Interlude – Beginnings

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Interlude – Beginnings
March 5, 2023
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Chapter 9.38 TV (Pt. 2)

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Interlude – Beginnings is the 54th chapter of Volume 9.

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The chapter begins with Mrsha showing her growth since she first joined the inn. She now walks on two legs, wears a kilt, and gets in a little less trouble. She also has many more children around her including a new friend: Kenva, Pallass' Watch Captain Venim's daughter. The two mostly spend the day together between the inn and some time at Liscor's school. They also go back to Pallass for dinner. When they got back, Mrsha learned that Venim was in Liscor for an interview for the position of Liscor's Watch Commander. The other innhabitants were equally as outraged as Mrsha that Zevara wasn't being offered the position, but Zevara reportedly considered herself unfit for the promotion.

Meanwhile, some of the newer members of the inn, like Yelroan and Jewel, wanted to learn more about The Wandering Inn to separate rumor and fact which led them to interrupt the burgeoning discontent to ask for the real story. Others got word of this and started amassing at the inn to hear Erin's tale of the start of the inn.

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