Chapter 3.39

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Chapter 3.39
December 19, 2017
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Chapter 3.39 is the 49th chapter of Volume 3 and the 21st chapter of Book 4, Winter Solstice.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Erin explains Go to everyone, talks more about Christmas, markets her magical food and commissions Octavia for matches and Penicillin.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Erin is tired and she walks up towards her inn and she contemplates having a holiday. When Erin arrives Lyonette has already made some food and has set it out as a buggst for the guests that had returned from Esthelm. Erin greets the Antinium while all the adventurers begin eating although Revi is being picky so Erin makes her a sandwich.

Olesm arrives after Erin and Lyonette serve bees to the Antinium, Erin has Lyonette serve the guests as she teaches them all how to play Go and catches up with them. Olesm tells her about his chess newsletter and hands her a puzzle that she quickly solves to his surprise. Erin and the Antinium manage to convince Olesm to send his next newsletter with instructions on how to play Go to the Baleros and the Titan.

Erin shows Go to the group as well as to some Gnolls and Drakes nearby and some of the interested adventurers: Pisces, Typhenous and Moore. Belgrade requests to be taught as much as possible about the game so that he can beat Anand when he returns from Esthelm becuase recently Anand has beaten him more often perhaps due to his more decisive personality.

Zel surprisingly lectures the group on the important differences between [Planners] and [Leaders] in terms of strategy vs innovation and plays a round with Pawn after Erin beats Belgrade. Erin again encourages Olesm to add Go to the newsletter but also to send it North and to the Gnolls before talking about how to create a magazine.

Erin arrives in Octavia's shop to discuss her new business proposition when she notices the missing wall of Stitch Works. Erin asks for her magical soups from Octavia's storage and then follows up with more jobs for her, discovering Penicillin and making matches, but Octavia immediately refuses the extra work telling Erin how much trouble working for her is. Erin slams down a fistful of gold coins and Octavia eventually agrees once Erin keeps putting down money and allows her to sell the matches.

Erin gets Octavia food while she explains how to make matches and how Octavia could identify Penicillin from mold. Erin leaves, but not before telling Octavia to come over to the inn to discuss more at dinner.

Erin suddenly remembers her other bright idea, Healing potion slimes. Erin hurries to Esthelm via the door to find the actors in a new building that they've bought. She tells them about Christmas and presents and Jasi secretly has Erin allocate Grev as one of her Secret Sants recipients. Erin also suggests Olesm to introduce Jasi to other Drakes and Jasi instead mentions how handsome Pisces is to Erin's disgust.

Relc arrives to the inn in the evening and shares a terse conversation with Erin. Erin talks to the Horns about what they learned about their loot from Ryoka's message and once again explains Christmas to them. Erin then starts marketing her magical soups to the gold-rank teams and Selys who agrees to sell it at the adventurer's guild. Octavia arrives and is quickly met by Krshia who then starts to discuss business terms over selling her potions in Liscor through her - Octavia seems to get the worse side of the dealings for once but still seems to be happy overall.

Erin listens to Halrac's complaints over how the dungeon's traps and how they manage to change every day so they haven't been making much progress, she also thanls him for his help in saving Mrsha. It's finally night time and Erin thinks about all the smiles that she's seen that day. She's tired, but she smiles as she sleeps and the word about Christmas spreads amongst the two cities.

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  • Magical Doorway
  • Corusdeer Horn Soup