Chapter 9.21

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Chapter 9.21
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October 26, 2022
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Chapter 9.21 is the 29th chapter of Volume 9.

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The final day of the party is centered around the heroes returning from Orefell - the real reason for this party in the first place. Lyonette's plans for the day involve large parades and buffets being held. The buffet at the inn costs 10 silver for friends of the inn and 20 for general admittance, and the parades include fireworks lit by mages from Invrisil and Palt. To make up for the high price, the buffet is decadent with many types of food. There were so many options that it spawned the idea of having a Wistram New channel just for food. The breakfast buffet was not the only attraction, though. Rags had been thinking hard about goblin culture, and together with a visitor from the Molten Stone Tribe, she brought a game to the world. This game involved making magical animals using tribal magic that could be chased down and when caught, would color the catcher's skin/fur. In the chaos of the buffet, new game, and all of the other activities from the prior days, Erin slept. She was exhausted from her chess matches the day before, but she finally woke up when a newcomer came to the city: Antherr being delivered by Termin, Rhaldon, The Pride of Kelia, and other gnolls from the Meeting of the Tribes. Erin welcomed them all in, and spent extra time with Antherr to make sure he was comfortable and well-received.

When the other heroes came by, they came with different receptions. Celum provided a military-like parade for the Forount, Gershal, and their companions. Lyonette improved this parade by making sure that the combatants were fed on their way through the long parade. Liscor was more excited though not necessarily for the antinium that were arriving, but because of the large amounts of jade that the group was bringing back with them. The third city supposed to be involved with the parades - Invrisil - wasn't as excited as the others. The free food wasn't as free, and the best performers were all taken by other cities. The ones to solve this weren't Lyonette this time, instead, it was Mrsha and Grev. Both of the children used their connections to make the best parade yet. Mrsha pressured the wandering inn regulars and even Erin herself to participate in the parade. She got Numbtonuge and his band to sing a ballad in front of the world, and Grev brought forth his own people as well, but the real excitement came from the slow arrival of The Adventurer's Haven.

The famous inn had been moving south for months and many of their own regulars were there to help prove that they were still the best inn. Pryde Ulta was the first to come forth and many more came from the inn each more famous than the last. Many lords and ladies came out just after her, and they weren't yet the main group. This group included Eldertuin, Deniusth, Viecel, Colthei - all named rank adventurers. Also present were others such as Salamani and Ci, Mihaela Godfrey, Barnethei, and Valeterisa. The innkeeper herself came forth to meet Erin while Erin's friends tried to show their own worth. The Horns of Hammerad were all present for Erin as well as the Halfseekers. Many others came with as well including Relc, Tessa, Saliss, and even Pelt and Klbkch. Many more came with, but the final confrontation of Erin vs Larra was not very contentious. The two met in good faith recognizing all of the work the other's friends had put in to show the worth of their side, and then they went back to Larra's inn first to have the two groups mingle.

Characters[edit | edit source]

( * = First Appearance)

Locations[edit | edit source]

Creatures[edit | edit source]

  • Arcane Familiars: Imps - Miniature Gargoyles with horns and wings
  • Koi fish (From the Garden)
  • Carn Wolf
  • Radiant magical illusion of creatures, casted by Prixall
    • ??? - Fish with bright green jewelled eyes
    • Soerluing
  • Cericel (Flashback)
    • Cericel Fangbeast (Flashback)
    • Cericel Scourgequeen (First Time Mentioned)

Items[edit | edit source]

Statistics Obtained[edit | edit source]

Numbtongue[edit | edit source]

  • Classes/Levels = [Goblin Soulbard] Lv. 38 (+1)
  • Skills = [Directional Sound]
  • Songs = [Ballad of Battle (Redfangs)]

Erin Solstice[edit | edit source]

  • Classes/Levels =[Magical Innkeeper] Lv. 48 (+1)
  • Bound Item - Deconstructed: Personal Trapped Safe Room Door of Warmage Thresk (Magical Door)
  • Skills = [Inn: Door of Portals (500 Miles)]
  • Spells = [Playful Radiant Fishies]