Interlude – Mundanity and Memorials

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Interlude – Mundanity and Memorials
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July 30, 2022
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Chapter 9.08

Interlude – The Competition

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Interlude – Mundanity and Memorials is the 12th chapter of Volume 9.

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The chapter shows some of the slight ways Liscor has changed mainly in regards to antinium. Garry's shop has turned into something of a soup kitchen where he provides good meals at cost to people in poor financial situations. This does not make the antinium much money, but it lets him level. Other antinium are also helpful especially the antinium guards that are becoming more accepted even by older drakes that would have hated them before. The Free Queen herself was even changing by trading with the other antinium hives and considering her financial situation. Besides the antinium, there is one important event happening in Liscor which is the discovery of Erin's new guardians. Drassi is present to record the uncovering of General Dolost's garden which is a snapshot in time from 7,000 years ago. Dolost had used his garden to keep a library, artifacts, but also a memorial. This memorial contained thousands of carved heads of Dullahans that he knew - a very emotional sight for any Dullahans present or watching through Wistram News Network.

Besides the garden, Wistram News Network was also interested in the return of Tyrion Veltras and his entourage to First Landing. They had sailed back with Etril Wellfar and brought Ryoka with them giving the inn a glimpse of an alive Ryoka Griffin. The nobility were regaling Ryoka with the wonders of First Landing and its high-level inhabitants when they made landfall. Some noted were Izril's highest level [Enchanter] and [Sculptor], and the Adventurer's Haven that was currently on the move. Ryoka also noted magical towers made by dead [Archmages] and the city's walls that were still damaged from the attack of the Goblin King during the Sacrifice of Roses. One of the statues made by this famous [Sculptor], Haeis, was of Gresaria Wellfar who had recently died kicking out the Assassin's Guild from First Landing. This statue was put in place without going through the proper process, and was being removed as there is a rule in place about the amount of statues between the Five Families needing to be equal. The group saw this and Etril was not at all happy. To rectify the issue, he had his ship fire upon another of House Welfar's statues bringing the count back to an even amount. This escalated events and Etril was ordered to be stripped of his rank, but his crew stood with him and Tyrion Veltras threatened war on the rest of Wellfar in Etril's place, but Ryoka calmed them down enough that they were able to disembark and discuss the issue later.

Back at the inn, Erin thought about statues as well. Olesm had finally come by and she talked a bit with him about the war and tried to show him and Mrsha some of her statues in the Garden of Sanctuary. He saw one dragon then hesitated too long before Numbtongue took his place. They saw many of Erin's friends from the Land of the Dead including Yderigrisel, Khelta, Gnomes, and Sprigaena. This last one put Numbtongue into a frenzied, terrified state. He calmed down enough and Erin started to look for a way to get a permanent statue of some of her friends when she had to go to a meeting about her inn with Hexel. She showed him Drevish's plans for the inn, but he wouldn't start working until she payed an advance of several thousand gold pieces which she did not have.

Depressed at the cost of her inn and the cost of any statues that she wanted made, Erin found Krshia who offered the services of Orreh, a [Silversmith] of the Silverfang Tribe. He could use the garden's statues as reference to make figurine sized statues of some of the dead at a much more affordable price than Erin would have to pay for a full statue. Along with her friends, Erin made sure he made a the statue of Zineyr be posing victoriously around six beat-up caricatures of the gods. Finally, she got responded to some of the world's leaders that were contacting her about <Quests>. She offered some to those that had helped revive her like Niers and Fetohep, but others she just gave advice to. She told them to go out and experience other places, and to use those experiences to level.

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Items[edit | edit source]

  • Scrying orb
  • Faeblade
  • Crown of Flowers (Mentioned)
  • Bell of First Landing
  • Kaalblade
  • Blue Flame of Depression
  • Pink Flame of Glory
  • Pink & Blue Mixed Twin Flames of Nostalgia
  • Everburning candles
  • Magical Chessboard
  • Magical Go Board
  • [Message] scroll from Niers = Can make a little quasi-ding sound