Chapter 8.60

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Chapter 8.60
December 26, 2021
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Chapter 8.60 is the 73rd chapter of Volume 8.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Relc finally enters Liscor with the gnolls from Cellidel in tow. The Cellidel Gnolls are a bit wary of the city, which Relc tries to fix. They are pleasantly surprised by the behavior and actions of Liscor's City Watch, Watch Captain Zevara, Councilmembers Lism and Elirr, who welcome them to the city.

Klbkch also enters the city with his new body. Relc and Klbkch walk around the city bantering with each other. They go to The Wandering Inn and spend some time eating and talking to Erin's frozen body in the garden.

On hearing the news about Relc and Klbkch's return to Liscor, everyone reminisces about Erin - Mrsha and Krshia; Lyonette, Ratici and Wilovan; Xif and Saliss; Ilvriss; Ceria; Yvlon; Ksmvr; Pisces; Laken; and so on. Niers and Ulvama watch the fellowship tell stories about Erin. Rags grieves Erin by eating spaghetti. The Players of Celum perform with a tribute to the ‘Innkeeper of Solstice’. Ryoka explains her reason for coming to Ailendamus to the Agelum and the Lucifen. Geneva works with The Minds to figure out a solution to reviving Erin safely. And Visophectin destroys a 400 gold statue of the sariant lamb, Ser Tubeliges. Toren hands Az'kerash a message scroll.

The GSNF Etrikah starts off the group chat by sending a message to Khelt asking for details on the bounty posted by them regarding a cure. During the conversation, Wistram edges in trying to promote their new multiple-[Message] spell connection. And without express permission from participants, they merge a whole group of conversations, such that multiple people are on this group chat - Lyonette, Ceria, Ryoka, Visophecin among others. There is some chaos at first, which is solved by some moderation by Wistram, particularly Eldavin.

The group chat comes up with solutions to three known parts of the cure:

  1. The Potion of Regeneration: Ilvriss promised to provied a third of the bottle, backed by Khelt.
  2. The antidote, worked on by Saliss, Irurx, and Anazurhe: The final decision was to use a combination of an ethereal solution, seeker liquids with high-intensity soak factor, and skills like [Beneficial Tonic].
  3. The heating / thawing spell, discussed by Eldavin, Grimalkin, Ceria, Valeterisa, Az'kerash, Rhisveri and others: The final decision was to use a spell to remove cold from the body like [Cooling Wind] or [Void Air].

During this a few interesting events happen:

  • The exact details of the poison are also revealed by Saliss: It’s revealed to be a poisonous berry enhanced with some snake venom (Cosqe Stinger being the local term) which is "about Intensity 14 on Relik’s Scale".
  • The "Please Free Yvlon" Thread: Ylawes petitions Eldavin to talk to Queen Yisame to free Yvlon, and it turns out quite a few people in the group chat were petitioning Etrikah - Ceria, Mrsha, Lyonette.
  • Mrsha's safety: Lyonette talks to Krshia about Mrsha being safe. Earl Altestiel and Viscount Visophecin promise any aid their respective nations are able to offer.
  • Belavierr joins the thread, trying to sell her wares. Only Valeterisa is interested, but everyone else leaves whatever "chat thread" she joins. Belavierr is forced to leave after she threatens Mrsha by Eldavin, Rhisveri, Fetohep.
  • Mrsha is outed as a child by Ryoka which surprises Fetohep and Eldavin.
  • The Oteslian researchers ask Fetohep about the live human trials, which causes an uproar among the participants in the conversation and the ghosts, particularly Erin.

After this, Geneva jumps in the call specifying another aspect to the cure - the will to live. More precisely, she suggests that a leader or a [General] class is needed so that they can use a skill to enable someone to fight beyond their limit. And specifies that even with all that that it would still give Erin only a two-thirds chance based on her simulations.

At this point Niers joins the conversation indicating that he would complete the delivery of the mushrooms that can be used for the ethereal solution to Saliss, and quickly leaves. And like a great [Strategist], he had already seen this problem, and had already contacted couriers to complete this delivery. Salamani and Ci turn up and quickly leave for Oteslia, Saliss' location.

Characters[edit | edit source]

( * = First Appearance)

Message-Chatroom Characters[edit | edit source]

Characters who participated in the multiple-[Message] spell connection chat rooms:

Locations[edit | edit source]

Undead[edit | edit source]

  • Zombie Giant

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Relc’s Anti-Magic Spear
  • Truth Stones / [Detect Truth] crystals
  • Potion of Cleansing Wounds - High-grade (Mentioned)
  • Wand of Flame Ray
  • Magic recorder / Magical camera
  • Ser Tubeliges' statue (Broken)
  • Zombie Puppet "Erin" head
  • [Message] scrolls
  • Ghost Shrooms

Notes[edit | edit source]