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Wistram News Network (also referred as WNN or Pallass News Network) is a broadcast channel on the scrying network set up by Wistram Academy.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The first "magic-television channel" in the world, Wistram News Network provides 24-hour news coverage via scrying orbs. While scrying orbs have long existed in Innworld, the concept of broadcasting events worldwide for news and entertainment had not existed until the arrival of Earthers who introduced the idea of "television." Hosted by Sir Relz Hauscale and Noass - and later Drassi Tewing - the channel is based in Pallass, though the spell that supports the network is maintained in Wistram Academy by [Seers] and [Diviners].[1] Outside of Izril, WNN's on-site reporters are usually Wistram mages who broadcast to the scrying network.

Notable for their live broadcasts, Wistram News Network usually covers events that are entertaining or relevant to worldly affairs, ranging from intercity football games in Izril to the King of Destruction's battles in Chandrar.[2] They also feature hour-long segments such as Fashion Talks, lectures on various subjects, and concerts.[3][4] Additionally, they often invite important guests, such as Grand Strategist Chaldion Oliwing to provide commentary on current events.[5] The broadcast schedule is arranged by Wistram, who often field hundreds of requests for air-time,[3] barring any breaking news.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

The first unofficial broadcast took place during the Face-Eater Moth attack in Liscor, when Pallass provided a visual from the magic door via [Scrying] to the Walled Cities, while Wistram was able to amplify the spell to interested parties worldwide. Present as bystanders, Relz and Noass gave a running analysis of the battle and its combatants.[6] Afterwards, Relz and Noass gained the [Commentator] class and became involved with the scrying network in its infancy.[7]

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

The scrying network's first major broadcast took place in Baleros, where they televised the Titan's game of hide-and-seek in Daquin.[8] With Relz and Noass providing a running commentary, the broadcast was transmitted worldwide to multiple continents.

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

Relz and Noass covered the Frost Wyvern attack on Pallass, while also accidentally broadcasting Bird's (fake) declaration of war.[9] Later, WNN featured the King of Destruction's army fighting monsters in Belchan. When Wistram received word that Gazi assassinated Baosar Yeothrix, the leader of A’ctelios Salash, the Archmages quickly moved to broadcast news of Flos Reimarch forswearing his oath of peace. Instead, they unwittingly revealed the massacre of the Saltstone Tribe by a Belchan village, and Flos's declaration of war on Belchan.[10] Wistram News Network continued to broadcast events such as the war between Jecrass and Reim, the Courier's delivery of Lord Bein Terland's amulet to Lady Dealia Zolde,[11] and the Titan's students uncovering the Diamond Swords of Serept.[12] They also aired the world's first football match held in Celum, where Drassi became known for commenting on.[13]

Relz and Noass lost popularity after they broadcast the riot in Invrisil, which in turn incited riots across Izril, and also downplaying the dangers of Yellow Rivers. After being interviewed/interrogated by Drassi for their inappropriate reporting and ethics, they were temporarily suspended and replaced by the new [Honest Reporter].[14] However, they would eventually return, as WNN needed more people. With the three Drakes serving as anchors, they broadcasted the abduction of Princess Jecaina Leysars of Jecrass by Medain's Gold-rank adventurers, and the battle between the King of Destruction and the House of Minos.[15] The world's first music video was televised on WNN, featuring the Singer of Terandria, who secretly imbedded hidden warnings to the other Earthers about Wistram and Ailendamus.[16] Later, Tyrion Veltras made a public appeal on Wistram News Network for his sons, who were poisoned by the Assassin's Guild and the Circle of Thorns.[17] WNN would broadcast the delivery of the cure by Saliss Oliwing, Maviola El, and Ryoka Griffin against the Assassin's Guild. Significantly, the broadcast of this run inspired the nobility of Izril to fight back against the Assassin's Guild, while also showcased the capability of several people to throw Skills and spells across large distances through the scrying orb.[18]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

Several of WNN broadcasts include Magnolia Reinhart's arrival to Zeres,[19] the war between several Terandrian nations and Ailendamus, and the war between Jecrass, Medain, and Reim. Notably, Wistram News Network featured the trial of Lyfelt for the slaughter of the Saltstone Tribe, presided by Queen Jecaina, and judged by a council of Chandarian rulers: Flos Reimarch, Fetohep of Khelt, Yisame Beziin of Nerrhavia's Fallen, Orjin of Pomle, Femithain of Illivere, and the Treespeaker of the Claiven Earth.[20] A broadcast of Joseph Ortega training with the Pallassian football team would inspire several nations and organizations to showcase their physical abilities.[21] Later, Eldavin hijacked the news broadcast to recount the history of Archmages Zelkyr Amerwing and Perril Chandler.[22]

Alerted by Selys Shivertail, Drassi announced the raid of the Village of the Dead on WNN, along with Joseph who was present as a guest co-anchor[23] Similar to Ryoka Griffin's run, hundreds of people from all five continents used their Skills to aid the adventurers against the undead. Additionally, House El was able to advertise its Kaalblades and automatic-loading crossbows, increasing demand.[24]

Controversies[edit | edit source]

Despite enjoying unparalled popularities, Wistram News Network had several controversies and criticisms. Most notably, the scrying spell was reversed by Wistram to spy and monitor its viewers, including the King of Destruction and Antinium Hives. Additionally, they broadcasted the aftermath of a massacre of a Gnoll tribe in Chandrar,[10] and incited several riots in other cities after airing the riot in Invrisil during the Golden Triangle incident.[25] They also downplayed the Yellow Rivers pandemic, while promoting healing crystals as a cure when at best it was a stop-gap method.[26]

Members[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Originally, Wistram News Network was going to be called World Wide News.[1]
  • Live-broadcasts are shown at a five-minute delay.

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