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Rhisveri Zessoprical

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First Appearance

Chapter 8.16

Rhis’veri Zessoprical is a Wyrm and the ruler of Ailendamus. However, he acts as the power behind the throne, while letting a series of Human [Kings] rule, with the latest being Itorin Zessoprical II.[1][2] He masquerades as a Human Duke named Rhisveri Zessoprical, who is rumored to be an uncle, brother, or cousin of King Itorin.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In his true Wyrm form he has a vast body (larger than Teriarch), with flashing scales of a brilliant, even beautiful jade green, with his underbelly a shiny pale white. His eyes are colored like his scales, jade green.[3] He also had two claws which he could use to support himself as he looked down, or adjust his posture.[4]

In his Human form he has jade green eyes, a pointed goatee, and harsh features,[3] and wears expensive dark-purple silk robes ostentatiously augmented by Truegold, and numerous magical rings, and though he carried no weapon, he made up for it with all the other artifacts on his person.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Rhisveri has an arrogant and haughty personality. Supremely confident in his own intelligence, he tends to overlook details that he deems unimportant or insignificant, such as when he believed that Tyrion Veltras would not retaliate against Ailendamus, failing to realize that his son had been kidnapped.

Rhisveri is obsessive in hunting down those who try to steal from him, such as when he made a number of magical attacks against Ryoka for breaking into his hoard. He tends to look down on Humans who have wronged them, calling them "things." He considers lusting after mammals as degenerate behavior, and casually strips Ryoka naked in his efforts to study her. He is also angered when called a Dragon, seeing them as lesser beings. Rhisveri covets valuable objects, though he refuses to steal them even from those he considers criminals, and will instead offer to trade for them.[5]

He is incapable of tolerating defeat, even when they are necessary.[6]

Background[edit | edit source]

Over eleven thousand years ago, Rhisveri's mother, Zessoprica, was killed in Terandria by armies. As they began taking apart her body, Rhisveri and his siblings remained inside her body for six days before leaving and successfully eliminating an army. Afterwards, the newborn Wyrms scattered and hid. Rhisveri burrowed underground and lived there for one thousand years, waiting and growing before surfacing.

He met Fithea before he surfaced. She taught him her magic.

800 years ago, he battled his brother, Calthusveri over a Scroll of Resurrection, successfully killing him and eating his corpse.[7]

It is heavily implied that he helped Ailendamus into becoming the current Terandrian power that it is, while also establishing it as a sanctuary for other immortals. At some point before the events of The Wandering Inn, Rhisveri made a pact with Itorin II like his forefathers before him, making him a [Wyrmpact King].

To Ailendamus' public, he presents himself as a relative of King Itorin, though most are not clear on the specificity of their relation to each other. He is infamous as a eccentric, difficult genius.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

After Ryoka and Ivolethe break into Ailendamus' vault to try to steal a cure for Erin, Rhisveri spends a week trying to track down the thieves, though he is unable to discern Ryoka's name or what Ivolethe is. He also demands the Order of the Thirsting Veil to track down the thieves, screaming at one of the [Knight-Generals].[8] During the raid on the Village of the Dead, Rhisveri sees Ryoka flying on the scrying orb, and realizes that she is one of the thieves. He casts an unknown spell that opens a giant hole in the sky over Ryoka with a massive single blinking eye, calling her "Thief." It is dissipated by Ryoka's impromptu [Flashbang].[9]

When the Order of the Seasons is about to attack one of Ailendamus' forces, Rhisveri sends a [Message] to General Vexil asking if he has a contingency plan in place. However, Vexil dismisses the Duke's words. Later, Rhisveri continues to [Scry] on Ryoka and seeing that she is about to run off, casts a spell that causes red lightning to hit and curses her, all the while swearing vengeance, which everyone in Ryoka's surroundings can hear.[10]

Rhisveri continues to watch Ryoka and when the curse on her is broken, casts multiple spells in an attempt to re-curse her, though his attempts are dissuaded by Tyrion, Lady Keireen, and Buscrei. When Eldavin tries to track down his location, he is able overpower him magically. Ailendamus [Knights] that he had sent to Izril are able to attack the Veltras mansion and kidnap Ryoka. Rhisveri orders the [Knights] to use a Scroll of Greater Teleport to send Ryoka to his location. He is able to recognize that Dame Eclizza was killed by the Death of Magic during the [Greater Teleport] and orders everyone to leave him and Ryoka and Sammial. Ryoka is able to cut off his hand with the Faeblade, which annoys him, causing his simulacra to collapse. He does not reveal his true body, but does so, insulted, when Ryoka calls him a Dragon. He is shocked to smell the presence of a Dragon on her, as well as mating pheromones from a female Wyrm.[11] Assuming that Ryoka is trying to trick him, Rhisveri strips her naked telepathically, though is dissuaded when Ryoka says Sikeri's full name, as well as demanding that he put her down in the name of Oberon, which he does not recognize. He is interested in Sikeri's appearance, while also intrigued by a number of valuable objects on Ryoka's person and offers to trade for them. However, he is able to see something in King Arthur's autograph which divulges [Dragonslayer], which terrifies him momentarily.[12] He orders [Knights] to imprison Ryoka and Sammial, the latter whom he does not recognizes as Tyrion Veltras' son, causing him to assume that Tyrion did not have causus belli in attacking Ailendamus.

Rhisveri is furious when he finds out Ryoka was able to trepass into the Court of Masks, though he is amused when he inadvertently causes her to realize that she is a sycophant. He is later forced to let Ryoka and Sammial to roam free when she is given payment by Oberon for delivering Sikeri's "message." [13]


Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a Wyrm, it is implied that Rhisveri, like Dragons, are not part of the Leveling System. However, he is still able to cast powerful magic, being able to outclass Teriarch (albeit in a half-Elf body, without his full memories) while being backed by multiple Wistram mages, and cast curses that only a Level 40 [Sorcerer] could dissipate. He is capable of casting spells to an entirely separate continent without using [Scrying], though it is unknown if the spell power decreases over long distances similar to Teriarch. He can also create a simulacra of a Human body, which he uses to walk around in the general public. Additionally, Rhisveri is able to sniff out valuables objects, and even determine how many there are by scent alone, suggesting he possesses a powerful nose.

Spells:[edit | edit source]

  • [Arise, Forests of Estiphole]
  • [Blood Demon's Lightning]
  • [Crackling Armor of the Lightning Emperor]
  • [Crimson Storm of the Blood Demon]
  • [Dismiss Specter]
  • [Grand Fireball]
  • [Grand Lightning]
  • [Greater Geas]
  • [Greater Scry]
  • [Greater Teleport]
  • [Nekhret’s Ritual of the Underworld — Summon Soul: (Individual Name)]
  • [Nonlethal Lightning Bolt]
  • [Shatterbolt]
  • [Silence]
  • [Summon: Avatar of the Wyrm Queen]
  • [Teleportation Ray]
  • [Wall of Stone]
  • [—olcanic Ashtorm] (likely [Volcanic Ashstorm])
  • Unknown giant eye spell

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to Ryoka, since he has two claws he is not a true Wyrm but a Lindwyrm, which have two claws, unlike a Wyrm who had no limbs at all and is entirely serpentlike.[4]
  • Itorin II's children refer to him as "uncle," though he doesn't particularly care for them.
  • While he is aware of the existence of the Faeries, he only knows them as "the gateway folk" and did not know Oberon's name, though he is instinctively wary of it.
  • His forelimb claws are not capable of reaching the top of his head.[14]
  • He dislikes disguising himself as a half-Elf.[15]

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