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An [Innkeeper] is a profession, as well a class, of a person who owns or manages an inn.

Background[edit | edit source]

When one thinks of the most important building in the fantasy world, whether in games or stories, there is one that stands out above all the rest: the inn.

From a place to sleep and recover health to a meeting place for adventurers, the inn is a place of solace, refuge, and respite. Epic quests begin around an inn’s hearth fire, and companions may be met dining upon repast both foul and fair. An inn is safety.[1]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Innkeepers can have Skills like the ability to conjure up free food each day, or who had the ability to boost their staff into working like fiends.[2]

There are better ones, with more Skills aimed at utility, like; sleep, food, and even qualities like curing illnesses faster, or allowing a horse to travel three times as far after a night. The Adventurer’s Haven, one of the greatest inns, has [Law of the Inn] which can stop someone like Grimalkin from casting an offensive spells.[3]

Innkeepers are capable of controlling their inn.[4]

A recently unlocked function of the System lets Innkeepers and related classes post Quests.

Innkeeper Classes:[edit | edit source]

  • [Famed Innkeeper of the Wizardly Home]
  • [Innkeeper]
  • [Magical innkeeper]
  • [Princess of the Inn]
  • [The Wandering Innkeeper]
  • [Vice Innkeeper]
  • [Vice Innkeeper of Spells]

Related Innkeeper Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Advanced Cleaning]
  • [Advanced Cooking]
  • [Advanced Crafting]
  • [Aspect of the Wandering Inn]
  • [Basic Cleaning]
  • [Basic Cooking]
  • [Basic Crafting]
  • [Alcohol Brewer]
  • [Bar Fighting]
  • [Crowd Control]
  • [Immunity: Alcohol]
  • [Inn’s Aura]
  • [Law of the Inn]
  • [Lesser Authority: Buildings]
  • [Lesser Endurance]
  • [Lesser Strength]
  • [Loud Voice]
  • [Pub of Best Moments]
  • [Quest: Impossible Deed, Impossible Reward]
  • [Room of the Traveller]
  • [Quick Recovery]
  • [Seat: My Best Angle, My Finest Side]
  • [Ship: An Inn by Any Other Name]
  • [The Innkeeper’s Daily Bounty (Inn)]
  • [The Innkeeper’s Daily Supply]
  • [The Transient, Ephemeral, Fleeting Vault of the Mortal World. The Evanescent Safe of Passing Moments, the Faded Chest of Then and Them. The Box of Incontinuity]

Inn Skills:[edit | edit source]

Skills that apply only to the Inn itself.

  • [Inn: (Skill)]
    • [Boon of the Guest]
    • [Compartments of Holding]
    • [Door of Portals (500 Miles)]
    • [Expanded Boundaries]
    • [Famous Name: (Name)]
    • [Field of Preservation]
    • [Garden of Sanctuary]
    • [Grand Theatre]
    • [Local Landmark: (Place)]
    • [Long Hallways]
    • [Magical Grounds]
    • [Partial Reconstruction]
    • [Reinforced Structure]
    • [The Bridge of Lands, Teylas Donethil]
    • [The City that Walked]
    • [Twofold Rest]
    • [World's Eye Theatre]

Innkeepers & Inns[edit | edit source]

Innkeepers Inns Located
Erin Solstice The Wandering Inn Izril; Liscor
Peslas Folktale Tailless Thief Izril; Liscor
Agnes Frenzied Hare Izril; Celum
Ulia Ovena Blazehound Izril; Celum
Timbor Parithad The Drunken Swordsman
The Drunken Gnoll[5]
Izril; Celum
Izril; Liscor
Madain The Huntress’ Haven Izril; Reizmelt
Iglesias Theroben Rose’s Retreat[6] Izril; Walta
Adalton Serristail The Noble’s Fancy[7] Izril; Pallass
Veeid The Player’s Retreat Izril; Invrisil
??? Pawful of Cotton[8] Izril; Liscor
??? Landlocked Cove[9] Izril; Invrisil
??? Crag Pig[10] Izril; Invrisil
??? Bergil’s Belly[9] Izril; Sovvex
Quin Salubrious Sleephome[11] ???
Larracel Delais
The Adventurer’s Haven Izril; mobile
near First Landing
near Pallass
Quarass ??? Chandrar; Germina
Dorim ??? Izril; ???|
??? The Archmage's Retreat[12] Izril; Fissival
Corse Friendly ??? Izril; near Riverfarm
Rondel Rondel's Rest Terandria; Menorome

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In previous lifetimes, the Quarass had been an [Innkeeper] twice, and is currently seeking to obtain the class for the third time in order to take advantage of potential power of posting Quests.[13]
  • The record for highest level [Innkeeper] is Level 73.[14]
  • There have been three [Innkeepers] were from another world, though only Erin Solstice is from Earth.[14]

References[edit | edit source]