Chapter 5.12

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Chapter 5.12
August 18, 2018
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Chapter 5.12 is the 14th chapter of Volume 5 and Book 7, The Rains of Liscor.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Olesm becomes a [Strategist]. Liscor's army arrives at night.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

  • Aftermath of Face-Eather Moth battle (pacificiation, clean-up, levels)
  • Klbkch clarifies (and misleads) Zevara on Individuals and Painted Soldiers
  • Pawn leads mass for the dead painted antinum as they man the walls
  • Olesm evolved to [Strategist], organises gratitude meals for Soldiers at Erin’s
  • Erin dismayed at heavily damaged inn, makes food
  • Horns & Co return from Octavia’s
  • Plans to fix up the inn, magical door to Liscor
  • Guards on clean-up, wall inspection
  • Klbkch, Relc, Horns, Goblins, antinum soldiers, etc all at Erin’s
  • Clarification on renumeration for potions and so on in Liscor’s defense
  • Liscor’s army arrives at night and camps outside

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