Chapter 5.51 G

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Chapter 5.51 G
Tremb vs Tyrion by Sabina Malla.jpg
Tyrion vs. Tremborag by Sabina Malla
January 8, 2019
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Chapter 5.51 G is the 56th chapter of Volume 5, and the 8th chapter of Book 9, Tears of Liscor.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Tremborag gets killed by Tyrion. Az’kerash deathbolts Osthia Blackwing and thinks he slayed her.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In the morrow Rags orders her Flooded Waters Tribe to search far and wide for what caused her feeling of loss the night before. Only as they fall behind and the humans start their warning shoots do they find the body of Quietstab. Rags immediately deduces who's responsible and swears Tremborag will pay.

Reiss, still pretending he doesn't know what's happened, is disgusted with Tremborag's actions and discusses with Osthia what happened and what he surmises will happen. He also gifts her an enchanted ring, one she knows the enchantment of.

The goblins of the Mountain City Tribe jeer, well aware and open that Tremborag killed one of Rags lieutenants. Rags almost attacks him, but is held back. Instead she drives her tribe ahead of Tremborag's and starts a moving harrassing tactic, raining crossbow bolts on him and his goblins before rushing ahead until they're out of reach of any counter-fire and starting from anew. Tremborag is unable to counter, but gets his shaman to jostle their aiming at him in particular by illusion. Tremborags losses mount, but before long the humans intercede and start bombarding Rags' position to break up the marching battle between the two tribes.

Lord Tyrion, informed of the situation in the fractured goblin army he's force-marching with his human army, gives orders to resolve the situation. He himself, Elia Arcsinger, mages and adventurers single out Tremborag from his goblins and harry him to march alone, killing any goblin coming to his aid.

Before long Tremborag collapses and Rags turns to face him. He talks about a conspiracy of goblin lords, using their own and goblin kings for their own nefarious and nebulous purposes. He claims Velan knew this, and refused to accede to the lords, leading to his rampage across Baleros and Izril, and he cites Curulac of a Hundred Days, who lived quite a bit longer before the goblin lords decided he was done and turned him onto the humans. He speaks of Greydath of Blades, who had fought at the side of Velan, but then lived in Tremborag's mountain under a false name and pretending senility. Tremborag seizes this opportunity to attack the distracted Rags, casting his whole monologue in doubt, having faked weakness before. Rags is barely able to get out of his reach. She comes to the conclusion that he wants to drag her down with him; he insults her, insults Quietstab. As she reflects, Rags recognises this circle of killing, being killed, and killing again the goblins are stuck in. She departs, leaving Tremborag behind.

As the human army catches up to the lagging Tremborag, gold-ranked adventurers attack him. He faces them, defeating them, and then Tyrion himself, who strikes a fatal blow against Tremborag before leaving. He falls into a memory of Velan, when the goblin king asked Tremborag to join his army, wondering if Velan saw then how this would turn out. In the present Tremborag takes a bloody toll on the soldiers and adventurers attacking him. As he dies, he walks north, towards his mountain home.

Returned from facing Tremborag Rags announces her insight to the goblins, regardless of tribe, that goblins can't progress if they continue in this circle of killing and being killed; Reiss recognises her insight as one that Velan also had, and that he tried to break the goblins out of this cycle. Before he can say more to Osthia, Az'kerash takes over Reiss body. He immediately casts [Deathbolt] on her.

Tyrion publicly announces Tremborag has been slain, on human lands, by human hands.

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Magical Artifacts[edit | edit source]

  • Enchanted Ring, made from a white band of wood.