Chapter 9.02

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Chapter 9.02
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Tekshia by Artsy Nada
June 11, 2022
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Chapter 9.02 is the 3rd chapter of Volume 9.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

  • Gire has PTSD and snoops around Liscor's Watch, The Wandering Inn has a staff problem and Erin decides to hire Goblin & Antinium.
  • Termin signs up to escort Antherr with his new apprentice Rhaldon.
  • Erin almost melts the mithril coin, talks to Ceria, and is proposed to by Niers.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Gire wakes from her bad dream still seeing images of Firrelle while awake. She escapes the apartment passing Hickery and Vok and instead of heading to the inn she arrives at the Guard barracks. Gire sneaks inside after watching Relc and Klbkch spar and begins searching through the day-sergeants files to see what they had on her or Ehktouch. She finds nothing for herself but reads through Mrsha's file. She's caught by Zevara after Klbkch informs her and is scolded by the Watch Captain and gains a file for her own.

Gire returns to the inn to have breakfast with Mrsha and the rest of the inn. Erin brings along her pot to breakfast and decides that today is a day for.. something. Ulvama takes Numbtongues plate and walks off which prompts Lyonette to encourage Erin to reopen the inn proper so they can begin earning again especially with so many guests that didn't pay. After some arguing Lyonette announces that for the next ninteneen days everything will still be free but after that they will ask for payment.

Tekshia arrives with a two thousand gold bill for the destruction of the Adventurer's Guild, which Lyonette wants to pay immediately to avoid Tekshia adding interest to - the inn has over 3,100 gold stored so hand her the money and make preparations to reopen that evening.

Lyonette first manages to arrange for a group from the Players of Liscor to perform after consulting Temile, then she meets Erin at Timbor's inn where she's speaking to Imani. Imani and Palt have opened Barehoof Kitchens and business for them ha sbeen going really well. Erin and Lyonette become hesitant over taking Imani away from their business to help their own and while discussing their Chef situation they head back to the inn to find Ishkr and Liska and none of their old staff.

To add:

  • Employment Talk
  • Gire Chess
  • Termin
  • Ceria talk
  • Strategists

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