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Yvlon Byres
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  • Yv
  • Yvlon the Silver Arm
  • Slaughterer of Silver
  • Yvlon Silverarm
  • One-Armed Slaughterer
  • Silver-Killer
  • Silverarm
  • The Silver Killer of Izril







The Wandering Inn

First Appearance

Chapter 1.11 R

Yvlon Byres is a Human [Silversteel Armsmistress] and a [Lady] of House Byres. Originally the leader of the Silver Spears, before her old teammates were wiped out by Skinner, she is currently a member of the reformed Horns of Hammerad.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Yvlon is a tall, gorgeous woman,[1] with long flowing golden hair,[2] fair skin, great teeth, a shapely nose, and nice ears. She has the faintest trace of a horrible scar across her left face.[3] Her arms were injured after they were fused to metal by a Fire Elemental in Albez. After changing her class to [Silversteel Armsmistress], her arms are now made of silver and steel. Their form is malleable and can be shaped into armor, bludgeons, razors, or their default skin-like form. One of Yvlon's feet is also made of silversteel after being chopped off during Zeladona's Trial of a Thousand Blades.[4]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Silver and steel!
Yvlon's battle cry

Yvlon bears a calm and collected exterior to the outside world, and strives to maintain an image of composure and control, even in moments of weakness. However, she has anger issues which she keeps tightly contained. Since childhood, she was taught to internalize her anger, refusing to acknowledge or express them openly to the point that she was unaware that she had anger problems. Her control over her anger only worsened after gaining [Berserker's Rage], causing her to black out and rampage while fighting. However, she learned to control it after taking lessons from Berr the Berserker.[5] She is poor at interacting socially and is described to have an "inverse talent" in making any conversation topic banal and generic to the point of being uncomfortable.[6]

She possesses a strong sense of justice and fairness, and is outraged when others are treated unfairly or when an injustice has occurred, such as when she felt betrayed and fought with Ceria for days after discovering the half-Elf had hidden a Relic from everyone else.[7] She has fierce determination, evident by her resolve to continue adventuring after suffering the loss of her entire team, and later when her arms were severely injured. In battle, Yvlon is brave almost to the point of suicide, willingly charging towards a Flame Elemental, or using her dismembered arm to hit an Adult Creler.

Yvlon is the most level-headed member among her. She is unwavering loyal to her teammates. She is especially close with Ksmvr, who she considers as a younger brother. While very straight-laced, her time spent with the Horns of Hammerad has somewhat relaxed her, though she disapproves of inappropriate behavior. While initially considering necromancy to be an abomination and disliked Pisces for being a [Necromancer], Yvlon would come to consider him a friend and comrade-in-arms. She has an something of an inferiority complex towards her more-talented siblings, feeling undeserving of her parents' praise. She is frustrated with Ylawes' overprotectiveness and often avoided him when he was trying to convince her to return home.

After gaining metallic arms after consolidating her class, Yvlon has expressed unease towards her new arms, believing them to be unnatural. She was later horrified to learn of the possibility of turning completely metal, to the point of vomiting.[8] However, Taletevirion would tell her to not let the metal defining her.[9] She later reconfigures them to be more arm-like, recreating veins and bones within them so that they become more natural.[6]

Background[edit | edit source]

She is part of the Byres family, a minor noble family, which is distantly related to the Reinhart family.[2] From a young age, she practiced swordsmanship until her early teens, giving it up for four years until returning to it when she was seventeen.[10]

She used to dream of becoming a [Knight], like the female heroines in her books.[11]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 1[edit | edit source]

In Celum, Yvlon and her team participates in a meeting with Silver-ranked teams organizing an raid to the newly discovered ruins of Liscor. Afterwards, she introduces herself to Ryoka Griffin. Having heard about the classless and levelless Runner from her aunt Magnolia Reinhart, she challenges Ryoka to a fight [12] Irritated by Yvlon's beauty and Magnolia's interference, Ryoka accepts and uses her MMA training to beat the adventurer. Later, Yvlon knocks out Ryoka with a punch after the Runner tries to challenge every adventurer in the room after losing her temper.[13]

The raid on the crypt goes disastrous when Skinner and an army of undead ambush and kill most of the adventurers including all Yvlon's team members.[14] During the attack, half of Yvlon's face was torn away. She and several adventurers flee to Liscor.[15] In the aftermath of Skinner's attack on Liscor, Yvlon is non-responsive, having emotionally shutdown. While recovering in Liscor's Adventurer's Guild, she is visited by Magnolia Reinhart, who gives her a poultice for her face, and offers her encouragement. She is later visited by Ryoka as well.[16]

Volume 2[edit | edit source]

After recovering from her injuries, Yvlon joins the new Horns of Hammerad team led by Ceria, along with Pisces Jealnet and Ksmvr. Their first fight working as a team is to help defend a nearby village from a Goblin raiding party, along with Halrac the Grim.[17] Afterwards, Olesm Swifttail gives them a map of the Ruins of Albez, which he obtained from Klbkch. Funded by Erin's gold, the Horns leave for Albez.[18]

Volume 3[edit | edit source]

After nearly a week of fruitless searching, the Horns uncover an abandoned tunnel. After bypassing several traps and Crelers, they arrive at an enchanted door that teleports them into an underground room covered in [Insanity] runes. Driven insane, Yvlon takes on the personalities of several of her relatives, including her brother. While Ceria and Ksmvr are able to cover up the runes, it takes Yvlon a while to shake off the effect. After escaping, and bypassing the door, the Horns find the personal room of Warmage Thresk, filled with treasure and magical artifacts. However, the room is guarded by a Flame Elemental. While Yvlon attacks its weak point, the Elemental melts her armor, fusing the metal to her arms. The Horns are forced to flee while the Elemental destroys the entire room. However, they manage to recover some of the gold and artifacts. and leave Albez, arriving at Ocre.[19] Despite their losses, their expedition is deemed a success and they are celebrated by the inhabitants of the city for recovering the first treasures from Albez in years.[20]

The day after encountering the Flame Elemental, Yvlon received the [Wounded Warrior] class, and gained the [Ignore Pain] Skill.[21] In Remendia, she meets with a [Healer], who examines the metal on her arms, fused down to her bones, and deems it unremovable. Afterwards, she iand the Horns stand-off against Reynold and Ressa, servants of Magnolia Reinhart who are trying to take Ryoka Griffin to Invrisil, with the Runner having previously arrived after hearing news of the Horns' success. Ryoka ultimately acquiesces, and offers to take the Horns' treasure for repair and appraisal.[22]

The Horns leave Remendia and go to Celum where Erin was stranded by Toren. They meet the [Innkeeper] who is working at the Frenzied Hare, and watch Hamlet performed by the Players of Celum. Afterwards, they talk with Erin, who tells them how Toren had abandoned her, as well as news of Yvlon's brother helping the city of Esthelm fight off a Goblin army and undead led by the skeleton. Yvlon is appalled when she finds out Pisces had given Toren the ability to level, though she prevents Ceria from beating the [Necromancer] up. After hearing Pisces's explanation, Erin tells him to disconnect the link between her and Toren, killing the skeleton.[23] The next day, while trying to cheer Erin up, Yvlon talks to Ceria about her concern of Pisces becoming the next Necromancer, though the [Ice Mage] and [Innkeeper] both defend him. Later, Pisces and Ksmvr arrive, having recovered the magic door from Albez and demonstrate its teleportation ability. However, they end up giving it to Erin as her share of the loot and in thanks for funding their expedition.[24]

During their journey back to Liscor, Teriarch in the form of an old man teleports in front of them. Triggered by their [Dangersense]. the Horns attack him, though he defeats them with ease and without injury. However, it turns out there was a nearby Goblin army. With Teriarch's help, Ceria and Pisces conjure a snowstorm as cover.[25] Later, the Horns and Erin pass through Esthelm and sees its devastation. Yvlon learns that her brother was looking for her.[26] After arriving to The Wandering Inn, Erin introduces the Horns to the Gold-rank teams, Griffon Hunt and the Halfseekers.[27] The next day, Yvlon and the adventurers help Erin organize a relief team to Esthelm.[28] The Horns hear from Ryoka about the magical items they sent her with, and are pleased with the news.[29] She participates in the Christmas event organized by Erin but is concerned when the [Innkeeper] has a meltdown.[30]

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

Yvlon and the other adventurers from The Wandering Inn help Erin confront Wall Lord Ilvriss Gemscale and his retinue when he corners Ryoka about the circumstances of his lover's death.[31] Afterwards, the Horns divide up the artifacts that Ryoka brought back, with Yvlon receiving new enchanted armor and a Sword of Weight. She is moved by Ksmvr's insistence on also giving her the Forcefield buckler.[32]

Yvlon and most of the other non-Gnoll adventurers are intimidated and depressed by the arrival of a new Named Adventurer, Regrika Blackpaw.[33] She insists that the Horns take on an adventuring request from Esthelm to hunt bears, but they run into a pack of Crelers. During the fight, Yvlon's arm is broken, but she is unaffected by it thanks to her [Ignore Pain] Skill. Pisces and Ceria are disturbed by it, but Yvlon reveals her class. The other members of the Horns also reveal their classes and levels, signifying a deeper trust with each other.[34]

When Regrika is exposed as Brunkr's killer, she dispenses with her cover and chases after Ryoka per her master's orders. Yvlon and the other Horns try to fight her, but is distracted by Regrika activating [Mists of Madness].[35] She is later present for Ulrien Sparson's funeral.[36] A few days later, Erin introducs her and the other guests to the Redfang Elite Warriors (consisting of Headscratcher, Numbtongue, Badarrow, Rabbiteater, and Shorthilt), who had saved the [Innkeeper's] life from Eater Goats.[37]

Yvlon is shocked when her brother Ylawes and his team finally track her down. Ylawes tries to convince her to return home, but she refuses, determined to stay with the Horns and track down a possibly still-alive member lost in Liscor's dungeon. She is less than pleased when Ylawes decides to stay and help her.[38]

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

During the Face-Eater Moth attack on Liscor, the Horns, the Redfangs and Bird help defend The Wandering Inn from the inside.[39] After the attack, they and the other adventuring teams are celebrated in a parade.[40] She is furious when Vuliel Drae reveal their culpability to inciting the Face-Eater Moth swarms.[41] Later, she tries to help Ksmvr get over his fear of water, albeit unsuccessfully.[42]

The Horns and the Silver Swords venture into Liscor's dungeon; however it does not go well due to the latter's inexperience with dungeons. They are almost caught by a massive wave of Shield Spiders, though Ksmvr uses a screaming wall to divert the swarm away. The Horns lead the Silver Swords directly to the Free Hive's dungeon fortifications as a ploy to get the Walled Cities' attention and bring more adventurers to Liscor in the hopes for increasing the chances of finding Calruz.[43][44][45]

When the Raskghar and Cave Goblins attack The Wandering Inn, the Horns and the Redfangs fend them off. During the fight, Yvlon's arm is broken again, though she fails to notice it.[46] Despite her aversion towards necromancy, Yvlon decides that it's more important to regain her ability to fight, and asks Pisces to use his magic to reinforce the bones in her arms. Though the [Necromancer is reluctant, Yvlon's arms are strengthened, and she gives him the idea of harvesting the Raskghar and Goblin of their bones.[47] Backed by adventurers sent from Pallass, all the adventurers enter the dungeon to track down and recover the abducted Gnolls taken by the Raskghar. The Horns initially work with the Halfseekers, then switch over the Griffon Hunt, with whom they form a much better rapport.[48] During the second day of the attacks, Liscor and the adventurers are caught off guard by a Raskghar attack. Ceria and Mrsha are kidnapped, and everyone is shocked to find that Calruz is the leader of the Raskghar.[49] While Yvlon is determined to go after them, the Gold-ranks forbid the Silver teams from entering the dungeon, and Falene Skystrall magically knocks her out with a [Sleep] spell.[50] She wakes up tied to her bed, but convinces Ksmvr to free her. Yvlon and the other Silver-ranks re-enter the dungeon, backed by Bone Horrors. While they fail in locating the Raskghar's base,[51] the Redfangs and the freed Cave Goblins are successful.[52] With Erin's plan of having Pebblesnatch sneak in anchor to the magic door directly to the base, the adventurers, Liscor's Watch and army, and the Antinium ambush the Raskghars. Yvlon and the other Horns directly take Calruz down.[53]

After the attack, Yvlon participates in the baseball game organized by Erin.[54] She is stunned when the Redfangs bring back the Raskghar's treasure from the dungeon, giving it to the Horns of Hammerad, Halfseekers, and Griffon Hunt.[55]

With news of the Goblin Lord's army being chased by a Human army led by Lord Tyrion Veltras, most of the adventurers plan to leave Liscor. However, Yvlon and the Horns insist on staying with Erin, and faces off against Ylawes. The point is made moot when Zevara cites a law forcing the adventuring to defend the city.[56] When both armies arrive, Yvlon and the other adventurers are on the city walls, and are shocked to see Erin, the Redfangs, and the Cave Goblins battle the Goblin Lord's army.[57][58]

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

After the Halfseekers and Griffon Hunt depart towards northern Izril,[59] the Horns go to the Adventurer's Guild in Celum to take requests. However, they get in a fight with the other Silver-ranked teams, who accuse Ceria and Yvlon of cowardice during the failed raid on Liscor's crypt.[60]

The Horns are assessed by Magus Grimalkin Duveig in their fighting ability, with Yvlon passing.[61] They take on a request with several other Silver-ranked teams to guard a team of [Builders] making a road around the Bloodfields. However, they are ambushed and captured by a group of Wistram [Mages], led by Pisces and Ceria's old friend, Montressa du Valeross.[62][63] Fortunately, Erin realizes what happened, and recruits Relc, Grimalkin, Seborn and Moore into rescuing them.[64]

While the Horns dueling the Wistram [Mages] in the Bloodfields, an swarm of Crelers emerge, led by an Adult Creler. Unable to escape, the Horns make their stand, along other adventurers and the Wistram [Mages].[65] During the fight, Yvlon loses her right arm, but has Pisces reconnect it to a certain degree. With Pisces and Ceria linking to form a Frostmarrow Behemoth, they turn the tide against the Adult Creler and kill it. After the battle, Yvlon gains the [Silversteel Armsmistress] class, and gains new metal arms.[66] The Horns are promoted to Gold-rank, and they decide to travel to Invrisil with a portal door connection.[67]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

Their journey to Invrisil is delayed several times, once when Ceria and Pisces ate some bad eggs.[68] When they finally arrive to the city, they are forced to camp out for the night due to the gates closing after a recent Undead Giant attack, meeting Maviola El in the process.[69] The next day, the Halfseekers meet up with Griffon Hunt, and set up the connection to The Wandering Inn. However, Magnolia Reinhart along with two other [Ladies] enter through Liscor, and uncover the true numbers of the Free Hive.[70] Though shaken and upset, Erin welcomes back the Horns and Griffon Hunt.[71]

After spending a few days in The Wandering Inn, the Horns leave again.[72] After protecting a village from a Face-Eater Moth swarm, they go to Byres land and meet Yvlon's parents.[73] During their visit, she signs a deed giving two trees to Ksmvr. She fights with her father, due to his uncomfortableness with Pisces and Ksmvr, as well his participating in the Siege of Liscor, and reveals to her mother about her unease of her new metal arms.[74]

During Saliss, Ryoka, and Maviola's run to deliver a cure to Tyrion's poisoned sons, the Horns ambush three carriages of [Assassins].[75]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

Devastated by Erin's death, preserved in a frozen state, the Horns go to Tenbault to request the Healer's aid. Yvlon tries to use her familial connection to Magnolia, but they are unable to bypass the long lines or the lottery system. Instead, they decide to go the Village of the Dead and acquire a Relic to trade for a possible cure.[76] Recruiting several adventuring teams for the raid, they are able to venture far into the village, thanks to the undead regeneration effect not working.[77] However, they run into greater undead and Revenants.[78] While the other adventurers are forced to retreat, the Horns press on and reach the The Putrid One's personal laboratory, where both him and his killer are preserved in stasis. Unfortunately, after Pisces broke the stasis spell, they are attacked by Tolveilouka Ve’delina Mer, the Putrid One's greatest servant, who rips off one of Yvlon's arms and infects her with [Plaguesteel]. They briefly escape with the help of the Dullahan [Paladin], but faced with impending death from Tolveilouka, Pisces activates a [Greater Teleport] scroll, using coordinate for Khelt. Bouncing off Khelt's wards, the Horns are scattered across Chandrar, with Yvlon landing in Nerrhavia's Fallen.[79] She is arrested and chained by Magistrate Ducaz, who tries to steal her artifacts. Fueled by [Berserker's Rage], she breaks free and rampages, killing several [Guards]. She is then re-arrested and based on (mostly) trumped-up charges, sentenced to become a [Gladiator].[80]

As a [Gladiator] in the Arena of Rust, Yvlon becomes known as the "Silver Killer," catching the eye of Queen Yisame Beziin, the the ruler of Nerrhavia's Fallen and a huge fan of the Horns. Yisame sponsors Yvlon as a mysterious patron[81] During this time, her broken arm slowly renegerates, while the [Plaguesteel] infect whatever metal she touches, transforming them into silver bugs.[82] Though Yvlon is highly upset with her imprisonment and worried about her teammates, she slowly becomes friends with her some of her fellow [Gladiators]. When she is invited to the palace for an event, she is challenged by Prince Esceit Quarein, a relative of Magistrate Ducaz, who is insulted by Yvlon's accusation of theft. She is forced to fight Esceit's retainer Beton, a former gladiator champion. However, Beton is sympathetic towards Yvlon and throws the fight. When Esceit sends his personal [Bodyguards] to kill Yvlon, she is saved through the intervention of one of the adventurers from the Village of the Dead raid,Prince Zenol Isphel and his bodyguards.[83] Yisame grants Yvlon clemency, and announces her a guest of the crown.[84] Though Yvlon is initially weirded out by Yisame's fangirl behavior, she is touched when the [Queen] reveals her knowledge of the former Horns' members, as well as the names of Yvlon's teammates in the Silver Swords. She meets with the Great Sage of Nerrhavia's Fallen Etrikah, who appraises the recovered artifacts from the Village of the Dead, and also diagnoses and removes her [Plaguesteel] condition.[85]

The Horns are reunited at Pomle, during a battle between the [Martial Artists] of Pomle, the rebel army of Tiqr, Nerrhavia's Fallen, and Illivere. They are abducted by three of Emrist's Scourgeriders of the Sky at the orders of Fetohep, and are taken to Sand at Sea, Khelt's flagship headed for Izril to rescue Mrsha and intervene in the war between the Walled Cities and the Gnoll tribes.[86] On the ship, she meets the Herald of the Forests Ierwyn, and is horrified to learn of the possibility of her entire flesh turning into metal.[87] The Horns participate in the battle at the Meeting of the Tribes, with Yvlon saving her sister Ysara from several Plain’s Eye warriors.[88] She is later present for Erin's awakening at The Wandering Inn.[89]

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

Yvlon and the Horns among the adventuring teams to defend Orefell from a large-scale monster attack.[90] After the arrival of The Adventurer’s Haven and its Named-rank guests to Invrisil, the Horns team up with Colth, Izril's greatest [Supporter], to recover Stalker's corpse from Liscor's dungeon.[91] However, their efforts in scouting anger Facestealer, who emerges to the surface to attack The Wandering Inn.[92] Although the monster escapes back into the dungeon, Colth organizes a raid to slay it. During the fight, Yvlon is deemed a liability by Colth because of her [Berserker's Rage] Skill. While the Horns recover Stalker's corpse, Facestealer is tricked into drowning thanks to the Silver Swords, Vuliel Drae, and Infinitypear and Rasktooth.[93]

The Horns and Colth decide to go to the Gnoll Plains to request the help of an expert [Tanner] to process Stalker's hide. Yvlon finds out that Ceria was hiding a Relic from everyone else, angering her.[94] She participates in the Trial of a Thousand Blades, but her foot is cut off by the [Lieutenant of Perfection] Comois. Taletevirion prevents Tolveilouka from killing her, and tells her that "Women of metal forged themselves with hearts harder than the hammers they endured," encouragin her to regrow her arm with the same metal on her arms. Yvlon attacks Zeladona who is possessing Erin, but the [Blademistress] casually cuts off her hand and gives it back to her.[95]

The Horns travel to the Gnoll Tribes with Colth, The Pride of Kelia, and Niers' students, with Yvlon still using a peg leg. During the journey, they hear about the arson attack on Byres land, which burned down most of the buildings and land. The [Silversteel Armsmistress] insists that they proceed, and distracts herself by comforting Ksmvr, who is devastated by the loss of his two trees.[96] Yvlon continues to be angry with Ceria, and ends up being sick after falling in a sewer while taking on a rat extermination request in a Drake town. She almost dies but during a fugue state, she reconfigures her metal arms to be more arm-like, creating veins and bones, which purifies her sickness. She reconciles with Ceria, and gains the [Dreamer] class, along with a new silversteel foot.[97]

After reaching the Gnoll Plains, Yvlon receives lessons on fighting and anger management from Berr the Berserker.[98] The Horns spend time in [The World of You and Me]. a stimulation of Earth where they encounter the Deathless.[99] The Death of Magic discreetly gives them a message telling them about the Crossroads of Izril. The Horns and Colth decide to explore the Crossroads, with the reluctant help of Wer the Wanderer.[100]

Thanks to her knowledge on tanning, Yvlon is the one who meets with Sherkh to discuss the processing of Stalker's hide.[101] After several weeks, the hide is made into several sets of armor, with Yvlon and Pisces receiving underarmor. The Horns and Colth make several short trips into the Crossroads, carefully exploring the region. However, they run into an unknown creature named Bograms, who can wield powerful illusion magic.[102] They are hounded by Bograms for days, who is herding them towards the ruins of the City of Shields Lesegoth. One night, while Yvlon is dreaming, she is able to contact Shaestrel and the Frost Faeries at The Wandering Inn.[103] They send Vofea, a Satyr, to the Crossroads after registering her as a member of the Horns.[102]

Eventually, the Horns, Vofea and Colth are able to escape Bograms and leave Lesegoth.[104] They speed towards Izril's south after Vofea reveals that Erin was abducted by Roshal after the Winter Solstice and is currently a prisoner on one of their ships. They sequester aid from one of Nombernaught's ships in exchange for the Passphrase of Imlerith, awarded to them after completing the <Heroic Quest>.[105]

On their way to Erin, they run into three of Roshal's ships. Yvlon kills the entire crew of a ship, while freeing the [Slaves].[106] She fights with Admiral Rosech of the Bloodtear Pirates, but he kicks her off the ship, chaining her with [Damned Weight]. Ksmvr tries to save her but is forced to let go, though he gives her his Ring of Waterbreathing.[107] Walking underwater, Yvlon heads towards Chandrar.[108]

Volume 10[edit | edit source]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Silversteel Armsmistress] Lv. 44
    • Derived from [Warrior] → [Wounded Warrior]
  • [Dreamer] Lv. 9
  • [Gladiator] Lv. 6
  • [Lady] Lv. 4

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Armform]
    • [Armform: Duelist]
    • [Armform: Liquid]
    • [Armform: Razorkind]
    • [Armform: Telescoping Flesh]
  • [Berserker’s Rage]
  • [Body: Aspect of Iron]
  • [Body: Aspect of Silver]
  • [Dream Walk]
  • [Helmet Head]
  • [Ignore Pain]
  • [Impact Punch]
  • [Instant Nap]
  • [Keener Edge]
  • [Open the Crossroads of Izril (Gateway)]
  • [Ox’s Charge]
  • [Limb: Imbue Skill]
  • [Lucid Dreaming]
  • [Perfect Recall (Dreams)]
  • [Scented Thoughts]
  • [Silversteel: Structure of Species]
  • [Suresand Step]
  • [Sword Art: Curve of the Moon] / [Arc of the Moon]
    • Derived from [Crescent Cut]
  • [Tangible Concept]
  • [Weakness Feint]

Condition Removed:[edit | edit source]

  • [Plaguesteel (Minor)]

(For Leveling History see Here)

Silverflesh Limbs[edit | edit source]

Yvlon's arms and one of her feet are made of silversteel flesh. They can slowly regrow if damaged, and are immune to most diseases. They possess a notable weakness to extreme heat and cold.[109]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Current Equipment:[edit | edit source]

  • Chest Plate, Vambraces, Greaves, Helmet and Gauntlets, enchanted to cushion blows and make the metal stronger.
  • [Lightweight] Ring
  • Sword of Weight - Enchanted with [Weight]. It can become over thirty pounds.[110]
    • In 6.66 H, the sword's enchantment broke and became constantly heavy rather than only during swings. It was later repaired by Hedault.
  • Hand mirror spelled for protection and backed with pure silver with further magics that would identify curses, hexes and so on. Will not reflect anything if it is not used by a Byres family member.[3]
  • Sparkhelm - Enchanted to flash a blinding light around the wearer.[111]
  • Ring of Barriers[112]
  • Stalker-hide underarmor[113]

Former Equipment:[edit | edit source]

  • Silver plate armor, sword and shield that were made of the highest-quality steel, an alloy of steel and silver, in fact, a Byres specialty. There wasn’t much silver in them, but they had enough to ward off some monsters and aid in beneficial magics.[3] = Melted down during the fight against the Fire Elemental.[114] Some of it fused with her arms.[115]
  • Forceshield Buckler.[116] = Given to Ksmvr.[117]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to Ryoka, Yvlon looks like something out of a movie.[2] She is described to be everything Erin had ever dreamed of when she’d occasionally wondered if she could be a knight like one of her chess pieces, or someone like Indiana Jones or even a superhero.[118]
  • She resembles Lyon to a certain degree, though Yvlon has about a head of height on her and more muscles.[1]
  • Yvlon's former equipment was made by a Level 32 [Blacksmith]. It was the armament of a [Knight], even though Yvlon was only a [Warrior].[3]
  • Just like her siblings, she is unable to use magic, not being even able to figure out how to cast a [Light] spell.[119]
  • When she was still leading the Silver Spears, Yvlon was a Level 22 [Warrior].[120]
  • Yvlon has three siblings[121], one of them being her older brother, Ylawes, and the other being two yet to be revealed sisters.[122] In 6.64 this was retconned to just one sister.
  • While somewhat estranged from her family since the first disastrous attack on Liscor's crypt, Yvlon continued to write letters to her older sister Ysara.[123]
  • Yvlon is the only member of the Horns that Ksmvr does not usually use a title for; "Yvlon", as opposed to "Captain Ceria" and "Comrade Pisces."
  • She is the first member of the Horns of Hammerad to reach Level 40 in a class. Furthermore, no Byres has reached level 40 in a hundred and sixty years before her.[124]
  • Yvlon used to take out her anger by hitting a training dummy, and destroyed several over the years.[125]
  • As a child, she lacked self-restraint when speaking. She once asked Ulva Terland to tell her stories about the Second Antinium War, an event where the [Lady] had lost her twin sister and was thus forever traumatized.[126]

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  29. Chapter 3.39
  30. Chapter 3.42
  31. Chapter 4.09
  32. Chapter 4.10
  33. Chapter 4.27 H
  34. Chapter 4.27 H
  35. Chapter 4.30
  36. Chapter 4.31
  37. Chapter 4.34
  38. Chapter 4.45
  39. Chapter 5.08
  40. Chapter 5.13
  41. Chapter 5.16 S
  42. Chapter 5.24 L
  43. Chapter 5.27
  44. Chapter 5.28
  45. Chapter 5.29
  46. Chapter 5.34
  47. Chapter 5.35 H
  48. Chapter 5.36
  49. Chapter 5.38
  50. Chapter 5.39
  51. Chapter 5.40
  52. Chapter 5.41
  53. Chapter 5.44
  54. Chapter 5.46
  55. Chapter 5.49
  56. Chapter 5.60
  57. Chapter 5.61
  58. Chapter 5.62
  59. Chapter 6.16
  60. Chapter 6.18 H
  61. Chapter 6.39
  62. Chapter 6.57
  63. Chapter 6.58
  64. Chapter 6.58
  65. Chapter 6.65
  66. Chapter 6.66 H
  67. Chapter 6.67
  68. Chapter 7.18 M
  69. Chapter 7.20
  70. Chapter 7.20
  71. Interlude – A Night in the Inn
  72. Chapter 7.28
  73. Chapter 7.37
  74. Chapter 7.45
  75. Chapter 7.59
  76. Chapter 8.00
  77. Chapter 8.17 H
  78. Chapter 6.19 H
  79. Chapter 8.22 HE
  80. Chapter 8.22 HE
  81. Chapter 8.37 H
  82. Chapter 8.48 H
  83. Chapter 8.54 H
  84. Chapter 8.58 PFH
  85. Chapter 8.59 H
  86. Chapter 8.78 F
  87. Chapter 8.81
  88. Chapter 8.85
  89. Volume 8 Epilogue
  90. Chapter 9.12
  91. Interlude – Adventurers (Pt. 1)
  92. Interlude – Adventurers (Pt. 3)
  93. Interlude – Adventurers (Pt. 3)
  94. Chapter 9.29
  95. Chapter 9.30
  96. Chapter 9.32
  97. Chapter 9.36 HO
  98. Chapter 9.37 HO
  99. Chapter 9.46 S
  100. Chapter 9.50
  101. Chapter 9.49
  102. 102.0 102.1 Chapter 9.64 BH
  103. Chapter 9.69 H (Pt. 1)
  104. Chapter 9.69 H (Pt. 2)
  105. Chapter 9.69 H (Pt. 2)
  106. Chapter 9.70 (Pt. 2)
  107. Chapter 9.70 (Pt. 3)
  108. Volume 9 – Epilogue
  109. Interlude - Mundanities and Memorials
  110. Interlude - Embria
  111. Chapter 7.37
  112. Chapter 9.64 BH
  113. Chapter 9.64 BH
  114. Chapter 3.07 H
  115. Chapter 3.08 H
  116. Chapter 4.10
  117. Chapter 5.40
  118. Chapter 2.21
  119. Chapter 3.32
  120. Chapter 4.24
  121. Chapter 5.60
  122. Chapter 3.32
  123. Chapter 8.42
  124. Chapter 9.37 HO
  125. 10.03 Y
  126. 10.05