Chapter 9.09 P

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Chapter 9.09 P
August 20, 2022
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Chapter 9.09 P is the 14th chapter of Volume 9. The P stand for Persua Alcherie Mavva.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

  • Persua gets her fortune read by Rastandius, a high-level [Soothsayer], every fortune involves Ryoka, so she tried to kill him. Rastandius reads her fortune one last time and dies by glimpsing Kasigna.
  • Two other courier-hopefuls, Raich and Herove, also get their fortunes read. Herove sees himself joining the Order of Solstice and now looks at going there in reality.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

This chapter follows Persua who has ended up in a courier training town named Toremn after being reassigned from Invrisil. She is joined by two other courier-hopefuls named Raich and Herove whom Persua has latched onto. Persua has been shifting opinion in this town towards herself and away from her enemies, mainly Ryoka Griffin, ever since she came there. One day, Persua convinced the other two to come with her to a fair that was in town. There they met Rastandius, an old [Soothsayer] who had apparently fallen on hard times despite being very high-level. Persua was unconvinced and contrarian, so she tried to leave or foul-up Rastandius' performance, but in the end, he made a prediction about an aspect of death coming from the High Passes. Persua left just after not wanting to pay the gold piece to have her true fortune read but soon after a local street runner came running in giving word about the horde of Eater Goats and Gargoyles coming down from the High Passes. Persua rushed back after hearing this and entered Rastandius' wagon to have her fortune told.

Rastandius told Persua and her friends about his past. He had told a fortune about the King of Destruction to the former king of Hellios and may have caused or hastened Flos' rise since this fortune caused Reim and Hellios to go to war, beginning Flos' assent to power. He predicted fortune betting his fingers on the recipient each time and lost four times in a row until he predicted correctly and was allowed to live in comfort without anymore fortunes. This ended when he did not predict the rise of the Goblin King and his travel to Izril ending this sedentary lifestyle. Now Rastandius would save his predictions for someone he knew would interest him which in this case was Persua. He delivered fortunes to Persua and her two companions knowing only that the encounter with Persua was of importance. He did this using a Crossroad of Fate which gives a future from a different reality. Herove saw himself preparing to join the Order of Solstice as its first courier-knight. Normen was the grandmaster of the order, Ser Solstice had come back from abroad for the ceremony, and there was an [Immortal Moment] that would be a part of the ceremony. The event would never be exactly the same as this, but Rastandius suggested Herove go to Liscor. He also saw a second fortune that involved Raich and Herove in the act of consummating their marriage. Raich asked to be shown if she'd ever meet Mihaela Godfrey, her idol. What she was shown was Raich's own grave in the [Courier's Last Road] and Mihaela putting a flower on it. Mihaela moved on and put another flower on a nearby grave — one of many — this one belonging to Fals. She asked for one more nearby future and was shown a version of her dead again this time only some barely recognizable remains with fungi growing on it. The three left to regather themselves after the horrific sight and Persua went back to get her own fortune.

Persua asked for where she'd be most glorious. This Persua was the same age and had a similar look to where she was now. She had no ring of minor protection that she'd gotten from the Circle of Thorns, instead she had a pair of magical boots and an amulet as well as two rings and a set of magical chainmail. She also had a shortsword strapped to her side making her look like a geared up adventurer. In this future, Persua had the nickname Persua the Weasel and she was friends with Ryoka which infuriated the real Persua. Rastandius offered to show her how this would happen, and Persua was shown as the alternate Persua joined Ryoka on her run to save the Horns of Hammerad. The two still fought, but Persua ended up in Liscor and was there to venture into the crypt to save Ceria when the initial raid into Liscor's Dungeon went poorly. From there they saw pieces of Ryoka's adventures. Persua had replaced Garia, Fals, and Ivolethe as Ryoka's only friend, and so she was always there in the background even when visiting Teriarch although Rastandius' orb couldn't fully capture the dragon. Eventually, Ryoka introduced Persua to tricking which ended up being something Persua was good at and actually liked. She gained a unique [Gymnast] class. She further evolved this into [Gymnast Runner], learned about Earthers, and even delivered the cure to Tyrion Veltras' children after Ryoka distracted the assassins. Much afterward stayed the same though there were some changes as well. Still, this was not the glory Persua had asked for so Rastandius skipped forward. He showed her battling in the Colosseum of Monarchs, delivering a letter to Flos Reimarch, wittnessing an [Archmage] being ordained, going to every continent and earning the title of Persua the Untouchable. Throughout every future, there was one issue, the lives of Ryoka and Persua were intertwined. She even saw her death as she stood with the head of Emir Yazdil in her hands but still Ryoka was right there with her. She had one teleportation scroll that she forced onto Ryoka as Persua turned to face Yazdil's servant on her own.

Persua left then speaking pleasantries to the [Soothsayer] and watched as he eventually went to bed. Persua proceeded to block the door to Rastandius' wagon and burn it down with him inside. or so she thought. Rastandius emerged from the forest to see his burning wagon and found Persua as she tried to escape. He proclaimed that she could come to greatness and that Persua would pay him back by getting there and sharing the glory with him. He performed one more reading of the future should she stay on this path and gazed at a dead god. This killed him instantly and as he died his eyes rolled back giving one last fortune: "You will meet her if you walk down this path, Runner. Persua Mavva. She has three faces."

Scared out of her mind, Persua went back to her guild, complimented Raich and asked to train in the morning, then went to an opener where she drafted a letter to Emir Yazdi stating that Ryoka would be his death as seen by Rastandius. She decided against sending it and destroyed the letter, but the opener sent a note to Roshal anyway stating that there was some secret there.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Alternate Version Characters[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Toremn
    • Runner’s Guild
    • Mage’s Guild
    • Opener’s basement

Alternate Version Locations[edit | edit source]

Undead[edit | edit source]

Alternate Version Undead[edit | edit source]

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

  • Rastandius’ wagon (Burned)

Plants[edit | edit source]

Alternate Version Plants[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Truth stone
  • Ring of Minor Protection
  • Rastandius' crystal ball
  • Lupp’s Corn
  • Wand of [Sparks]

Alternate Version Items[edit | edit source]

  • Demas Metal armor (x2)
  • Persua's Artifacts
    • Boots of Speed
    • Sunburst amulet
    • Mismatched leather gauntlets
    • Chainmail
    • Rings (x2)
    • Long shortsword
  • Amentus' Blue Juice
  • Faeblade / Windsword
  • Teleportation scroll