Chapter 6.31

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Chapter 6.31
July 16, 2019
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Chapter 6.31 is the 33rd chapter of Volume 6 and the 16th chapter of Book 11, The Titan of Baleros.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The next morning, Erin comes up with a plan to help Krshia's election campaign. She tells Lyonette, Numbtongue, and Mrsha to prepare for a party and then leaves the inn through the magic door.

In Liscor, Olesm receives word that Erin is on the move and that the Council has officially voted to allow an election. Despite Lism's confidence, Olesm is worried because nobody can predict what Erin will do.

Erin arrives in Pallas, once again having forgotten to sign up for entry on the list. She speaks to Lorent and Maughin, who she convinces to come to Liscor with her by mentioning he could inspect the Heartflame Breastplate. Grimalkin also agrees to accompany her after a coincidental meeting.

After a series of humorous meetings and greetings at the Wandering Inn, Maughin and Grimalkin follow Erin into Liscor. The trio attract all sorts of attention as they wander around and talk to Selys, Raekea, and Relc. Grimalkin gives a demonstration and Erin tells everybody about weights and weightlifting.

Maughin and his fellow smiths forge some prototype weights while Erin provides instructions and tempts them with ice cream and cake.

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