Interlude – Relationships

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Interlude – Relationships
October 5, 2022
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Interlude – Relationships is the 25th chapter of Volume 9.

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Erin and her group leave Riverfarm, and head back to Liscor. The trip is not entirely uneventful as the group eventually finds out about the stowaway Sariant Lamb who had eaten much of their remaining food and failed to capture the hearts of Erin and a few other passengers able to see through its veneer. Even though it has been found out, the lamb is adamant that it continues south, so Erin gives it the name Nerry after how much the lamb reminds her of Nerrhavia. Because of the lack of food, the group has to stay at a few inns. At one of those inns, Erin and Numbtongue talk about love, and in the process, Numbtongue confesses his feelings for Erin only for her to reject him not wanting their current relationship to change.

When the group was close to Invrisil, and therefore the magical door leading to Liscor, Erin finally finds out about the Antinium Crusade and is very upset at those around her for keeping it secret. Lyonette has to have a serious talk with Erin when her aura flared out in anger, and the two talk out their issues and the potential of Lyonette having to leave in the future. At the end of this discussion, Erin also learned that the Flooded Waters Tribe and other adventurers that went to Orefell had come back to Liscor. Erin rushed the rest of the way back for her long-awaited reunion with Rags.

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