Chapter 9.17 R

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Chapter 9.17 R
Calanfer's Eternal Throne by Enuryn
September 25, 2022
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Interlude – The Great Race

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Chapter 9.17 R is the 22nd chapter of Volume 9. The R stands for Rabbiteater.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The meeting at Calanfer continued. Rabbiteater for his part was awarded a medal of true gold and confirmed his position not as the new Lightherald, but as Dawnguard. After the ceremony, he and many others went away to duel. A famous member of the nobility, Princess Telleis of Samal, challenged him, and he used his goblin tactics to win. His victory encouraged others as more duels started happening. Seraphel, seeing this, wanted to practice her own Skills and went off to find a private area to use her forbidden Skill: [Induction: Two of Life, Two of Death]. What she found though, was her sister, Aielef, practicing her own combat. Aielef was highly embarrassed and was even more so when Rabbiteater and his company came in to see her poor form. Dame Vensha, a high level [Thronebearer], tried to play down the situation, but in the end the group had to reckon with their own powerlessness especially in the face of the ghosts that they'd seen during the battle at Krawlnmak's Pass. This gave each of them the motivation to train harder and prepare for the future.

The training only led up to a point, though, and the princesses of Calanfer were punished for participating. Eventually, the final member of Calenfer's meeting came: the [Prince of Men] from Erribathe, Iradoren. With this, the true meeting began though the rulers invited weren't the only ones with plans. The Winter's Watcher, the [Thief] from earlier, the People's Knight, and Teriarch all wanted to make themselves known to the royalty. The People's Knight stepped down, the [Thief] was allowed to announce that "games had begun" and the Winter's Watcher was thrown through the doorway leaving Teriarch to talk to the royalty and important figures gathered. With the stage set, Teriarch let his power be known and revealed that he was actually a dragon all with the intent of getting the people present to take action and prepare themselves for the upcoming battle against the Gods. The terandrians set up an expedition to Izril with many of those present including Seraphel who managed to do so against the wishes of her parents.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Locations[edit | edit source]

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Items[edit | edit source]

  • Dawnguard medals
  • Cassy’s Smartphone
  • Shoes with the tiniest compartment of holding
  • Pisces' Silver Bell
  • Greatsword carved from a Kraken’s tooth or claw.