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Persua Alcherie Mavva
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Celum (formerly)

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Chapter 1.02 R

Persua Alcherie Mavva is a City Runner. Originally from Celum, she is enemies with Ryoka Griffin and has sought to harm her on several occasions.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Persua has brown hair and a narrow, pinched face, making it seem as though she is pursing her lips at everyone. She is a head shorter than Ryoka.[1] She also has a shrill voice and pale skin.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Persua is very self-centered and arrogant. She often uses insults and passive-aggressiveness to make herself feel superior. Furthermore, unless they are someone she can take advantage, she typically groups people as pawns or enemies. She is a highly skilled emotional manipulator, often playing on others' insecurities to control them. She can be extremely vicious, and isn't hesitant to use physical violence to retaliate slights against her, evident when she ran a wagon over Ryoka's foot[3] or tried to kill her in the Bloodfields.[4] Persua is ruthless, and doesn't feel remorse or guilt for the actions she has taken.

Extremely narcissistic, Persua is highly concerned with her appearance, dressing up in the latest fashions from Invrisil, even if they aren't appropriate Runner-wear. She is blind to her own flaws, and is incapable of taking responsibility for her own mistakes and problems, often blame-shifting onto others. This is evident when she contemplated Fleetfoot as her Courier nickname, and was outraged for a month when she found that it was already "stolen" by Perorn Fleethoof.[5]

Like most Runners, she is intent on becoming a Courier. However, she is very lazy, ignoring long-distance contracts and heavy deliveries in favor of solely short, light-weight orders like flowers or letters.[1] She is also cowardly, preferring to travel with other Runners.

Background[edit | edit source]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 1[edit | edit source]

Persua first appeared as Ryoka's rival around Wales and Celum, a slow City Runner with bad running form. She had influence over a lot of [Street Runners] since she had come from their midst, and many others were afraid to cross her. Knowing that [Lady] Magnolia was overly generous and kind to runners, Persua was not amused when the anti-social upstart City Runner, Ryoka Griffin, snagged several deliveries in a row to Magnolia, and engineered an 'accident' where Ryoka was pushed under a cart which shattered her leg. Afterwards, Persua tormented the injured Ryoka in her inn, but also denied her involvement in the affair towards guild officials. Ryoka beat her up and also went after the adventurer who Persua was stringing along.

When Ryoka left Celum to delivery Teriarch's package to the Necromancer, Persua, Toriska, and Claudeil followed to kill her.[6] They ambushed Ryoka at the Bloodfields, but found themselves under attack by Ysara Byres and a nearby [Merchant] caravan. When they attempted to corner her, Ryoka used a Wand of [Fireball] to awaken the section of the Bloodfields they were in. Under attack by the bloodthirsty flora and fauna, Persua abandoned Claudeil and sacrificed Toriska to get away.[7]

Volume 2[edit | edit source]

As both Fals and Garia were still on good terms with Ryoka later, Persua hated Ryoka's guts but there was little she could do against her within the Runner's Guild aside from badmouthing about her to Valceif Godfrey.[8] When Garen was showing Rags how to rob Runners, he points out Persua as an easy target due to her slowness and cowardly nature.[9]

Volume 3[edit | edit source]

During Ryoka's month of absence in the south, Persua received a Skill that upgraded her running speed dramatically .[10] That allowed her to be called to Invrisil in order to become a Courier, although that wasn't decided yet. On her leaving-party, she confronted Ryoka again, trying to rub in her superiority. That failed, but Ivolethe took offense and attacked Persua, only to then be held hostage. Persua then swore a dire oath of vengeance against Ryoka, promising to see her raped and killed, before leaving for the North.[2]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

Hawk meets Persua while delivering a package to the Players of Celum. She tries to engage Hawk into having a drink together, though is pushed aside by Tritel.

At some point, she joins the Circle of Thorns, and acquires a Minor Ring of Protection from Merlilon. As their agent, she accepts the contract to deliver the cure for Tyrion Veltras's sons as part of a ploy to manipulate him.[11] Unfortunately, while she successfully makes it to the Veltras manor unscathed, she arrives after Ryoka Griffin's deliver, having stopped to take a nap and change her clothes and makeup,[12] According to Sammial Veltras, she threw a fit and insulted Ryoka several times, before being thrown out by Jericha Synthel.[13]

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

As a potential Courier candidate, Persua was sent to Toremn for training. Having become aimless after the fall of the Circle of Thorns, she mostly spends her days spreading nasty rumors about Ryoka and gaslighting fellow City Runners Herove Canidus and Raich into becoming her friends/quasi-minions. One day when the carnival came into town, she meets a [Soothsayer] named Rastandius who offers her a chance to tell her fortune. While she is skeptic, he proves his abilities by predicting monster hordes swarming from the High Passes before the announcement is made from the Mage's Guild. When she asks to see a future of her at her most glorious, she is horrified when she is shown an alternate timeline in which she was friends with Ryoka instead of bitter enemies, which leads to her becoming a world-renowned Courier. Sickened with the thought of Ryoka being the essential factor to her success, she tries to murder Rastandius, but fails due to him discreetly swiping her Ring of Protection. He then tries to show what will happen in her future now. However he is killed by Kasigna, when he sees her in Persua's future. Persua flees the scene. She almost sends a [Message] to Yazdil Achakhei, warning him of a potential future event she witnessed of Ryoka killing him, but changes her mind.[5]

Haunted by the idea of her alternate self, Persua started trying to turn over a new leaf. However, after being caught turning in the wrong denominations of gold coins, she is told to report to Mihaela Godfrey at The Adventurer’s Haven, who is investigating her for numerous complaints from other Runners. [14] She goes to The Wandering Inn, hoping to use the Door of Portals to get to the Haven. Unfortunately for her, the Haven had just traveled past the door limits, forcing her to run for another hundred miles from Pallass.[15] Upon her arrival, Persua is "tested" by Mihaela for her Courier potential, which mostly consists kicking her off the Haven eight times while the inn is floating thirty feet over the ground. Mihaela marks her down for serious misconduct in the Runner's Guild records, and threatens her with permanent revocation of her City Runner status if she receives further infractions. Furthermore, she is no longer allowed to run with anyone else, banned from working in the north, and permitted to only take on Courier-grade runs. Faced with the choices of possible death or quitting as a Runner, Persua applies for Courier missions in Manus[16] She is tasked with delivering one of the Eyes of Baleros to Bviora Stormless, a task after which she was half-dead from a combination of dodging interception and mana-poisoning from exposure to the relic. Later in Invrisil's Runner's Guild, she sees 'Ryoka Griffin' (who is in fact the shapeshifter from the High Passes disguised as Ryoka) and tries to talk to her, hoping to make amends. Influenced by Ryoka's memories, the shapeshifter beats Persua up, though the fight is broken up by Tyrion Veltras.[17]

After the Solstice, Roshal under the command of Iertalinam attacks The Wandering Inn, targeting Erin and the inn's guests and inhabitants. Persua is one of the targets, as Yazdil was curious about the unsent [Message] as well as the City Runner's connection to Rastandius. She is captured along with the shapeshifter disguised as Ryoka. The shapeshifter breaks free of its restraints, killing most of Roshal's agents. Iert teleports away with Erin and Ulvama, and Archmage Valeterisa and the Antinium save the real Ryoka. Persua is left alone with the injured shapeshifter, with both gone by the time everyone returns to the spot.[18]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Nimble Runner] Lv. 26[5]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Double Step]
  • [Quick Movement]

Abilities:[edit | edit source]

Gymnastic Talent[edit | edit source]

She is quite flexible and nimble which allows her to do moves like a cartwheel with ease, allowing her to gain the class [Nimble Runner].[5]

As shown in an alternate timeline where she and Ryoka were best friends, Ryoka taught her gymnastics lessons, such as tricking, handspring, and flips. Persua eventually obtained the [Gymnast] class and acquired Skills allowing her to perform near-impossible gymnastic tricks. Eventually through practice and pushing herself further, she became excellent at dodging and out-maneuvering others to the point that no one could touch her unless she wanted them to.[5]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Ring of Minor Protection[19]
  • Wand of [Sparks]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She wears a lot of perfume, intending to mask the smell of her sweat.
  • Her middle-Name and Surname were revealed in Chapter 9.09 P.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Ryoka) “I’ll kill you! You’ll die horribly! There won’t be pieces left of you! I’ll kill you and everyone you love, you—
  • (To Tyrion’s soldiers) “The—the cure? I have it? Hello?”
  • (To Rastandius) “…Impossible. Impossible. It’s her fault. Not mine. Not mine. It couldn’t happen.

References[edit | edit source]