Chapter 5.39

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Chapter 5.39
November 20, 2018
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Chapter 5.39 is the 42nd chapter of Volume 5, and the 20th chapter of Book 8, Blood of Liscor.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Ksmvr is valued an asset by Klbkch in secret. Bird enters the dungeon disguised as a normal worker in an attack on the dungeon by the antinium.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Ceria wakes in the dungeon. Calruz tells about his Raskghar attacking Liscor. She catches him up on what happened with the Horns after Skinner. They cross heads as Ceria refuses his demands to join and submit. He takes that as a cause to use one captured gnoll as a blood sascrifice for the Raskghar. The recipient female grows in body and intelligence. When she demands more sacrifices for her fellows, Calruz decks her, allowing no insubordination. Ceria, having witness all this, submits to Calruz' demands, but also sends a secret message to Pisces.

The gnolls and Mrsha were watching from cages as this took place. They take exception to Mrsha and shun her, then start howling for help. The Raskghar beat them into silence.

At Erin's inn the gold-ranked adventurers declare the dungeon forbidden to silver-ranks. The remaining Horns don't take this well: Yvlon needs to be magically restricted, Pisces retreats into his room and magics, while Ksmvr departs for the Hive. Erin implores the gold-ranks, Zevara, and Ilvriss to save Mrsha and Ceria. While the gold-ranks will do their best, the others decline; they have duties that take precedence. Ilvriss tasks Selys to keep an eye on Erin, who in turn tasks Drassi to do that. Bird meanwhile is troubled by feeling like his shortcomings contributed to the abductions.

Ksmvr goes to the hive to demand help. Klbkch confronts him deep in the hive, in Belgrade's and Anand's presence, denying his demands, which turns Ksmvr close to aberration, but the realisation that he has a group to call his own draws him back. Then he challenges Klbkch for his position and is soundly defeated. After, Klbck mentions committing to an attack on the dungeon regardless, citing opportunity as cause instead. With Ksmvr taken away, Klbck discusses strategy and tactics with Belgrade and Anand, and how he expects this attack to be very attricious. He forbids mentioning this fact to Pawn. The goal is to retrieve artefacts. He also considers Ksmvr an asset in development despite his contraindicative words to his face, which is to remain secret. Once in the dungeon Klbkch sends the soldiers in waves to trigger traps and curses, thereby sapping them of power until they're harmless. He ruminates on the nature of Antinium. Then he holds a speech for the Soldiers, aware that it is likely falling on attentive but deaf ears. After having retrieved all three artefacts, Klbkch starts a separate counter-offensive into the dungeon. Following them, unnoticed by anyone, is Bird.

Toren has a brief cameo watching Bird pass by.

In his room, Pisces receives Ceria's messages and goes to work creating bone horrors.

Erin and the hobs abandon 'Plan G' at Erin's request and they plan to go into the dungeon, sans Erin of course.

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Items[edit | edit source]

  • Flamespread Dagger
  • Crystalline Daggers. They shine bright Pink despite the lack of light.
  • Eyes carved Gems