Interlude – Hectval (Pt. 3)

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Interlude – Hectval (Pt. 3)
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February 16, 2022
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Interlude – Hectval (Pt. 3) is the 81st chapter of Volume 8.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Olesm receives reinforcements from a neighboring Drake city called Yolden.

Vess, a Hectvalian, gets a POV and he recalls his experience with the Minotaur. His group of Antinium call themselves the Beriad, a Minos term. Crusader 53 is discovered to still be alive, holding the body of another Antinium. He is captured by Hectvalian forces.

The Queens of the Antinium debate on the Hectval war and the Free Queen shows off her food to the jealous queens.

Vess communicates with Crusader 53 and is shaken with 53’s intelligence. The [Slaver] goes to Hectval instead and attempts to take 53. Vess’ squad agrees to the [Slaver]’s terms and plans to kill Vess and sell 53. 53 is later rescued by the Silent Antinium and they take Vess prisoner, Lulv takes notice. Olesm asks 53 if there are Silent Antinium amongst them and 53 happily nods, much to Dekass’ displeasure (the Silent Antiunium’s involvement was supposed to stay secret). Vess is released and upon returning home he sees the sky in a different light (while 53 was being interrogated he noted that he thought the sky was beautiful).

Relc and Klbkch converse with some of the [Soldiers] while some are permitted to visit Liscor via the magic door. Crusader 57 says “fuck you” to Klbkch. Relc has an idea to give gifts to the soldiers. These gifts include food and acid flies. Ishkr ponders what else to gift the soldiers with Drassi. They reminisce of Erin and Ishkr recalls a Cave Goblin visiting the inn and giving him a note that said “Keep the Potion of Regeneration close. If a blind man or someone else with officer classes comes, let them in. We are coming too.”

Ishkr would then send the lantern of Glory fire Erin had made. Believing it would be useful in raising morale.

As Manus hears of the abilities developed by Crusader 51, the news that Armored and Silent Antinium have joined the war. And the fear that they could soon exhibit nearly unstoppable defensive capabilities. Manus elects to double Lulv’s forces and to annihilate all of the Antinium soldiers rather then let them attain similar abilities.

Using the Alliances forces as cover around 800 soldiers of Manus move through the night. Olesm, having hijacked the communications of Manus learns of assault, Artur then leaves to spread the word among the Antinium ranks to prepare for a nigh assault. Both leaving out the scale of the attack.

Embria is seated along with her company to the side, with Liscor’s forces remaining calm while Liscor’s mercenary army forces become increasingly doubtful after numerous Wyverns are spotted in the skies.

As the forces hit the Antinium lines, they cut through the first ranks of workers like butter. However the Manus soldiers note that the Antinium act like regular [Soldiers] you could find in a Drake or Human army.

This disturbs them, especially when they realize that the forces of the alliance are still being butchered with their support, doubt seeps into the lines.

And then the trap is sprung, the survivors of the previous engagements with Manus have all been rotated in. Having been Counter-Leveled into the extreme with Olesm using the Antinium’s unbreakable morale and a common leveling abuse of the system in armed conflicts.

Along with the unknown classes and levels of all the Antinium. To essentially sneak hundreds of potentially high level soldiers into his ranks without anyone knowing.

As the battle drags on, Embria see’s Artur swinging around a lantern glowing with brilliant fire. With numerous Antinium bathing their weapons in it. He offers the lantern to Embria, which she accepts.

Her hatred of the Antinium seemingly breaking, at least of the Free Antinium anyway.

Charging into the battle with her forces as Artur orders the attack.

The chaos of the battlefield reaches a fever pitch as Lulv finds himself battering away Antinium and Drakes alike in order to find and kill Pawn. A priority kill target intent on permanently destroying all of the Free Hives accomplishments.

At least that’s what his intelligence says. As this happens, one of the wyverns crashes into the battlefield. Both the mage and rider dead.

The immortal sniper Archer B12 graces the battlefield. Killing mages and oldbloods left and right. A second wyvern crashes, several oldbloods manage to pin him down at the cost of their lives and a mage [Analyzes] him.

Discovering his class is readable and an [Avenger]. B12 kills the [Mage] before attempting to kill Lulv. When Lulv deflects the arrow he’s nearly sent flying back by the weight and force of the arrow.

Realizing that an advanced class that not only benefitted from Manus’s strikes but could grow into a Centenium level threat with ease. He orders the Ant killed and firms his resolve to leave no Antinium alive on the battlefield.

More Oldblood’s attack B12, but his battalion cuts them down in a mass ambush. Lulv grows furious.

Sokkel & Lulv meet Zimrah on the battlefield. She screeches at them, cursing at them for killing so many of her people.

Sokkel marks her for the Manus strike teams to kill her. Believing her to be just another Ant. Zimrah meanwhile rages at in her words, a pathetic attempt at her life, saying she fears not death. But they should.

She then marks Sokkel for Hell. [Marked for Hell] a blood skill she has is revealed. Startling all sides, while Sokkel says he’s fine. B12 puts an arrow through his chest immediately.

With the fatal blow, instead of normally dying, he instead screams as a phantom clawed hand of fire and smoke tears through reality. Cleaving Sokkel to bits as he’s pulled down into somewhere.

Many soldiers stop fighting to witness his horrific fate. Lulv himself feels the skill breaking down every trained reflex he’s ever had.

As he continues the march forward into the battle, Pawn reminiscent of his role in turning the survivors into who they are now. Activating [I Walked Under Heaven’s Sky]. Lulv is sent reeling as suddenly every [Mage] spell hurling at Liscor’s lines suddenly evaporate.

In a shining display of power night changes to day for miles around. The fighting suddenly stops as Manus and the Alliance is blinded while Liscor stares in wonder and feels energy swelling up inside them.

The [Mages] suddenly without protection are torn to shreds by B12 and the Liscorian armies archers.

Lulv orders a reckless charge into the Antinium lines, his spear cleaving a path forward as Yellow Splatters rushes at him along with Embria. Both are fended off with Embria being injured and forced to retreat after Lulv runs her through.

Yellow Splatters leads Pawn away as Lulv is distracted. But Pawn hits him with [Bane of Luck]. Surprising Lulv.

Lulv then promptly falls on his back, is run through by an ally soldier, and nearly loses a leg in short order.

The chaos and Pawn’s skill let’s him leave, chaos resuming in Manus’s lines as they collapse and die due to bad luck caused by Pawn’s skill.

Olesm having used his skill [We Returned Our Suffering Twofold] watches the attack slowly dissolve as hundreds of enemies perish. The final nail in the coffin is when Lulv notices multiple [Templars] forming out of the Antinium.

He had already slain one in the fighting, but more and more suddenly appear out of nowhere. Some turn into golden giants, crushing his soldiers to death and battering entire squads away with ease. Others create giant domes of light almost impossible to penetrate.

The [Crusaders] besides them becoming almost invincible. Another speaks in words that allow Antinium to cut through enchanted metal with new strength and hold back foes who should’ve cut them down.

With all the chaos, the frightening power of Pawn and Zimrah, the Immortal Archer tearing apart wyverns and their [Sergeants] & [Commanders] & [Leaders] with ease. The alliances forces retreat in disarray.

Lulv, seeing where the winds are blowing orders a fast and orderly retreat. His forces move out of the bloodbath that follows the Alliances chaotic retreat.

He raises his spear to Olesm and the Antinium in respect. Olesm tells him to fuck off.

Back at the lead camp, Manus’s forces have been reduced by more than three quarters. With over 600 dead. Lulv elects to pull out rather then face Liscor again.

This is objected to by the alliance but he doesn’t care, as the cities would probably lose most of their value anyway. What with most of their army being dead from the disastrous attack, wounded, or having deserted rather than face the Antinium.

He tells his soldiers that he plans to report to Manus that they made several mistakes in engaging with the Antinium.

The first was that their understanding of Liscor’s and the Hives relationship was mistaken. As rather then let the Antinium all die, they were treated like fellow [Soldiers]. With a sense of camaraderie between the non-Antinium and the Antinium for the most part. Even in Fourth Company.

The second was that they stayed too long in the war. Suffering unneeded casualties, jeopardizing their relationship with Liscor. And putting the Antinium, an already superior race in mass attrition warfare into a position where a competent commander could recycle maybe dozens if not hundreds of high level survivors. And engage in vast Counter-Leveling against them.

The third and most important was a critical lack of understanding of both the Free Antinium Specialists and their classes and skills.

The Free Antinium actually have two types of specialists at least from outside. The Painted Soldiers are an incredibly dangerous force should they live long enough and even without. But the unknown classes the Antinium have developed were both unknown in capability and specialization.

Leading Lulv to recommend that the Free Antinium must be kept out of a Third Antinium War at all costs. Through any means necessary even if they have to destroy all of Liscor using unknown tier-8 spell safeguards.

Mainly due to the Antinium’s classes both demonstrating high level offensive and defensive capabilities. He also states that Manus if possible. Must entertain Liscor and the Antinium in any way necessary.

Because of a simple observation he made during the battle. Wether it be species or more hopefully Class.

The Free Antinium were able to level without needing to sleep. If Manus discovers a way to replicate this, they’d be unstoppable.

Lulv’s soldiers make no objection to his report.

Back in Liscor Olesm is alerted by his uncle that the Alliance has attempted to enter into ceasefire talks.

Olesm remarks that any treaty with Hectval and its Allie’s should be advantageous in the extreme for Liscor & their Yoldenite Allies. Until then, he would continue his assault on the Alliance’s land.

He’s also alerted that the Alliance has retreated back to their respective cities in complete disarray. Without any attempt to retain some sort of common defense position.

Their armies in literal shambles with little to no high leveled threats among them. Olesm remakes that the Alliance may fracture or flat out collapse should the war end.

Olesm considers that even with the war over, Liscor’s volunteer force would most likely stay in service.

Not being without a standing army would do wonders with the threats Liscor is constantly facing. The Antinium would support an even bigger Antinium presence. Especially in the armed forces.

Along with the fact that a standing, unknown, and highly powerful army outside of Liscor’s mercenary force would be welcome in defending both Yoldenite land, territory acquired from the Alliance. And fending off future raids and attacks form rival cities or Hectval resurgent.

If they managed to negotiate quickly enough to stop Olesm, the Antinium, and Liscor from burning their city down.

Olesm heads out to discuss with Embria, Belgrade, and Artur about the recent battle and a continued push along with supply management. Class consolidation and a break for those who participated in Manus final assault.

However, when Liscor hears of the renewed conflict in the Gnoll Plains.

Olesm would immediately race back from the front with Liscor’s army. Their true army.

Not the ones fighting in Ostelia and later, the Gnoll Plains.

Characters[edit | edit source]

( * = First Appearance)

Locations[edit | edit source]

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Plants[edit | edit source]

  • Gickel - The plant used to make Telgas the Gelatin Food (Spam Food)

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Amulet of Disguise
  • Ring of Silence
  • Amentus wine (Alcohol)
  • Kaalblade
  • Pumice
  • Lulv's Adamantium-tipped Spear
  • Telgas
  • Roshal’s insignia Gold Coins
  • Speaking Stone
  • Zweihander Sword
  • Pink Flame of Glory

Statistics Obtained[edit | edit source]

Embria Grasstongue[edit | edit source]

  • Classes/Levels = [Wing Commander] Lv. 29 (+1)
  • Classes/Levels = [Spear of Glory] Lv. ? (+?) (Not Shown)

Archer B12[edit | edit source]

  • Classes/Levels = [Avenger] Lv. ? (+?) (Not Shown)
  • Skills = [Arrows: Combined Weight of Our Wrath]
  • Legacy = [Long-ranged Shot] + [Pinpoint Arrows] + ???

Olesm Swifttail[edit | edit source]

  • Conditions Met: [Strategist] → [Eleleu Strategos]
  • Class Consolidation to [Eleleu Strategos]: [Commander]
  • Classes/Levels = [Eleleu Strategos] Lv. 35 (+?)
  • Skills = [War Cry: Eleleu] + [Battlefield: Galuc’s Tunnel] + [Army: Charred Spellcasting]
  • Spells = [Army: [Firebolt]]