Chapter 8.83

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Chapter 8.83
May 3, 2022
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Chapter 8.83 is the 102nd chapter of Volume 8.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The chapter opens with a recap of the various storylines. Drakes march into the Gnoll Plains as the Gnoll Civil War erupts, the rest of the world watching. The Ailendamus-Dawn Concordat War has paused, the Timewalker no longer effects Baleros, A’ctelios Salash sleeps, and there's no clashes between the Blighted Kingdom and the Demon Kingdom. Zeres watches as Sand at Sea and The Illuminary approach. Kasignel grows empty as Terandria's dead monarchs make a last stand and ghosts briefly return to the living world. On Izril, Teriarch returns to life.

War has erupted in the Gnoll Plains. Torishi Weatherfur personally fights Xherw as the Steelfur Tribe and Az’muzarre Tribe fight Gaarh Marsh and Mrsha's protectors. Shaman Cetrule and Silverfang warriors attempt to form a defensive line in the chaos of warriors and civilians. The Chieftain of Decles' Tribe attempts to lead his people against Plain’s Eye, but Plain's Eye [Shamans] shout and confuse.

A thousand Wild Wastes Tribe warriors led by Berr's son, Dorekh, are blinded by Plain's Eye's Eye Totems. In the darkness, Dorekh realizes he's fighting civilians and children, and persuades his warriors to stop fighting. Four minutes later, Cetrule finds their bodies, killed with single wounds. Krshia Silverfang carries Mrsha into the war tent along with Qwera, Vetn, and Tesy, where Yerranola is giving orders. Qwera has an arrow in her arm. Dorekh's body is carried into the war tent.

Plain's Bow, a Gold-rank adventuring team, is killed by Adetr Steelfur, Wild Wastes, and Silverfang warriors. The Gnolls fighting on the side of Plain's Eye have become endowed with good luck. Feshi Weatherfur summons Khelt's undead guardians to protect her.

Khoteizetrough is able to halt the fighting on both sides. Both sides count their dead as the first day ends. The next morning, Plain's Eye [Shamans] plant their Eye Totems in great numbers. Theikha, Cetrule, and other magic-users oppose spells cast by the hundred.

On the second day, Xherw bids Ulcreziek and a thousand [Shamans] to perform the [Ritual of Land's Cataclysm], a mass ritual spell which opens a volcanic geyser of magma aimed at the Weatherfur Tribe. Khoteizetrough sacrifices himself to plug the geyser.

Close by, Perorn, her centaurs, and the Fellowship of the Inn see Khoteizetrough die. Perorn converses with Numbtongue and Niers' students, and they enter combat with the Plain's Eye Gnolls and their allies as the Drakes draw closer. Xherw, Reizet, and Iraz Steelfur push up the hill where Mrsha stays.

Torishi Weatherfur resumes one-on-one battle with Xherw, calling down rain and bolts of lightning, as Feshi's summoned Kheltian guardians fight Az’muzarre. Adetr Steelfur fights towards Iraz, with the help of Silverfangs and Wild Wastes Gnolls. Az'muzzare's champions are halted when they meet Demas Metal Tribe Gnolls, supported by Longstalker’s Fang Tribe. Tkrn guards Inkar, who is shooting a bow. Gire faces her chieftain, Firrelle Ekhtouch, and other Ekhtouch.

The defensive lines are pierced by a group of Plain's Eye Gnolls, prompting Wer to meet them in battle. They move past him and Yerranola Rampages to fight them. Ysara kills one, but Vetn carries Mrsha and Tesy into the air. Ulcreziek sees them flying away and summons a gust of wind to carry them into Plain's Eye. Tesy summons a brick wall to impact them, causing them to drop straight down.

Plain's Eye charges at them, and Saliss Oliwing appears, pouring a [Stoneskin] potion on Mrsha just in time to protect her from being stabbed. Mirn picks up Mrsha as Saliss begins unleashing alchemical weapons, then encounters eight Gnolls covered in Kraken armor. Vetn snatched Mrsha from Mirn as Saliss transforms into a giant Minotaur with octopus tentacles. Saliss nearly kills Vetn and Tesy before Mirn realizes they're all trying to protect Mrsha. Steelfur Gnolls find them, and as Saliss fights them, Vetn, Tesy, Mirn, and Mrsha run away, into the Fellowship of the Inn.

Ulvama grabs Mrsha and runs away from the fighting. The Fellowship and Centaurs led by Perorn Sadiluc fight the pursuing Steelfur Gnolls. Venaz leads Berr and a group of [Berserkers] into the command tent area area, stemming the overflow of Plain's Eye. Viri meets Merish amid the fighting and Merish apologizes. Elsewhere on the battlefield, Gire kills an Ekhtouch who spent decades mastering the spear and advances on Firrelle Ekhtouch. As Firrelle hesitates, Gire quickly decapitates her and suddenly finds herself lost.

In the command tent, Berr discovers his son's body and ceases his laughter and grinning, shrinking back into his true body. Berr manages to calm Solen's anger and expresses his pride at Dorekh's last act. Berr asks about Mrsha and Xherw's whereabouts and Torishi reminds every one of the Drakes approaching.

On the other side, Belavierr agrees to fight for Plain's Eye in exchange for one third of the luck contained within the Daemon of Luck. She exits Xherw's tent, drawing the attention of Saliss and Lehra Ruinstrider, and begins to kill everything in eyesight.

Back near Zeres, with the Sand at Sea and The Illuminary, they are joined by the Velistrane, the house of Reinhart's Capital-class ship. Just after, a fleet of ghost ships from Kasignel appear on their voyage towards something else. From Khelt's vaults, Fetohep summons and launches the Gemstone Giant's Halberd at Zeres, ramming it halfway through a tower. Amerys and the Vizir Hecrelunn follow, launching lightning and meteors down on Zeres.

On the Gnoll Plains, the Drakes reach the Meeting of Tribes.

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