Chapter 9.24

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Chapter 9.24
November 5, 2022
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Chapter 9.24 is the 32nd chapter of Volume 9.

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The remaining Minds of selphid-kind meet and discuss the destruction of six of their number. One Mind is so ashamed of their actions that it volunteered to dissolve itself knowing that it had come from parts of Egress. Altogether, the selphid people lost too much, and they are desperate for allies. They consider sending outreach to the Forgotten Wing Company, but they end up agreeing to use an agent of theirs: the Duck.

Elsewhere on the continent, some of Geneva's clones are living incognito. They escaped the chaos and have decided not to become doctors like the original Geneva but to instead help the world in different ways. Others with connections to the event were not as happy about their circumstances. Selphids everywhere had been getting news about the death of seven minds including Jelaqua, but that didn't stop her from going back to The Adventurer's Haven and meeting the teams of the north. Her and all of the teams Erin was friendly with went to Larra's inn, and met each other. Jelaqua was already known to many there since her team is old, but many of the others were new. The Horns were popular as were many of the characters, but the goblins of Erin's inn were not. Erin personally introduced Numbtongue to Larra in a tense moment where everyone remembered Garen Redfang and the Goblin Kings on Izril, but the fact that Numbtongue was a [Bard] managed to win Deniusth over, and the others followed shortly after. Erin even managed to use her new skill to connect back to Riverfarm and bring Halrac and his team over. This impromptu connection had massive consequences connecting an [Emperor] to Liscor, though that was more for Liscor's Council to deal with. The council was meeting with Shassa when this occurred, and they still concluded their meeting by giving her a place as a teacher on a trial basis before they met with Laken.

Back at the Adventurer's Haven, the members continued to mingle. Barnethei tried to learn all of The Wandering Inn's specialties to steal and even bribe over any promising employees, and Colth met everyone in sight and offered to adventure with the interesting adventurers. As most present were adventurers, the talk wandered its way to dungeons. The Dungeon of Liscor was ruled far too dangerous after details were shared about it, but The Ruins of Albez were seen in the opposite light. Once the Horns revealed that they got a huge payday from the dungeon using a map and never went back to look for more, many of the adventurers ran out to find more loot. The Horns requested a cut for the use of their map, but only because the map was stolen away by [Rogues] in the inn. In the mad dash to secure loot from Albez, few stayed behind. The Horns, Garia, Saliss, Colth, Mihaela, and Lehra all stayed back for various reasons, but together they realized that the true treasure was in Liscor's Dungeon. The living boss monsters were far too dangerous, but there was one dead monster that could be retrieved.

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  • Lism saying that the Council will have to probably pay Erin, is due to him asking her in Chapter 7.51 if she could find excellent [Teachers] for the children.