said was true? Think of that.”
  • To herself:
    • “What was that?
    • “What an odd inn. So many tangled threads.”
  • (To herself) “I ran into the thread. Both of them. They’re tangled. Inconvenient. My eye. He took my eye. No one has ever taken my eye.
  • (Spell chanting) “Buried deep. Left apart. Come together. Vengeance be your heart. Rise from the dark and slaughter until you have had your fill. Vile behemoth, I name you: Rogghiedroth, come. Share my will…
  • (To Mrsha) “I will take your skin and fur. I will destroy this inn, and the body of your beloved [Innkeeper] so she will never return. You shall not die, for I name you my enemy. I killed the [Lady] of fire who walked here. So perish all those who offend me.
  • (To everyone) “I am the [Witch] who comes for the end of all stories! I am the last offer of age, the oldest of stories! I have toyed with you all—you now feel my wrath.”
  • (To Pawn) “You will know my ire, little thing, and I declare it on all your kind until the last of you die in your sleep of horrors I will inflict. Return to your deep nests on Rhir and stay my designs no further unless you wish my wrath. I…”
  • (To Mri) Odd. What a strange thing. I know you? I do know you. I do know you. There you are.
  • (To Maviola (Undead)) “I have made an error, Maviola. I must teach you better. When you take vengeance upon a couple bound by love, kill one and spare the other. Vengeance may follow, but that in itself is well. I taught Wiskeria this.”
  • (To Mrsha) “Hello, little nemesis of mine. Would you kindly die for me? I had hoped you already were rotting in the grave.”
  • (To Doubte) “I have heard that boast from a thousand [Heroes] before you. Your bones will be the foundation of my magic, boy.”
  • (To Quarass) “Quarass. Is that the Serkonian Lance? Do you aim spells at me again? I will take that staff from your bones and hold your ghost in a prison of heartstring.
  • (To Doubte, Hecrelunn, Quarass) “Come, then, broken [Hero]! Bones of a mere servant! Quarass in a child’s body!

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

  • (Chanting) “Little door, little door, in dreams bore a hole. Darkest depths I yet not dream. Let me out, let me out, I whisper, before the nightmare shouts.
  • (To Mrsha) “The door protects you even in dreams. I have sworn my oath to my first daughter. But tell me, silly little child. What happens when you wake?