Volume 9 – Epilogue

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Volume 9 – Epilogue
December 23, 2023
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Volume 9 – Epilogue is the 101st and final chapter of Volume 9.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Tally of the dead, remorse of the survivors. Erin is a Fraerling now and haggles with the System.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

As the closing chapter of Volume 9, it shows the the consequences of what happened during the Solstice via multiple character perspectives:

  • Rémi Canada has survived the Zombie attack, and is now broadcasting a report on the events of the Solstice, commonly called Night of Bloodtear. He reveals to the world that truth spells cannot be relied upon when it comes to high-level individuals, embarrassing Eldavin in the process. His thoughts confirm the status of multiple characters to the reader:
  • Major Salvia, who fought alongside Gershal and Zel Shivertail against the Goblin Lord Reiss, is part of a huge funeral procession to honor his death. His home city, Vaunt, did not appreciate him previously, and is now confused and overwhelmed. After the funeral, Salvia is approached by Captain Basal and offered Gershal's sword, which he left to her in his will. After much deliberation, she takes it.
  • After [The Binding of House Reinhart] has been lifted from Magnolia's family, they are starting to terrorize the citizens and other nobles again. Magnolia herself is recovering from the cursed ammunition she got shot with in 9.68, along with Ressa. Teriarch and Taletevirion are slowly healing them, and it is revealed that Magnolia has taken in Ressga as a [Maid] and Chesacre as a [Butler].
  • In the Antinium Hives, the Flying Queen is performing the Rite of Anastases on Pivr. His soul now inhabits the body of Devrkr the Glowing, which was obtained as part of the deal with Kasigna, along with the bodies of the 3 Queens of Izril that died during the Antinium Wars.
    The Armored Queen, who has performed the Rite on Antherr, is watching rogue Antinium trying to find Embraim's lantern. Inspired by them, she inherits the Knight's flame of glory.
    Meanwhile, the Twisted Queen is working on a body for Anand, whose soul had been carried by Wrymvr in secret, deceiving Erin and the other Queens.
  • Az'kerash mourns Ijvani's death and observes that Nerrhavia, her servants, and Toren have fled his castle. Having lost most of the things that made him more human, he embraces his nature as a lich again.
  • Visophecin is punished for his failure in judgement. House Shoel exiles him, only to return when he has found something that could make up for the deaths of 24 Lucifen that he caused.
  • Most of the people that were sailing with Erin are now on the Trone's Will, approaching Baleros. Ksmvr and Vofea are with them, while the other Horns are supposedly alive and nearing Chandrar.
  • Pisces and Colth, having completed the Mythical Quest to kill Iert, are being carried to Candrar by Silvenia. They hope to finish what they started the last time they were on this continent.
  • Kevin and many other dead souls are enjoying their stay in Hellste so far, and get to listen to the story of Goblinkind. The readers, sadly, do not.
  • A month after the Solstice, a young traveller stumbles upon a relocated Wandering Inn, just in time to hear the news that Erin has been found on Baleros. Lyonette wishes for Erin not to return yet, as there are apparently some complications with Liscor, whose surroundings have been saturated with death mana.
  • Directly after the Solstice, Cauwine resignes herself to becoming incorporeal for another half-year, but she discovers two new sources of faith. One is some of the [Pirates] who fled the battle, and the other is a group of Sariant Lambs, the latter of which she is relieved by.
  • Erin has been polymorphed into a Fraerling by Silvenia, and refuses the Skills given to her by the Grand Design. This leads to a back-and-forth where the Grand Design proposes multiple capstones to her, and she rejects all of them. After frustration and more conversation, the system builds two custom Skills for Erin, and she accepts them. In addition, it is stated that she has received multiple other Skills in [Witch], [Innkeeper], and [Dancer].

Characters[edit | edit source]

( * = First Appearance)

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Ghosts Characters[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Golems[edit | edit source]

  • House Terland’s Golems

Undead[edit | edit source]

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Rxlvn
  • Magic gravity sword, with Zel Shivertail’s colors
  • TBA

Gained Classes/Skills[edit | edit source]

Chesacre[edit | edit source]

  • Class revealed
    • [Butler] Lv. ?

Lyonette du Marquin[edit | edit source]

  • Class Consolidation revealed
    • [Worldly Princess] → [Princess of the Inn] Lv. ?

Tyrion Veltras[edit | edit source]

  • Class Consolidation revealed
    • [Diligent Lord] → [Lord of the Pursuit] Lv. ?

Erin Solstice[edit | edit source]

  • Skills obtained but rejected by Erin:
    • Skill: [The Traveller’s Eternal Home]
      Skill: [Bound Ship: The Wandering Ship]
      Skill: [Ship: An Inn by Any Other Name]
      Skill: [Ship: Hoist the C—]
    • Skill: [Kith and Kin of Goblins]
      Skill: [Transformation: Goblinkind]
      Skill: [Aspect of Lords]
    • Title: <The Patron of Rebellion>
      Title Skill: [Open Hellste’s Gates (Single)]
      Skill: [They Shall Never Chain Me Again]
    • Skill: [The Door to Earth opens]
    • Skill: [The Palace of Fates]
    • Skill: [Inn: The Bridge Of Lands, Teylas Donethil]
    • Skill: [Body: Aspect of the Jinn]
    • Skill: [Inn: The City that Walked]
  • Condition assigned:
    • [The Empty Mind]
  • Levelups and Skill gains in [WItch] and [Dancer] confirmed
  • Skills obtained:
    • Skill: [The Transient, Ephemeral, Fleeting Vault of the Mortal World. The Evanescent Safe of Passing Moments, the Faded Chest of Then and Them. The Box of Incontinuity]
      Skill: [Aspect of The Wandering Inn]