Chapter 8.84

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Chapter 8.84
Berrigal by Artsy Nada
May 3, 2022
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Chapter 8.84 is the 103rd chapter of Volume 8.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The armies of the Walled Cities reach the Meeting of the Tribes. Fissival deploys a mile away, in formations to protect their [Mages]. Wall Lord Dragial, leading Fissival's army, gives orders to [Mages] and Manus' army, then begins to address his army.

Snapjaw, flying on Icecube above the battle, warns Perorn of the hundreds of Wyvern Riders. Perorn gives new orders to Wil Kallinad and Torishi Weatherfur to account for them. Elsewhere, Belavierr is fought by Saliss, Lehra Ruinstrider, Gadiekh, and Garsine Wallbreaker. Belavierr kills a Steelsoul warrior of Steelfur Tribe and offers a deal to Nokha and the captive Raskghar.

Adetr fights through Steelfur warriors and persuades Iraz Steelfur to turn away from Plain's Eye. Adetr and Steelfur Tribe turn to fight Manus' army. Elsewhere, the 120 Pallassian [Soldiers] are told to fight against the Drakes. Chaldion Oliwing talks to [Major] Etella Doscale and convinces her to martyr herself and her forces to make Pallass look good after the war.

Dragial gives final orders and a speech to his army, preparing them for the fighting. Salazsar's army, led by Wall Lord Ilvriss Gemscale, arrange themselves next to his. As Dragial is about to charge, Ilvriss feints a charge ahead and turns his forces into Salazsar's army to fight them. Ilvriss aims to kill Dragial.

In the sky, Snapjaw is saved from Drake Wyvern Riders by Badarrow and Bird on the ground. She draws the Wyvern Riders higher, away from the fighting on the ground. On the ground, Ulcreziek spots Mrsha and the Fellowship of the Inn, and catches a bolt of lightning summoned by Numbtongue. He returns the lightning to the wagon, blowing it up. Ulcreziek encases Ulvama's skin, throat, and lungs with stone, then casts [The Bloodless Lands Open--], resisting [Deathbolts] cast by Reiss. Ignored, Apista approaches and stings him in his real eye with her Naq-Alrama stinger, getting burned and falling down in retribution.

Rasktooth and Infinitypear pick up the fallen Apista and heal her, then, running, break out of the Gnolls and run into the approaching Manus Drakes. Rasktooth is stabbed through the belly and Infinitypear is non-fatally stabbed, then they are saved by Berr. As Berr rampages through Manus lines, Infinitypear attempts to heal Rasktooth, then picks him up and runs when Rasktooth realizes he's paralyzed from the waist down.

Luciva Skybreath of Manus tells Lulv to stay where he is and sends eight headhunters after Berr. She orders Manus to push into the center of the Meeting of Tribes, focusing on Belavierr Donamia and the Daemon of Luck. She hopes to harness the Daemon's luck.

Zeres' army approaches with three of the Admirality-Horsthe, Asale, and Femar-leading hundreds of thousands of marines, and Liscor's famous mercenary army in the vanguard. Liscor's High Command communicates that they won't enter combat with the tribes, fearing a riot from their Gnoll forces, only Salazsar and Oteslia. As Sserys and Relc Grasstongue approach on Pegasi, Liscor's army shoots Sserys down.

Sserys survives the fall with the help of a potion and talks to Liscor's army, eventually leading them against Manus after they realize who he is. In the sky, Snapjaw passes Valeterisa and Montressa du Valeross standing on a platform of magic thousands of feet above the ground. Valeterisa addresses the Fissival [Mages] riding Wyverns before blinding and freezing them.

Sserys attempts to summon an army company, requesting "the bravest bastards. A group with punching power" and is surprised when his skill pulls Battalion 1, Squads 1-10 from Olesm Swifttail's army, comprised of Antinium. This includes Crusaders 53, 57, and Artur. Ssserys momentarily attacks Crusader 53 before abandoning them. The Antinium see Mrsha run past, recognizing her from stories of the inn, and follow her into Plain’s Eye and Az’muzarre Gnolls. The Dragonbone relics of Az'muzzare prove to be less than useful against the [Crusader]s' [Weapons of Faith]. The Antinium manage to push Az'muzzare back, but Vetn carries Mrsha away from them, terrified of the Black Tide.

Sserys, charging away from the Antinium, looks back and questions the Antinium being summoned by his skill. He sees the Zeres army summoning the First Tide and Fetohep's ships approaching in the distance. He uses his company-summoning skill again, this time requesting the most honorable group to hold the line. He receives the Beriad of the Antinium from Olesm's army, and they ask for orders. Grudgingly, Sserys orders them to hold the ground against Zeres.

As Zeres summons the First Tide, knee-high water on land, the Beriad overcome their fear of water. As they are without Calruz, their mentor, and leaderless, one of them soon steps forward and turns to address the Beriad and Zeres kills him with arrows. Another steps forward and Zeres kills him with magic. The Beriad begin to stomp in the water and sing the House of Minos song, drawing the attention of Venaz, who is racing through the battlefield. Venaz and The Crimson Soldier join the Beriad, Venaz with hesitation at first. A Unitasis Network starts to form from The Crimson Soldier.

On the wagon, Bird is shooting down Oldblood Drakes when enemy [Archers] lock on his position and began to return fire. As an Az’muzarre Tribe Gnoll raises a dragonbone bow against him, other Antinium [Archers] in 1st Battalion begin to mimic Bird's shooting ability, killing the Az'muzzare Gnoll. Bird begins to hear the other Antinium inside his head, and learns the skill [Unitasis Network].

Wrymvr and Klbkch arrive on the battlefield, thrown through a portal by Xrn, and Klbkch speaks to Bird about the Unitasis Network before calling to the Antinium Queens. The Queens reach out to Bird and the Antinium in the Gnoll Plains, lending their skills through the Unitasis Network. Klbkch sees Erin's body and Relc before plunging into combat.

Elsewhere, Az’kerash commands Belavierr to stop fighting, which she ignores. Belavierr reaches an agreement with Nokha, and opens the captive Raskghars' cages and the ground to drop them to freedom in the sunken Kingdom of Gnolls, where more Raskghar have lived belowground. As Torishi Weatherfur attacks Belavierr, Belavierr drops her to the same sunken city. Khelt's ships reach the Meeting of Tribes.

Fetohep takes tens of thousands of undead off the ships first, prompting the Walled Cities to launch a magical bombardment on them and the Gnolls, codenamed the Tidebreaker Contingency. The bombardment lasts for five minutes and is powerful enough that even Belavierr is surprised. However, this turns out to be all according to Fetohep's plan, as he uses the broken tens of thousands of undead, the massive amount of death mana, and the magical residue of the Walled Cities' attack to open the Graven Passage, a giant legendary undead-only portal between Khelt and Izril. Khelt's true armies begin to march through. Rasea Zecrew takes the Illuminary forwards as the Horns of Hammerad make their way to Sserys.

Theikha, her old body wearing itself out with the magic she has been casting, shields the Gnolls from the bombardment, causing her body to finally give out. As her heart stops, she falls beneath Khoteizetrough's corpse. As her eyes close, Khoteizetrough momentarily returns to life and seemingly makes Theikha's body young again. She returns to fighting.

In Kasignel, the ghosts on Izril, including Khelta, Zirconia, and the last Giants, fight the Seamwalkers. Califor Weishart and the last coven of great [Witches] wait for a spark in the darkness.

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