Chapter 4.49

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Chapter 4.49
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July 7, 2018
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Chapter 4.49 is the 62nd and final chapter of Volume 4, as well as 25th and final chapter of Book 6, The General of Izril.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Zel attacks the Goblin Lord directly. The Chosen are summoned to help the Goblin Lord, but Zel stands his ground. Az'Kerash interferes himself and kills Zel. Zel names the Goblin Lord Reiss. Goblins retreat.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

  • After telling Thomast to take over, Zel directs Reynold to fly the carriage on a path above the Goblin Lord and jumps down from there.
  • Zel engages Goblin Lord's position. Magnolia supports him from afar. Goblin Lord faces chieftains, then Goblin Lord. Goblin Lord is disembowelled.
  • Az'kerash creates Bone Dome around Zel and Goblin Lord, then teleports Venitra, Ijvani, Bea, Oom, and Kerash into the dome to defeat Zel.
  • After some smack talk, they start to fight.
  • Magnolia uses a magical artefact to blast a hole into the bone dome. She sends golems into the breach to help Zel. One makes it fully inside, another gets crushed by the reforming wall.
  • Oom is killed by the golem and Magnolia, at the cost of the golem.
  • Bea's able to touch Zel's arm. Zel dismisses his healing potions. Goblin Lord uses dismissed potion.
  • Goblin Lord attacks, distracting Zel. Az'kerash arrives, engages Zel. Zel is fatally wounded, then deathblasted.
  • Az'kerash picks up his Chosen, send them back. Wants to pick up Zel, but fatally wounded doesn't mean dead. Az'kerash flees.
  • Zel's last minutes. Goblin Lord receives name: Reiss. Zel dies.
  • Goblins withdraw, leaving Zel's body behind.
  • The Free Antinium Queen opens a permanent magical-artefact mediated communication with the Grand Queen.

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