Chapter 5.53

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Chapter 5.53
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The fight by Demonic Criminal
January 15, 2019
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Chapter 5.53 is the 58th chapter of Volume 5 and the 10th chapter of Book 9, Tears of Liscor.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Redfang Elite Warriors and Bird fight Greydath, Bird gets heavily injured.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The hobs are happy. Numbtongue plays at figuring out his [Bard] Skills. Pawn is jealous of and begrudges all the time Erin spends with the hobs instead of the Antinium. Only when he sees some of his Soldiers commiserate with the hobs does he relent and actually starts to talk with them.

An old wandering hob approaches the hobs and cave goblins, who by now factionalised according to the hobs, forming quasi-tribes. The former Redfangs eye the wanderer with suspicion and evade his probing questions where possible. After a while, having figured out what bothered him, Greydath reveals himself and announces his judgement: they once were as Redfangs, yet do not want to be Chieftains either; each is a fracture instead. He confronts them, trying to force them to change. Having heard of Erin he gives them one chance: Unless they manage to scratch him, he will not simply kill Erin, but hurt her. The hobs engage in a running battle towards the Inn, exhausting themselves against Greydath to no avail. As they draw closer Bird starts also shooting at Greydath. After a couple barrages Bird uses [Piercing Shot], and Nombtongue, dipping into a flash of memory towards Velan, recognises the Skill and aim to be the same as the one that fell the Goblin King. Greydath is barely able to dodge and, incensed, hurls his sword at and through Bird’s tower. In the confusion Badarrow is able to stab Greydath with an arrow, the old hob’s condition fulfilled. Greydath leaves, reminding them that they need to change, and that for goblins happiness is always fleeting.

Erin rushes out to see what happened and frantically tries to save Bird. The antinium is too injured, his organs exposed, and the potions are insufficient. She realises only the Hive can help him now, but she won’t be able to carry Bird there. The hobs arrive and do it instead, incidentally raising a ruckus in the city by their presence. Once they deliver Bird, Olesm and the City Watch face off Erin as they plan to confiscate her magical door and imprison the hobs.

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