Chapter 8.77 B

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Chapter 8.77 B
March 30, 2022
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Chapter 8.77 B is the 94th chapter of Volume 8. The B stands for Baleros.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Jungle Tails decides to weed Paeth out by burning the forests surrounding it. The [Sea Druids] that assisted in the penicillin delivery across the seas contact Fezimet and threaten him because of the mass deforestation.

Luan, Cameral, and Noa travel through the Whitewash Channel (Baleros’ Panama Canal) to coordinate reinforcements and supply runs. During their run, they encounter a Drathian ship which is very concerning since they rarely travel so far. They also hire a number of mercenary ships to assist them. Again, very uncharacteristic of them as one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) naval fleet in all of Innworld. Luan detects a number of Asian languages from the ship including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. One of the Drathians aboard the ship is seen to be almost clawing his eyes out. They depart.

Foliana makes a speech to their Company and the world. She accidentally speaks the King of Destruction speech from decades ago and makes a somewhat good speech to hold the line, a common theme throughout all the defending forces. We learn of some of the Forgotten Wing’s famous [Generals] and tactics, most notably Diomedes (a Cyclops) and Gloriam the Invincible. Gloriam is a Selphid with a very formidable aura and is secretly two Selphids, a result of the Wasting. Xol, the Juggernaut from the Daquin games, is in confrontation with Gloriam but is ominously summoned to the Iron Vanguard fleet by Tulm because of some disturbance at sea.

Kenjiro, on his last straw, decides to change his negotiating tactics. This entire time he has been attempting to persuade other companies to assault Jungle Tails without revealing the whole reason why, in an attempt to keep Paeth’s existence a secret. He decides to reveal the secret of Paeth which greatly disturbs the United Nations company. His reasoning is that Jungle Tails already knows its general location and is very close to wiping out the city. If Jungle Tails already knows, then why not use the knowledge of a former Great Company genociding an entire race to his advantage? The United Nations company realizes that Ken is right and continues the mission.

The Forgotten Wing Company deploys their Naga-killing Lizardfolk forces and their Chesstowers, giant fortifications enchanted to be light with a number of people inside carrying it and an attack force behind it. Foliana displays her assassination techniques which actually results in some fun scenes. She is revealed to be a [Three-Color Soulstalker], with each color providing some sort of intuition behind her enemies. In an attempt to assassinate some high level targets, she encounters some Lizardfolk who are in possession of some guns, those equipped with some variation of the [Gunslinger] class. The technology nearly bests Foliana but she manages to kill the targets and destroy the weaponry. She attempts to destroy a bomb as well causing it to explode and her getting wounded. She leaves behind some blood which allows Jungle Tails to hex her. This prevents her from healing from her wounds and she is then sidelined.

The Crelerbane (elite Fraerlings) forces attack the Jungle Tails but the Lizardfolk numbers are far too many to best them.

The United Nations company halts Fezimet at Talenqual. There, Ken reveals a paper of a large number of companies that condemn his actions. He attempts to reason with him offering Fraerling relics for him to just walk away. During their attempted negotiation, Fezimet’s forces attack Paeth. Daly attempts to kill Fezimet right there and then but fails. The battle ensues.

Umina in a different confrontation also attempted to gain some reinforcements from the Iron Vanguard company. She knows the answers to Tulm’s question and wants to use that as leverage for him to assist the Forgotten Wing. She sees an Iron Vanguard ship and finds out that Tulm is elsewhere. Something is preoccupying him so much that he does not care for the answer for a question he longed to have answered for so long.

The story shifts to Tulm at sea attempting to search for the Drathian ship. He finds it wrecked and destroyed with only half a corpse of a Kitsune left behind. Despite the dangers of bringing a Seamwalker-killed corpse aboard, Tulm orders for her to be brought aboard the ship because he senses she is still alive. In her final moments, the Kitsune requests for Tulm to report to the Drathian [Emperor] that they were slaughtered in combat with not a single survivor. She reports that even as they crossed the line of death they died there as well. She witnessed the Seamwalkers attempting to “open a door” and how there is some “great final stand.” The Kitsune begins to fade away and Tulm orders her body to be tossed off the ship and disintegrated. He begins to panic, ignoring the news of Umina offering Niers’ answer, and begins to tell the news to Wistram and… “everyone.”

Characters[edit | edit source]

( * = First Appearance)

Baleros Companies[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Creatures[edit | edit source]

  • Hullborer Snails (First Time Mentioned)
  • Gemstone Crawlers (First Time Mentioned)
  • Bastion Turtles (First Time Mentioned)
  • Griffin (Summon)

Vehicle[edit | edit source]

  • Sea Shepherds great fish bone-ship (Projection)
  • Fraerling-Enhanced Scull
  • Haes-sal - Drathian Border Fleet (All Destroyed)
  • Iron Vanguard's fleet

Items[edit | edit source]

  • The Last Box
  • Ring of [Invisible Fireball]
  • Crystal weapons
  • ? / Armor of Three-Color Stalker - A black, magical hide, made from a monster. Let the wearer fade against the world like a shadow and protected all but their head. While it could not be penetrate; it could still transmit the force of an impact like a [Fireball] to the wearer, cracking their bones.
  • Wingbreaker Catapult
  • Everburning Candles
  • Chesstowers (x8)
  • Speaking stones
  • Salamander Peppers - Food (Mentioned)
  • Nali-Stick
  • Resist Acid Charm
  • Fraerling-made crossbow
  • Wand of [Disintegration]
  • Poisoned daggers enchanted with [Evercut] and [Blood Drain]
  • Talisman of [Directed Fireball]
  • Haste potions
  • Rifle (Destroyed)
  • Pistol (Destroyed)
  • Grenade (Exploded)
  • Belt of Acrobats / Belt of Dexterity

Fraerling-sized Artifacts:[edit | edit source]

  • Seeing Stone
  • Lodestone bracelet
  • Crelerbane Armor

Statistics Obtained[edit | edit source]

Luan Khumalo[edit | edit source]

  • Conditions Met: [Expert Rower] → [Peerless Marathon Sculler]
  • Class Consolidation Removed: [Athlete]
  • Classes/Levels = [Peerless Marathon Sculler] Lv. 36 (+?)
  • Skills = [Contest of Champions (Vigor)] + [Only my Challengers Shall Advance] + [Razorblade Oars] + [The Messenger’s Shortcut] + [Ship: Kayak Roll]